Update: Virginia

The Governor of Virginia has submitted next year’s budget and it includes an additional quarter of a million dollars for the department of corrections in anticipation of jailing gun owners after the new anti-gun legislation goes into effect (Link). Far from backing down, the governor is upping the rhetoric once again.

6 thoughts on “Update: Virginia

    1. It’s not one man. The governor, the state house and the AG are all bought and paid for by that nasty little fascist Michael Bloomberg and his astroturf (fake grass roots organizations) minions.

      If this goes pear shaped (and I pray it doesn’t) there won’t be enough flowers in the state for all the funerals. Most folks have no idea how ugly this would get if it ever goes hot.

      Most Americans are ignorant of history, especially their own. People think in terms of the last war we labeled The Civil War. They may know the general history of the battles between the Confederate and US Federal armies but have no idea if the brutal guerrilla conflict in the west; neighbors torturing and murdering each other, armed gangs taking advantage of the chaos to prey on both sides, massacres, and retribution. The violence continued for decades after that civil war officially ended. I was born in the 1960’s almost 100 years after that war and the feelings and emotions still ran high although most of the violence ended around that time.

      Take care and God bless

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      1. With respect Sir I understand that but, as always for me, I see the little people I saw and worked with when fools talk war.

        I’ve seen religious and NATO war, neighbor against neighbor, genocide, and all sorts of the filth associated with conflict.

        Know what ANY war makes? It makes the innocent dead at best, maimed at worst.

        There are also no winners from a conflict within a decimated village, just survivors and most of them are broken or crying.

        As for the dead? There wasn’t a nice choreographed funeral ceremony, no bugle, just dirt, and everyone hit the mud when an engine backfired. WAR IS SHIT!

        Aw fk it. Let’s talk history.
        1800 whatever it was muskets and I’ve got more power coming out of the weapon I shoot than ten of them using fine milled loads of GP. Even better I’ve got detachable magazine and a bolt as smooth as a hot knife through butter. Even though my shot has a smaller diameter than a musket ball, it can be tipped with AP or soft lead tip.

        And Sir I also hope to God you’ve never picked up what I had to and hand the remains of a child back to a mother! I guess it was a large caliber round but it was damn hard to tell as the girl had no face.

        So when I question the ravings of the gun hoe “pry my weapon from my cold dead hands” it makes me want to VOMIT as I’m still recalling blood and filth.


    1. I understand your passion and position. It is what I was part of what I was (trying) to warn about with my reference to the American Civil War (although your comments are more graphic and up to date).

      On a separate note, you might be interested in studying the military aspects of the American Civil War. While it was largely fought with muskets, the introduction of the Minie Ball allowed those muskets to be rifled and able to deliver accurate fire at much longer distances. The wounds generated by the Minie balls were much more dramatic than plain lead ball of the time. Basically, they performed much like hollowpoint ammunition instead of modern ball ammo. The war also saw the introduction of breach loading and repeating rifles. Confederate forces faced Yankee rifles that “could be loaded on a Sunday and shot all week.” Gatling guns were used to the same effect (or better) than machine guns would be in later years. Several battles previewed what the world would witness in WWI with trench warfare complete with breach loading artillery and automatic fire but minus the poison gas although that was used to a limited degree. Up to a million Americans were killed in the 49 months that the war lasted.

      I was also referring to the battles in the west, especially along the Kansas-Missouri border, that are largely ignored or unknown to modern Americans. In these areas the fighting was not between Union and Confederate armies but between civilians and guerillas fighters. Neighbors beating, torturing and murdering each other based on their beliefs and allegiances (or at least perceived beliefs and allegiances). Bands of guerillas raiding and burning towns and killing and torturing their way through the countryside.

      Dirty ugly business that left its mark on American society for a hundred years…

      Take care and God bless.

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