The Balkanization Of The US

This is a topic we have seen batted around for a number of years but seems to be gaining more momentum.

Yesterday five rural counties voted to secede from the state of Oregon and become a part of neighboring Idaho. The driving force if the liberal super majority in the state of Oregon. Rural, predominantly conservative, counties feel they have no say in state politics that are completely dominated by Portland and other urban areas.

There is an increasingly vocal call in various places to redraw state boundaries from groups who feel underrepresented in state politics. Usually due to dominance of state politics by large urban areas such as in California, Oregon, Washington and Colorado.

In Texas there was a bill in both the house and senate to put secession on the ballot in November. A bill like this has been submitted many times over recent years in one house or the other. It never even makes it to the agenda for a vote in committee. This time around the bill had much more support and looked like it might make it to a full floor vote.

This is something we are seeing an increase of as well is states positioning themselves for a potential separation from the US as a whole. Several states, including Texas, have moved to set up their own depositories of precious metals and to accept currency other than the US dollar.

Most see balkanization as a bad thing but, to be honest, it may be our best bet to avoid the sort of bloody civil war we are seeing in Syria and Libya. A fairly peaceful split between those part so the country still committed to our founding principles and those hell bent on becoming the next Venezuela.

Stay alert, stay prepared and stay safe.

God bless.

4 thoughts on “The Balkanization Of The US

  1. More like a fad than a serious political statement.
    I can’t see how re-drawing lines on a map suddenly make life better.
    It’s a dream when the reality would be same sh’t, in a different state.

    Incidentally that happened a few years ago in the UK.
    The political map was redrawn, county (states) lines were redrawn, and services redistributed or centralized.
    Did it make any difference, ANYWHERE in the UK?
    That would be a NO.
    The poor, disabled, and disadvantaged ended up worse off everywhere.
    The rich. They were still there, and still rich.

    Who gained?
    Only the politicians and occasionally REALLY BIG business.
    Kinda surprising was that (not).


    1. The US is split, fairly evenly, between to diametrically opposed philosophies/groups. It appears, to me anyway, that these cannot continue to coexist in the same nation indefinitely. At some point the violence will boil out of control. It would be, in my opinion, far better for the US to split into two or more nations than for us to descend into the chaos of civil war.
      Will it make things perfect? Nope.
      Will there be negative consequences? Yup.
      Would it still be better than a civil war that makes the horrors of Sarajevo and Rwanda look like a children’s story? I would say so.

      Take care and God bless.

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      1. Expectations of better seldom happen. With that comes a form of enhanced anger. From those who found their Nirvana to be a myth, and locals who resent their presence as they have enough trouble to deal with on a daily basis.

        After all to add to the state’s financial burden i.e welfare, administration, etc, is not exactly the sort of thing that cash strapped local authorities want to see.

        Nice dream though.

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      2. Most if not all the states that would “take a different path” pay more in to the Federal system than they receive back. These states are subsidizing the experiments in communism conducted in the “true blue” states (which is the biggest stumbling block to this happening). Many people are fleeing the economic/social repression in those states. The failure of the Feds to provide the basic services that are their part of the social contract (such as protecting the border) means many of those states are already shouldering additional financial burdens already…

        Again, Nirvana? No

        Will it be pretty? Prolly not

        Is it better than turning this nation into a charnel house? Most likely.

        Take care and God bless.

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