Some Animals Are More Equal Than Others

A couple of weeks ago I posted about Prepping in the middle of the collapse (link). In the section on self-defense I warned that since the fall of the Republic the rule of law is over and laws are being selectively enforced based on race and politics:

A word of caution, we are rapidly sliding back into the times when different people groups in our society have different codes of justice. Race, political affiliation, gender, religion and other factors will determine how the laws of this nation are applied to you. So will the locale in which you live (refer back to Get to Safety).

Here is an example of just that.

A Back the Blue/Patriotic caravan was planned in Oregon’s capitol city of Salem. Antifa showed up in “counter protest” which included throwing objects at the vehicles in the caravan including rocks big enough to shatter windows.

As far as I am concerned projectiles thrown with enough force to shatter car windows (especially while the vehicle is in motion) represent a reasonable threat of death or serious bodily injury. It is a deadly assault on those folks driving through town and their passengers.

Oregon police did nothing to stop it.

When one of the motorists stepped out of his vehicle, the Leftist insurgents not only continued their attempt to stone the man to death the armed crowd began to close on the man. I don’t think they were planning to give him a hug.

However the man pulled a firearm, racked a round into the chamber and was promptly arrested by Oregon police.

Yep, those with approved ideologies can commit assault at will but when a person with the wrong ideology goes to defend themselves they are promptly arrested…

Now, two things about this man’s actions:

    1. As everyone should have learned from Reginald Denney’s fate during the Rodney King riots, when a mob or riot situation, do not stop and DO NOT leave the vehicle. If you are encased in a couple of tons of steel and glass stay inside. A dent in your truck is relatively easily repaired and not life threatening. Dents to the brain bucket are not easily repaired and can be fatal.
    2. Why are you carrying on an empty chamber? Why is the chamber empty in the middle of an assault?
    3. Do not pull and brandish the firearm like it is a magic talisman warding off evil. If someone else in the crowd has a firearm, you are potentially giving them justification to pop you first. If it is time to shoot, shoot. If it is not time to shoot keep that smoke wagon un-skinned.

Stay alert, stay prepared and stay safe.

God bless.

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