I really like what Prepper365 has to say in this post. I wish I had penned it. Instead I will just repost it.

Prepper 365

If you’ve ventured into a grocery store in the last week or so, you’ve undoubtedly seen a few empty shelves; meat, canned goods, convenience foods and yes, toilet paper – all sold out. Today wasn’t much different, I found that some previously sold out items were at  least partially restocked, but the panic buying was still going strong. One individual had 6 cases of evaporated milk in his cart along with at least a dozen bottles of rubbing alcohol and some dinner rolls. The item selection seems unimportant at this time as long as they buy something, anything; people are genuinely scared and common sense has gone out the window. The lack of supplies is only made worse by paychecks drying up as many businesses are closing at least temporarily including all the major automakers. Is COVID-19 the end of the world pandemic some are claiming it is? I…

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One thought on “Shelves are Empty, Now What?

  1. Good comments and ideas!

    I rarely post anything on social media. My wife on the other hand posts daily and sometimes multiple times per day.

    I try to stay vigilant every time we are out.


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