It Is Time To Rise…

I hear a lot of whining and wailing (some of it from me) about the state of the country and the challenges we face.

Well, fellow Americans, it is past time for whining, complaining and feeling sorry for ourselves. It is time to “Buck up Buttercup” or “Embrace the Suck” depending on your choice of wording.

This country was founded by people who literally carved it out of the wilderness. They faced starvation, disease, (sometimes) hostile natives and wild animals. No Walmarts, no grocery stores and anything that couldn’t be produced here was a year away. Their enemies were ruthless and brutal. Life was hard and often short but they endured, they had faith and they made it happen.

A few generations later, while many were still busy trying to carve a life out of the wilderness, in response to the Coercive Acts they stood up against one of the two superpowers of the day and won. The Revolutionary War was not all midnight rides by Paul Revere and Washington kneeling in prayer. It was Washington and his men freezing and starving at Valley Forge. It was revolutionaries tortured and murdered as well as loyalists. In the southern campaign the British took a scorched earth approach against revolutionary guerillas. That generation stood (and died), they endured, they had faith and they made it happen.

Within a generation they faced an invasion by that same superpower. Despite much of the country being burned or destroyed they stood (and died), they endured, they had faith and they made it happen. They prevailed.

Within another generation the Civil War split the nation and we fought the bloodiest war in US history. The guerrilla actions in the west, the war crimes of both armies made what we have seen so far in this nation look like a Sunday picnic. The post-war conditions in the former Confederate states was so bad that my great, great grandfather walked to Texas to carve out a place in the wilderness. That generation too, stood (and died), they endured, they had faith and they made it happen.

Another generation later we faced WWI and the Great Depression. The next generation fought and defeated Hitler, Mussolini and Hirohito. The next generation grew up with the threat of nuclear annihilation. The next faced global terrorism.We have faced existential threats since before this nation was a nation. Our forefathers prevailed because they were willing to stand for what was right, endure whatever suffering was required, had faith in their purpose and made it happen.

Our nation, again, faces and existential threat.

Our leadership is in disarray. We do not (yet) have a clear plan forward. We have lost the ballot box and the jury box as mechanisms for redress. So, it is easy to succumb to the darkness of doubt and fear but that is not who we are. It is time for Americans to quit whining about and bemoaning the facts. It is time to “buck up buttercup” and to “embrace the suck.” It is time to stand, endure, have faith and make it happen.

As a particular YouTuber is fond of saying, “God Bless America, Long Live the Republic!”

Take care and God bless.

3 thoughts on “It Is Time To Rise…

  1. All you have written makes sense but you do need the military on your side.

    With their backing, or even an absolute refusal to fight you, you have a chance.

    Your enemies know that.
    The military do too.


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