Everyday Carry (EDC) Bag Dump – 2019 Update

Back in December of 2016 I did a post on my EDC (Every Day Carry Bag) and the items contained. A recent comment on that post reminded me that the only constant is change and that is as true of my EDC as well as it is of anything. So, I decided this would be a good time to review (for myself as well) what I am carrying on a daily basis and how I am carrying it.

So, here goes…

The biggest change is my bag. I switched to a standard backpack instead of the smaller shoulder bags I have been carrying for years. I picked this one up on sale at Midway USA some time back it is seems to fit my needs pretty well.

New EDC Bag

I like lots of pockets and such for organization and I wanted something light. It fits the bill and cost me less than $20. It has some molle and velcro making it a bit tactical but in this part of Texas it could be argued that having a tactical bag helps you blend in better. Besides, it is pretty practical.

I have started carrying a water bottle with me as part of my efforts to improve my health and I was able to scrounge a molle water bottle holder that fits the standard bottle just fine. I also have another molle water bottle holder (that matches) and holds the 32 ounce bottle I carry on occasion. The webbing in the front hold my pens including a write in the rain pen and I also have a “tactical” pen with a built in glass breaker and the ability to be wielded as a pretty potent impact weapon.

The top outside compartment holds items that I use regularly including breath mints (for my marriage’s survival), lip balm, antacid, over the counter pain medicines, Kleenex and my glasses case.

Quick Access Items

Now that I am back to wearing glasses this is a key part of my carry now days.

The lower outside compartment holds a multi-tool, write in the rain notebook, tourniquet, antiseptic wipes and a small measuring tape.

The measuring tape made its way into my EDC when we were rebuilding after the flood. It was one of the most used items for several months.

The mesh compartment inside the bag carries glucose tablets (I am hypoglycemic), sunscreen (again, it’s Texas), toothpick/floss, cleaning pads that can be used to clean glasses or sanitize, coupons (who doesn’t want to save money) and, most importantly, hot sauce packets. Can you believe even down here there are restaurants that look at you funny when you ask for hot sauce?

There is another, larger compartment in the bag that holds a few more items; an emergency poncho, bandana, a quick snack (remember the hypoglycemia), and a small pouch containing various cables and batteries.

I have a spare battery I can use to charge my phone or other electronic, two spare AAA batteries, cell phone cable, and plugs to allow me to charge from a car outlet or wall outlet.

Sharing space in the same compartment is a first aid kit.

There might also be some extra ammunition somewhere easily accessible.

Yes, I know one is missing a round

I was able to carry all this in the smaller bags I used to carry so why did I shift to a backpack?

Two reasons:

1. I noticed that people don’t pay as much attention to someone carrying a standard (even tacticool) backpack. It is pretty normal these days and has replaced the briefcase or satchel as a (semi)standard mens accessory. Even in church I am not the only guy carrying a backpack. I was (almost always) the only guy carrying a smaller pack/man purse. I prefer to blend in and not attract too much attention to myself.

2. It makes it easier to carry certain items. Specifically, the teacher’s guide for the Sunday School curriculum we are using is notebook paper sized (8.5×11) and did not fit easily into my previous bag. A Bible with print large enough for me to be able to read it also fits handily (although I usually use an electronic version so I can carry multiple translations).

That’s my current EDC. What do you think? Suggestions?

Take care and God Bless.


4 thoughts on “Everyday Carry (EDC) Bag Dump – 2019 Update

  1. I’m an overly cautious sort of guy nowadays.
    So when something goes bang or burn, my carry includes 2 FFP3 (P100 grade) filter masks,

    That was made a gold rule when “The dust lady” Marcy from 9/11 died from cancer, probably from inhaling all that toxic waste. You’ve only got two lungs and they are a fast track route into you.

    To that I’ve added a couple of sets of foam earplugs (Because I get deafened by sirens), two pairs of nitrile medical inspection gloves (as you never know what’s safe to touch), a tiny bottle of alcohol based, no water hand wash, and finally a full sized shemagh. (Hat, face mask, and because it’s tacti-cool) LOL. No, not really, but it does have loads of uses.

    Then something you’ll probably chuckle at and it’s all about getting old and tired eyes.

    I found a roll of tinted (smoky) plastic. From it I cut two sets of ‘stick on’ instant sunglasses.
    From a clear roll of black plastic, I perforated it with 1mm holes. Thus if I lose a lens, the film goes over the missing lens and like a pinhole camera works, I can see to read without prescription glasses.
    Right down to being able to thread a needle. To that end, I’ve been able to add a tiny tube with a couple of needles and a couple of metres of rolled up 5# Bs fishing line.

    Out of all those, the masks are the biggest (but to me the most important)
    The hand wash is only 20ml, and the shemagh weighs 132 gm.

    Any help my friend?

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    1. I do have a bottle of hand sanitizer strapped to the outside of the pack. I don’t know if that is the same as the no water hand wash but sounds pretty similar.

      I have at least one “surgical mask” in the first aid kit. I am glad you mentioned it because I want at least two in there; one for me and one for my sweetie.

      I use the bandana a lot like you would use the shemagh. It is smaller and may be somewhat less useful but it is still a handy item. I can and have used it as a head covering, dust filer (like a cowboy), rag, handkerchief, bandage/dressing, etc.

      Around here bandana can mean biker, cowboy or gang banger. I need to be more careful to avoid colors that would associate me with certain groups especially red/bloods (a gang) and blue/crips (another gang). Green is tied to a biker gang (the Boozefighters) but they are few and far between around here so no one would really notice that one.

      Old, tired eyes describes my own eyes these days. I am not only wearing glasses again but I need bifocals. I like the idea for the sunglasses. That a cool idea. I may not carry it but I will prolly jot it down in my “bag of tricks” notebook.

      I added a small roll of “duck” tape to my bag after I wrote this. I have carried it before and it “went away” somehow. There are so many uses for good tape. When I was stabbed back in the day I used napkins from a fast food restaurant and duck tape to create a makeshift bandage to help stop the bleeding.

      Take care and God bless.

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      1. Funny that, I didn’t notice no mention of duct tape. I do carry a 1/2 roll myself.

        Once shot (stabbed, shot, same thing to me as they make a hole), doc put a square of plastic over the hole and taped it so I used to carry that BUT the modern trend is for cling film as it is conformal and great for burns as it don’t get stuck in the gunge. Thus that is also in a little roll.
        Funny thing is, with all that I carry, in the last few years the weight and bulk of my kit has decreased. I suppose that’s because I’m using modern materials more. Less bulk and multi-use. Darn it, forgot to mention the tiny single use superglue tubette! Tiny thing, but better than stitches.

        What I don’t carry is a tourniquet.
        Instead I wear a canvas belt as standard and in the past it worked on a wrist cut and a lower leg injury on another so my thinking was why carry something that is usually grossly over priced. Ever noticed that? The things that matter are expensive. Business cashing in on life’s little emergencies, something that always annoys me.

        God Bless.

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      2. The tourniquet was free (included in a Christmas gift from a family member).

        Interesting on the cling wrap. I have never heard of that but sounds workable and is nicely sized. I do carry some things in small plastic bags so those could be used similarly although not as good for a burn.

        Thank you for reminding me about the superglue. I have always carried it before but probably used it somewhere along the way and forgot to restock it. Same with a few zip ties, coffee filters and safety pins they are all multi-use and lightweight. They are all going back in the bag today.

        Thank you and God bless.

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