Totally Missed It

Just a few of days ago I penned a post based on a response to my son’s question of “what happens next?” (What’s Next). Already things are happening that I didn’t think about. In hindsight, they should have been as obvious as the ring on my finger.

Yesterday and into the night we saw the the big tech firms  begin moving to silence the Right. President Trump and many of his supporters have been removed from various platforms. When it was rumored the president was going to open an account on the free speech platform Parler. In response, Google and Apple removed the app from their app stores. As of midnight last night Amazon Web Services (AWS) shutdown the servers supporting Parler. From the last update I heard it could take weeks before they are back in business since no other web hosting services (ahem, Microsoft Azure) would accept them.

The company’s terms of use banned posts inciting violence or illegal activity. That wasn’t good enough for the “woke tech” vigilantes. Nope, to stay in business those running the company would have had to agree to join Twitter, FarceBook, Instagaram, YouTube, Google, and others in stifling dissent against the our ‘glorious leaders.’

Low tech firms are jumping on the bandwagon as well. A publishing house (who I will not name) cancelled a book deal with Congressman Josh Hawley because he dared ask for an investigation into voter fraud in the last election cycle. Expect more announcements to come.

I did say that we could expect to see targeting of Conservatives by Federal agencies. That has already begun as well. We are already starting to see raids by Federal agencies on Conservative local politicians. Expect these raids against vocal supporters of Trump and Conservative principles to continue and escalate. They are starting with local politicians but don’t be surprised if national level politicians, even members of the House and Senate, are targeted soon. Charges may never even be filed but the fact that a politician’s home and office are raided by the FBI will be enough. Once the FBI has everything in their possession I am sure they will be able to find something to charge them with.

Already, we are seeing arrests of protesters who walked into the US Capital. In at least one case, and I believe two, a Conservative reporter who was covering the incident was arrested despite the fact that they were in the same place doing the same thing as reporters for the mainstream propaganda outlets. Expect law enforcement to begin arresting the individuals through the use of “no-knock” raids. There will likely be deaths and injuries in these raids. Deaths and injuries to officers conducting these operations will be used to justify further crackdowns on Conservatives and gun owners. Deaths to those targeted for arrest or innocent bystanders will be viewed as collateral damage. No one will mention Breonna Taylor, her death, the riots her death caused or the Leftist politicians who supported those protests against police tactics and brutality in that no-knock raid. Just like no one mentions the leftists who broke into the Capital during the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation hearings a couple years ago. That wasn’t deemed a violent attack or attempted insurrection…

The bottom line is that the Leftists continue to push, in fact they seem to be emboldened now that they control all the levers of Federal government. With the media and their big tech partners at their side they also believe they control the narrative and, to an extent, they do.

Some of them may understand that, as one of their own once said, “all political power comes from the barrel of a gun” but they apparently believe the control the guns that matter.

Another quote that, since it wasn’t voiced by a communist, they are unaware of that is probably more accurate:

The power to destroy a thing is the absolute control over it.

-Frank Herbert

The “commoners” may not have the tech muscle the Left is swinging now. They may not have the media on their side spewing propaganda. The Left may control the levers of power in Washington. But the people of this nation still have “absolute control” in this country. So far, they have chosen not to exercise it.

Think about it, if even a third of the citizens on Capital Hill this week had had the desire and intentions attributed to them by the Leftists there would not be a congresscritter left alive. Pushed to far, they may well develop that desire and exercise their absolute control.

I hope and pray it doesn’t come to that but the Left keeps on “poking the bear” and one day that bear may just get truly pissed off. Dear Lord help us all at that point.

Take care and God bless.

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