Defensive Firearm Change

For the last month or so there have been rumors that the ATF would be targeting AR-style pistols. It looks like those rumors were correct.

To get ahead of the curve, the AR pistol that was previously assigned to home defense duty is gone. It has been moved out of the AC arsenal and on to other pastures. I’ve repurposed the CZ Scorpion for this role.

It is a little longer and heavier than the AR pistol it replaces but with 34 rounds of 147 grain hollow point ammo on tap (not to mention another 34 in the spare magazine) it is a good bit quieter and still plenty deadly. I am using the same Streamlight white light and Holosun optic that was on the AR pistol previously.

Take care and god bless.

Note: As of this morning the ATF announced they were dropping their efforts to enact changes on pistol braces and AR pistols. I fully expect they this is likely to be temporary.

One thought on “Defensive Firearm Change

  1. Very nice. I, too, believe that the ATF retraction is only until Biden takes office. I bought a Glock 48 MOS for myself for Christmas along with 6 magazines. It will be my new EDC. Haven’t taken it out to break it in yet, probably after Christmas. Keep up the good work sir!


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