What’s Next?

Yesterday, my son posed the question “what happens next” in a group chat we have for discussing serious matters. Here is a slightly expanded version of my answer:

The Republican party has been effectively neutralized. Anything sounding pro-Trump or overly conservative will be shouted down as hate and associated with yesterday’s “attack” on the capital. True conservatives will be targeted using the same fraudulent voting schemes used in Georgia and against Trump and they will be replaced. “Moderate” Republicans, those who side with the opposition as long as they are allowed to share in the power (like Romney) will be left alone. They have proven themselves no different than those who have taken over the Republic.

There will never be another Republican president. The Democrats will also have permanent control of the House and Senate. As more true conservatives are defrauded out of office their majority will grow.

Expect continuing “peaceful protests” by the left; ANTIFA and BLM. They will not go away, in fact they will likely continue to grow in frequency and violence.

Expect local prosecutors, mayors and city councils to continue to pursue policies that increase the violence in our cities. Releasing violent offenders based on COVID or increased social justice, choosing not to prosecute an increasing number of crimes and defunding the police will continue and escalate.

Expect increased military involvement overseas. They want the military, and the patriots who support them, focused externally. They also want to sap the strength of the military, especially units or leaders who might stand up to them.

Expect continued lock-downs for COVID.  They will implement “travel controls,” based on vaccination status, that will define where you are allowed to travel outside the country as well as within it. Review of financial transactions will be allowed to ensure those under lock-down stay that way. They will use “COVID relief” funds to keep people in line and dependent on the Federal government.

Expect increased targeting of gun owners, Conservatives and Christians by government agencies like the FBI, ATF, and IRS. Existing laws will be enforced with a vengeance. Many will be killed in no-knock raids on suspected “Right Wing Terrorists” others will be driven into bankruptcy paying to prove their innocence.

Over next 18 months the Democrats in Washington will focus on passing laws that will ensure they can never be voted out. They may use some highly visible efforts like packing the court or eliminating the Electoral College to focus opposition while they work on other efforts in the background on things like redistricting that will have the same ultimate effect. They may have enough swing, now, to pass everything they want. Gun control and elimination of the people’s ability to defend themselves or overthrow tyranny will be major focuses as well.

A lot depends on their next steps. If they pursue charges against Trump and his supporters and move quickly against Christians and Conservatives it will likely turn bloody very quickly. If they are smart and don’t push too hard we will be the proverbial frog boiled slowly. Based on what I am seeing already they will push and push hard so expect the violence to ramp up quickly.

If they don’t push too hard they will have their hold on power locked within about 18 months. Joe Biden will probably be relieved of his role as a puppet about that time. Within the next two years (mid-term elections) it will become obvious to all that they can never be voted out of power and it will turn bloody. At that point it will be too late. Their Conservative and Christian opponents will be too weakened to resist effectively.

Have I missed anything?

Take care and God bless.

5 thoughts on “What’s Next?

  1. I reckon you are too generalized in your thoughts.

    Those labelled Conservative and Republican Party members will be attacked. Of that I have no doubt. Their day of fun played straight in to the hands of the Democrats and associated moronic and racist (anti white) groups.

    You let a rabid few play and that has sealed your fate. (Let alone destroyed America’s reputation around the world).

    I simply don’t understand why the sensible in your ranks didn’t see this coming.

    IF HOWEVER we start talking about Christians. Are we talking about the devout and practicing Christians with no political affiliation OR the Christian Republican version.

    To attack a whole religion would be REALLY stupid, and retaliation would seem inevitable.

    However, if the Christian chapter of the republican movement was labelled part of a radical domestic terrorist group, they will be stuffed.

    As for the long term view?
    What could make the situation worse than is projected.

    What if someone took a shot at Biden?
    If that did happen, the whole Republican Movement, Christian or not, will become labelled a terrorist organization.

    The only thing after that that might stop your annihilation would be if the military mutinied and joined ‘your cause’.

    And that is the key to ANY FORM of attack on you. You get the military’s support, and I’m betting the Democrats would back down.

    Only have you their support?
    No guessing or wild Trumpesque claims.
    That’s the $64 question you need answering.


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