Never Underestimate An Enemy

I see a lot of posts on conservative sites belittling Antifa and other groups from “the other side” and the threat they pose in a straight up fight. In the minds of many on the right, the forces they will be facings are “snowflakes” armed with cheap Mosin-Nagant or SKS rifles and no training other than playing Call of Duty.

Most of the time I do take the threat these folks pose as serious but sometimes, to be honest, I am guilty of this type of thinking as well. A former coworker who called for arming up and going to war against capitalists and “the establishment” if Bernie loses to Biden in the primaries. I thought to myself, yeah sure, your boys probably don’t know which end of the rifle is which and I train and practice regularly, etc. and blah, blah…

There are a number of reasons to take this threat more seriously than most folks seem to.

First, it is highly unlikely the two side of the current civil war will face each other in neat lines across empty fields each wearing uniforms a banners to identify which side they are fighting for. This will not be like the Civil War battles in the east. This will be a whole lot more like the battles in the west (what in now central) in places like Missouri, Kansas and Texas. No, neat battles against opposing forces. It will be a guerilla war where your local barista or waiter and their buddies rampage against their “enemy” in general lie we see with the riots and looting of the past few weeks. It will be firebombings and violence in the night against those targeted for holding different beliefs or police (as we are also seeing right now).

A member of a well regulated and trained right wing militia may be a formidable force when operating with his team but how will he fare when he awakens in the middle of the night as gunshots rip into his home while molotov cocktails rain down? By the time he can gear up and his team arrives he will either be dead or the threat will have moved on to another target. As we have seen not only during the Civil War and in the Middle East as well as other parts of the world this will most likely be a civil war of terrorist acts and mayhem.

Second, not all the armed leftists will be weak willed “snowflakes.” As we have seen in the recent unrest “gang bangers,” members of local and national gangs, are likely to join is as well. While few of them are trained soldiers, they have lifetimes of experience with violence. Most already know what it feels like to be shot at. Many know what it feels like to be shot. They have no compunction about committing heinous acts of violence. Rape, torture, murder and intimidation are a way of life for these folks. They are truly monsters in human form. A Civil War will see them run amok as the rule of law breaks down. They will join with any side that allows them to profit from or commit violence and spread chaos.

Additionally, there are obviously some of the the armed leftists that are pretty well equipped. Look at the photo below of some of the separatists who have taken over a portion of downtown Seattle, the Capital Hill Autonomous Zone (CHAZ).

CHAZ Separatists

These guys have what appear to be decent ARs as well as sidearms. They have the gear to carry their equipment properly. At least one of them has ear and eye protection ready to be used. Both are carrying coms, that appear to be the same Baofeng radios many “right wing militias” and preppers favor. Heck, one of them is even wearing a “boogaloo Hawaiian shirt.” Other than some of the brand and slogan choices such as the FTP (F the police) and these guys could be easily mistaken for members of “right wing militia”or “white supremacists.”

We have no way of know if these two guys know how to use this gear or not. The fact that the sights on the one guy’s AR appear to be flipped down indicates that may not but they very well could.

Not everyone with military training is on one particular side of the Civil War fence. The man who ambushed and murdered several police officers in California was an active duty member of the US Air Force, for example.

The current Civil War is very serious business. It will be bloody and brutal. It will not result in a quick and easy victory for either side and those who underestimate their enemy, or don’t understand what the battlefield will look like will pay an extremely high price.

The people who will pay the highest price, though, are the people who don’t actively support one side or the other. The highest price will be paid by people like Korboi Balla who lost his entire life savings when his business was burned to the ground by looters, like former police officer David Dorn in Minneapolis, murdered for trying to prevent his friend’s business from being looted, like Deputy Sheriff Damon Gutzwiller and Federal Officer Patrick Underwood who were ambushed and murdered just because they were police officers.

Monsters will be chummed to the surface from both sides and true racists with hate in their hearts will feel emboldened (or threatened) into taking equally horrible actions of their own. Would those monsters who killed innocent worshipers in the church in Charleston or the Synagogue in Pittsburgh have been emboldened to commit those atrocities in less divisive or violent times?

There will be no clean, neat end to this thing unless we can find a way to split the nation and separate ourselves by borders (remotely possible) or we can find a way to bridge our gaps and come together in peace (probably not possible without God’s intervention).

The best we can do is pray for just that, God’s healing hand.

Take care and God bless,

11 thoughts on “Never Underestimate An Enemy

  1. You are right to mention fire.
    The main tool of the anarchist is fire.
    Easy to deploy, it can be ignited chemically or electrically, by using a simple match, or a matchbook and burning cigarette for a time delay, if you don’t want to be there for the show.

    There again, for the forager, it’s power as a distraction is legendary.
    You sat in position A, a fire starts at B, everyone rushes to put that out, and in you go.

    Besides no one sensible uses a firearm in an urban setting unless it is HEAVILY suppressed. It’s like a people magnet when a shot goes off in the dead of the night.
    Even if everyone doesn’t rush out to see what is going on, the LEO’s switchboard usually lights up when something goes Boom.

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    1. For drive by shootings and the like the perpetrators would be long gone before law enforcement arrived. There are a few exceptions but that’s the sad truth. It only takes a few seconds for a mag dump and then the car can be blocks or miles away before the police arrive.

      I am sure there are places in the US where the sound of gunfire garners that level of reaction. There are also places where it doesn’t even elicit a flinch. During the day, gunshots around here don’t raise an eyebrow. We are two blocks from the city limit and folks go shooting out in the woods on the other side of the line pretty regularly. Shots at night are not common. They send me into “red alert mode” but most folks just figure they are kids playing with fireworks. Back in the day, one neighborhood I worked in was pretty quiet during the day but sounded like a war zone at night. We had the windows of our offices bricked in to avoid having to replace the broken glass all the time (and help stop bullets). The neighborhood was “in transition” and El Salvadoran street gangs were trying to displace gangs that traditionally held that territory as the ethnicity of the population changed.

      Take care and God bless.

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      1. Been there but, in the main, only idiots don’t moderate as either the boom adds to their feeling of power, or they think the boom will act as a reminder to every one that they could come back.

        That’s slightly different to when you want to walk away from a scenario where the ‘other guy’ is numerous or may know more than you.

        Quietly in, satisfy your boss, and quietly out leaving the other side wondering WTF just happened. That’s well scary.

        Nothing cripples an enemy’s ethusiasm more than them constantly thinking “If I step outside, will I get to walk back in”.

        A gun in the hand of the trained not only kills but is one heck of a psyops mind fk. if the enemy doesn’t know where it is, only that it rarely misses.


      2. More good points.

        With the current laws I am not sure a suppressor is a wise move or that approval could even be gained before it is needed. Only one of the “team” is equipped with that kind of gear.

        Take care and God bless.

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      3. So is this not a good time to show you this?

        Add appropriate vehicle oil filter (with hole drilled in the other end to suit caliber).
        I have a friend that uses one on a 7mm with no problems.


      4. Adding that to a firearm in the US would be a Federal crime; a felony that would result in serious prison time and loss of gun and voting rights forever. If they can prove “intent,” even possessing these items, would result in the same.

        In order to legally suppress a firearm in the US the appropriate forms need to be filled out for the ATF along with paying a $200 tax. The form would need to include the sign-off of the chief law enforcement officer in the area you live (there are ways around that because that sign-off is nearly impossible in most areas). The ATF will then turn the form over to the FBI for a background check, once all is approved you can legally posses the suppressor documented on the form. The process can take over 9 months. Each suppressor requires the same process.

        A database is maintained of all registered suppressors and their owners. A valid copy of the tax receipt needs to be carried with you whenever the suppressor is being used. No one is legally allowed to posses the suppressor except the person on the form (you pass away, your significant other is now violating the law). Paperwork needs to be filed on the suppressor if you travel with it detailing where you will be going and the timelines etc.

        The same restrictions apply to rifles and shotguns with a barrel length under 16 inches.

        I would like to have a suppressor. It would be great when hunting because I wouldn’t have to stop and put on ear protection before shooting and in some cases I might even be able to drop multiple hogs before they scattered. I have done some of the initial paperwork to purchase one but hesitate to go forward with the process for a variety of reasons.

        Take care and God bless.

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      5. I take on board what you have said.

        For many of us in the UK, we know that sometimes the B.S. of law gets in the way of the reality on the streets.

        Thinking about the present and forecast nastiness. Many thinking just before Autumn as it’s building up now. Anti-social behavior is getting worse as some fool in government has untidily released the general sheeple from lock-down.

        To that I’ll add the BLM nonsense which has caused a knock on effect in the UK inciting BAME and white youth, and other assorted scum to do whatever they want. That has included riots, looting, vandalism, racial attacks (I’ll get back to that), and arson.

        Most of which went largely unchallenged by our ‘thin blue line’.

        What that did was to embolden the more ‘feral’ of our population. One result has been an increase of violent attacks, usually on single females and the elderly, both BAME and white.

        Nice eh! You won’t see that in our mainstream media but you will on social media,

        We also know that calling 999 (911) doesn’t usually get you immediate help. Only someone to record what happened to you after the event.

        As a result, most of us who are ‘Street-wise’, and took the time to get trained, are armed in some manner when we go out.

        The why is simple. Whatever gives you an edge over what may happen is well worth the problems of an ‘after the event’ investigation of your actions.

        BUT, as anything more than harsh language is banned, it’s pretty safe to say we’d all be guilty of breaking the law as being ‘equipped’ (armed) is a criminal offense in the UK. Even if it is for self defense.

        So where does that leave us few living in this increasingly hostile world?

        Law abiding unless we need to be otherwise.

        God Bless

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  2. Yet I have a question for you.
    If you were to hazard a guess, and in my mind it’s one heck of a guess, how many of the ‘other side’ would you think have had military training AND been under fire?
    I ask because everytime I see video, what I’m seeing in black is the X-Box generation, not those who have ‘lived’ in the real world.

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    1. With Antifa, I would say very few but couldn’t be more precise than that. The problem is that that their opponents tend to assume the X-Box generation, no training and no experience would be the rule across the board and that won’t be the case. Some will be trained and reasonably equipped.

      For their BLM allies few have had actual military training BUT a pretty sizeable percentage have been on the sending and receiving end of bullets as many times or more than a lot of active duty military. Not only that but stab and gunshot wounds are probably nothing new to many of them. As I mentioned, they are used to violence and using violence to get what they want. Theft, rape, torture and murder are all in a nights work for this group and, depending on the city, there could be hundreds or even thousands of them. Mostly, I believe, they will act as opportunists taking advantage of the chaos for their own gains. Some, may act as local warlords taking over a territory in the vacuum created by this mess.

      Cheery thoughts, eh?

      Take care and God bless,

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      1. Very non-PC of me but I absolutely believe that you can take someone out of the jungle, but you’ll never take the jungle out of the person.

        That and some foe don’t cower, they get angry and push forward when commonsense should put them into safety. Against a lone trigger? That’s not nice.

        One of my friends (RIP) was of the mind that numbers were irrelivant if you put enough people onto the ground or behind cover.

        Until he came acoss a fire team that knew exactly what to do against a solitary trigger. He got out less his spotter.

        When asked WTH he didn’t just withdraw as the numbers were wrong, he expounded his theroy to the boss.

        End result?
        Next helio out was his ‘reward’.
        Labelled too dangerous for everyone else’s good.


  3. I didn’t realize the seriousness of the threat of Antifa and other separatist group until I read your post. It is so scary to read your statement that “Monsters will be chummed to the surface from both sides and true racists with hate in their hearts will feel emboldened (or threatened) into taking equally horrible actions of their own”. Thank you for the enlightenment !


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