Dropping A Pinkie Toe Into The Cryptocurrency Waters

After several years of toying with and researching cryptocurrency we finally took a leap of faith and invested in Bitcoin. It isn’t a large leap of faith. In fact, there’s no real faith involved at all. We invested less than $50 after all.

As is our usual process we took the dividends from a traditional stock market investment and invested (for the most part) in precious metals. There was a little money left over after the primary purchase and instead of filling out the order with smaller portions of metals to use the entire dividend we took what was left over and purchased Bitcoin.

I am still not totally sold on the idea of cryptocurrency and I am definitely not a evangelist of the idea (like so many seem to be) but with inflation and possibly hyperinflation on the horizon we are looking at every option as a hedge. Precious metals including gold, silver, copper, brass and lead have been our primary choices for doing so over the last several years but we are looking to diversify those hedges and cryptocurrency seems to be all the rage these days.

Stay alert, stay prepared and stay safe.

God bless.

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