Battle Lines Being Drawn

Once Florida and Texas led the way, several states now have executive orders or laws preventing the rollout of “vaccine passports” within their borders.

Several states have or are in the process of passing laws to become “2nd Amendment” sanctuaries preventing local law enforcement from cooperating with the enforcement of unconstitutional Federal firearms laws or executive orders. (Of course, they still haven’t been able to audit ballots from within their own state, specifically Maricopa County, where ruling AmSoc (Demoncrat) are trying to prevent their own election fraud antics from coming to light.)

Arizona has passed a law against the “election reforms” included in HR1 which they refer in the law as the “corrupt politicians act.” Georgia and other states have or are working to enact laws that would run directly counter to the changes proposed in HR1. (Texas and some other states passed those laws several years ago.)

The list of states that are actively working to block and defeat the AmSoc agenda spewing out of Washington DC is growing and growing more active. The “bully pulpit,” sanctuary declarations, counter laws and lawsuits are all being used to counter the socialist power grabs from Washington.

Many of us on the Conservative/libertarian side of the fence are cheering these actions and encouraging even more of it.


What we are seeing is, essentially, the (figurative) redrawing of the Mason-Dixon line from the last American Civil war. Those states actively working against the AmSoc tyranny of The New Regime will likely become the backbone of secession/rebellion in the coming unpleasantness. The battle lines may be more clearly drawn than I (or a lot of people smarter than me) had anticipated. Which might be a good thing. A peaceful dissolution is the only chance we have to avoid the chaos and hell of another civil war.

A strong suggestion…if you are a freedom-loving, Constitution-supporting American it would be a really good idea to get yourself and your family to a “red-state” as soon as practical. There is a strong probability that “your kind” will experience some serious backlash as these lines are drawn. Likewise for AmSoc supporters who reside in “red-states.” If you doubt me, research what happened in “border states” like Missouri and Kansas during the last civil war.

Stay alert, stay prepared and stay safe.

God bless.


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