Freedom Phone

Several blog sites and Conservative blogs are sharing the news that the Freedom Phone is here.

What’s the Freedom Phone?

According to the web site (link) it is:

The Freedom Phone is a free speech and privacy first focused phone. With features like tracking blockers and an uncensorable app store.

Sounds like a noble goal.

It is based on the Android phone platform and runs a variant of the Android OS called “FreedomOS.” For me, that’s the rub. See Google is the driving force behind Android and Android OS. Yes, technically it is an Open Source project but it is primarily driven and supported by Google who are most definitely not pro-freedom (unless you agree with their social and political views, then you’re free to burn cities down, assault those you don’t control, and commit murder and mayhem). I am not an expert on Android but from what my friends who are say, they could have accomplished most of this simply by creating an alternate app store.

I will be needing a new phone before too long, but for now, I’m taking a wait and see attitude on the Freedom Phone.

If you are more inclined to jump on this new offering there is a $50 discount from The Gateway Pundit on them. Just use the code TGP at checkout.

Stay alert, stay prepared and stay safe.

God bless.

10 thoughts on “Freedom Phone

  1. Does it use networks that are completely separate from the usual (in the pocket of the government) operators? No.

    Does it hide your location (Giggle, no) as soon as it fires up three cell towers can triangulate it. That’s also how the cell phone networks work when working out a signal in transit and who to transfer the call too.

    Is it crackable? Everything is crackable and you can guarantee that the first buyers will be the techs in the state security machine. With their computing power, how long do you think it will take them to reverse engineer its security? Especially as it’s android and open source.

    There is another factor. It’s cellular.
    If the state want to beat covert transmissions?
    They just turn the network off then nobody talks.
    SOP in most major states around the world when the riots start.

    Save your money friend.
    If you want freedom use word of mouth.
    Only remember, not every ear is on your side.


    1. It doesn’t share your information, data or location. You sound like a bundle of joy. You are wrong on every single issue you’ve stated. You communist.


      1. Morning my little troll’ette.
        Seeing as though I have worked in cellular technology from the 1980’s, unlike you, I know exactly how the system works. As for being a communist. Yep, I probably am.

        As for your politics/ideology?
        I’m guessing you’re just another loser.

        You have a nice day now.


  2. I think you’d better have all of your information before you start dragging your balls across the first product that will give us the ability to get our privacy back. Android is open source but it has NOTHING to do with GOOGLE. Anyone can use AOSP to create a product. You should RUN out to buy one of these. Our country depends on it.


    1. Hailey,

      I would like more information, yes. That is exactly what my post said. The offering is interesting but before I make a decision I would like more information. The company selling this phone offers VERY little in the way of technical specs for either the hardware or software. Before I give anything a thumbs up form a security perspective I want to see more than marketing blurbs.

      While the Android OS is open source and based on Linux the vast majority of the code is developed privately by Google employees and contractors. Google is also the major sponsor and funding source for the open source community around Android OS. Many components necessary for the operating system to be used on a phone are still proprietary and closed software maintained by Google. It would be extremely easy for Google to insert code that could be used to spy on those running Android-based systems without anyone being aware. In fact, it is proven that they do exactly this. One of Google’s operating units, Jigsaw, is a government contractor assisting the NSA and others in their spy efforts. So, there is not only a political incentive but also a financial incentive for Google to plant spyware in the Android OS stack.

      The hardware for the phone is sourced from China. It is a phone designed for the Chinese market by a Chinese company with ties to the CCP. Now, pretty much all phones are manufactured in China or from Chinese made parts. However, Apple, Google, Intel, etc. go to great lengths to ensure that the phones or components are free of embedded spyware (they hate competition). They have not always been successful with Intel being the most visible victim of this activity. If you buy ANY Chinese made electronics not under contract by a major US, Japanese, Korean or Taiwanese company it is almost guaranteed to have spyware embedded.

      With all that said, it is POSSIBLE that the folks selling the Freedom Phone have overcome these obstacles and provided exactly what they advertise. But before I accept that as fact I want a lot more information and independent verification especially considering the recent history of even cybersecurity companies being compromised (supposedly by the Russians but more likely by the Chinese).

      Take care and God bless.


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