Stand or Kneel…

A response to my Civil War SitRep post on 10/20/20 (link) got me thinking about something. Well, actually, it brought something I have been thinking about for a while to the forefront.

I don’t wear clothing (in public) that makes a statement about politics or current events.

For the last several years, I have been trying to keep a very low profile in a lot of ways. I don’t put any stickers on our vehicles that could draw unwanted attention. Our support of the fallen police officers fund, the 100 Club, is not displayed as it would have been in another time. No political affiliations are displayed either, no location information (subdivision parking stickers), no stickers to indicate activities like hunting or firearms are on any of our vehicles to avoid becoming targets of theft or vandalism.

After the last Senate race in Texas I made the decision that I would not put anything showing party affiliation or candidate choice in front of my home. It was during that election that I became concerned that it could make us and our home the target of vandalism or worse.

In my personal social media accounts I am careful to maintain my privacy settings but even more so I have mad sure that for the last decade or so I don’t post anything other than personal stuff. Again, no politics or opinions on current social events. I avoid the comments sections of posts that do take a side or a stand.

I no longer attend rallies or protests of any sort.

All of these choices were based on being as much of a “gray man” as possible: being family, a vehicle, a house that does not draw unwanted attention. All of it is based on minimizing risk.

It is the safe thing to do.

But, is it the right thing to do?

Have I, by hiding my views and affiliations and support, actually surrendered? Have I decided to kneel in the face of the enemy instead of standing?

When we watched a movie recently about the Warsaw Ghetto during World War II, I was nearly screaming as Jews laid down to be executed by Nazi soldiers, “run, fight, do something!” I could not understand why men who were about to die anyway chose to “kneel” instead of “standing.” Would an unarmed Jewish man stand a chance against an SS squad? No, of course not but if you are going to die anyway at least try to take one or more out with you.

Am I, by hiding my loyalties, thoughts and positions put myself into the same position as the residents of the Warsaw Ghetto?

If the Leftist insurgents have silenced my opposition, haven’t they already won?

What are your thoughts?

Take care and God bless.

2 thoughts on “Stand or Kneel…

  1. No. It’s the smart thing to do right now. I totally roll like you and endorse it. I can’t say I wouldn’t use a little taqqiya if caught in a Antifa BLM Revcom riot. It’s much safer to be ambiguous. You have to look like you’re plausibly with them. They’ve almost won, the commies, but they’re not there yet. Some of their goals they have not yet achieved, confiscation being the big one imo. That’s it there too, that’s the red line. I hope. You write your blog, that is also fighting the good fight. If people want to be open Maga supporters fine, I respect that and if your AO is safe more power to ya. Me, I’ll just be lurking…

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  2. Politics and the rabble.
    Nobody wins trying to appease or fight either of them. A prime example is that Twitter protest.

    Who won? The medical insurance firms.
    Who lost the idiots who put themselves in harm’s way. What did it achieve? Nothing. Only who is still stirring things up about it? That would be POTUS. Why, politics and an election.

    Keeping quiet means the jerks win? ROTFL.
    “Evil Prevails When Good Men Do Nothing”, Edmund Burke.

    Only he got that wrong and used too many words. What he should have said is ‘EVIL PREVAILS’, and left it at that.

    Or does anyone think politics, the left, the right, any other trash including ‘the system’ and some religions, are a good force for everyone?

    President Theodore Roosevelt’:
    “Speak softly and carry a big stick”.

    (Only not openly) Those three words are my edit.

    That philosophy fits a lot of PSOs, soldiers, vets, and experienced policeman. Not forgetting the ‘quiet’ with training. They (who just passed you unnoticed) having profiled you as ‘probably safe’ or a threat.

    IMHO it’s unsafe to publically express an opinion in these dangerous times because if you were to openly take an opposing stance, will that make you and your own a target?

    Only what if you won’t join someone’s ’cause’. I know too well the answer to that, “If you aren’t with us, you must be against us”.

    Nice choice. Join the politicians, patriots, extremists, moderates, fools, or the system, OR ELSE. Whatever you choose will be wrong in someone’s eyes.

    I’ve just read my view on this to my better half and asked for her view. The response was:-

    “You’re damned if you do and damned if you don’t. Because it doesn’t matter what you do, what you say, or what you believe, someone somewhere will take offense, and make an example of you, one way or the other.

    As I don’t like confrontation I just keep my views to myself. I consider for me this is my safest option.”

    God Bless.

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