2 thoughts on “Don’t discount a revolver as a defensive firearm

  1. Read the article but does it matter?
    Wheel guns fail as do semi’s.
    That and everyone runs out of ammo.
    Then all you are left with is a paperweight.

    So what then?

    I don’t like them as I’m not one for up close and personal BUT I do carry a blade among other things. Quickly and covertly deployable, if you break tactical safety by getting too close to me, I have that option.

    Would I use a blade? Have had to in the past, but now? If my life or that of my own was threatened? HELL YES.

    My range of other weaponry is broad.
    Stick defense, blades, anything I can grab, boots, hands, head, and as for the wife’s handbag? Wow, deadly.

    But I’m not being flippant here but too much attention is focused on guns when ultimately they are just a tool, just like everything else I’ve just listed. And, as you well know, a tool used porly makes for a bad result.

    The other thing that concerns me is the false idea that when you deploy a firearm, Hollywood has made it appear that people just crumple and die. Some do, some don’t, and some just keep on coming.

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