The Saber’s Are A Rattlin’

Last week we were informed that China had once again violated Taiwanese airspace, this time with a flight of 20 military aircraft (link). Today, we hear that the US military in Europe is going on alert for a “potential imminent crisis” as the fighting intensifies in Ukraine while Russia deploys thousands of troops to the area (link). Both nations are “rattlin’ their sabers” ever more loudly.

Meanwhile, here in the US, the New Regime is busy driving Trump supporters, patriots and anyone else who doesn’t swallow the load of woke liberalism out of the military. The new and improved US military is ready willing and able to wage war on environmental change and lead a charge of high-horse mounted, social justice warriors against domestic threats like television reporters who disagree with our AmSoc overloads. Unfortunately, they are increasingly ill prepared to fight and actual, you know, war.

Are the Russians, Chinese or even the Iranians worried that “ole puddin’ head” drooling his way through the White House could string enough coherent sentences together to issue clear and decisive orders to the military? I doubt it. But, they are playing it safe and slowly increasing the temperature on the pot of frogs, just to make sure.

So, while the US uses its military as a platform for combating the weather and social injustice, while we steadfastly try and ignore the Marxist insurgency in the Pacific Northwest and the invasion of our southern border storm clouds gather across Europe and Asia. I hope and pray those who danced at the removal of President Trump from power are ready, willing and able to defend themselves. If they are not, I hope they are at least brushing up on their Russian and Mandarin.

Stay alert, stay prepared and stay safe.

God bless.

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