Virginia 2a Protest

I honestly don’t know where to start on this one…

First off, I was totally wrong.

Based on everything I was seeing coming from both sides on the gun control debate in Virginia I was pretty sure this was going to be the modern day version of Lexington Green or Fort Sumpter. This was based on the rhetoric coming from both sides of the political coin, the listing of the groups slated to make an appearance and several other factors. I prayed that I would be wrong and I was, thank God.

It was truly amazing, as I watched the coverage, that so many Americans from so many different walks of life could come together in support of a political point of view without violence. I saw white folks, black folks, Asians, and Hispanics represented. I saw LGBTQ and straight standing together. I saw rainbow flags, US flags, confederate flags, Gadsden flags and variations on the original Texas flag (come and take it). I saw cowboy hats and combat helmets, left and right, liberal and conservative all together standing for a common principle.

Folks, this is how it should be. This is how America should work.

No one trashed police cars. No one set fires, looted liquor stores, or smashed windows to get their point across. I even saw videos of people picking up trash as the attendees left the area, leaving it as clean or cleaner that when the rally started. Well, except for the fences, barricades and checkpoints set up by the government. Those were left for later, it being a holiday and all.

One more interesting thought though. There were between 22,000 and 35,000 people in attendance at the rally. Many of those disarmed and went through the checkpoints to pass into the designated area on the capital grounds. An awful lot chose not to give up their guns though and stood outside the gates fencing off the “official” demonstration/protest area. Meaning there were several thousand armed civilians, many in full battle rattle, in attendance. The negative side of me wonders if that’s what it takes to have a peaceful protest in this country these days…

Will this rally change the direction the state government is taking in passing this gun control legislation? I doubt it. It didn’t in Colorado when Michael Bloomberg and his minions bought the state government there a few years back. It may serve to tone down the rhetoric on the left a bit. I mean, after all, the governor there did declare a state of emergency, created a gun free zone and went into hiding for the duration of the rally (and a number of hours on either side).

We passed a critical moment in our history. There was no spark and the fires of civil war were not ignited. For that I am truly thankful. But I don’t believe the threat is gone. I believe this is still a very imminent threat. Whether you will choose to actively participate on one side of the other or will just try and hunker down to try and keep your family safe be aware of this threat and make plans, as best you can, to be prepared for it.

Take care and God bless.


4 thoughts on “Virginia 2a Protest

  1. Happy nothing bad happened but I fear you are right,
    TPTB won’t change their minds about anything as they walk without fear of the consequences of their actions.(Even if they did go to ground for a short time just in case).

    Numbers attending a protest means very little to politicians.
    But a trip to an A&E (ER) by just one of them tends to make a lasting impression on the rest.

    With that goes the thought that most Panaceas labeled ‘Repeat dose as required’ tend to work over time. 😉

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