War/Battle Belt Configuration

I have been doing some tactical training over the last few months (when I was stricken by COVID). In addition to the skills I have been picking up in these classes, they have given me the opportunity to wear/use my gear. It’s all well and good sitting in your man cave/bedroom/basement watching mall ninjas show you the way super secret operators set up their gear but until you get our and wear it all day while standing, sitting, walking, running and crawling around under the Texas sun you won’t really know how well it works or if you even have the right stuff.

I started out with a Condor Modular Chest rig loaded out with enough stuff I could probably survive in the piney woods for several days without resupply. That configuration was recommended by a YouTuber who seemed pretty squared away and if you are on a long patrol in enemy territory it might make a lot of sense. However, I am not planning any long range recons behind enemy lines. In the Texas summer this thing is HOT, and not in a good way and after a full day out and about wearing it it got pretty darn heavy.

Based on the “parties” I am most likely to attend something lighter and with less stuff stuffed in it would be a better choice. A number of the guys recommended either a minimal chest rig or a “battle/war” belt. After seeing the prices on those fancy dancy little chest rigs I dig out a Condor Slim Battle Belt that showed up at some point that I don’t recall and started playing around with the stuff and how it was organized. I think I finally have a set up I like (mostly).

There are many battle/war belts out there, this is mine.

I have reduced the gear/stuff to a Gerber Principle knife, a kangaroo style magazine pouch holding 2 AR and 2 pistol mags, a blowout/trauma kit, radio pouch (need a smaller one), a holster for G19 (a better one is in my future once we have a little more cash coming in and I find one I like), a sundry pouch/booboo kit, carabiner to my attach gloves and my gloves.

It is reasonably light, nothing gets in the way of my rifle and I can easily draw my pistol without interference. I could probably add a second tourniquet on my strong side without excess bulk or weight and I may just do that.

I should be able to make my next training class and test it out this weekend.

Stay alert, stay prepared and stay safe.

God bless.

2 thoughts on “War/Battle Belt Configuration

  1. Luckily (or is it unlucky) I live in a semi rural / small township.
    So my needs regarding tactical are minimal.
    However, I do have a day and separate night rig which is built around foraging and self defense.

    Only here’s the thing.
    I’m a firm believer in the grey man way of doing things.
    If I’m seen, there is no webbing or rig for people to alarm up on.
    No weapons on show, and I look like the proverbial little old man.
    My kit is in a close body vest. My arms and hands are free but both have a sting concealed within.

    Will that be enough if the scenario evolves into open violence? Who knows. What I’m banking on if they want to hurt me they will have to close on me.

    Close enough to touch works both ways and I still practice what would need to be done.

    God bless my friend.

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    1. I have gear for covert as well. For example, I carry concealed most every time I leave the house. I have a knife, a flashlight, firearm and generally an extra mag or so on me if I am out and about. Blowout kit is usually in my backpack or vehicle. If I have my backpack I have other gear as well. My backpack is covered in molle but I live in southeast Texas. Camouflage and molle are about as common as sunglasses on a cloudless summer day.

      This belt is for times when stealth is not needed and may not be wanted. If I’m wearing it I’ll likely be in the company of a bunch of other fellas decked out in matching party clothes and equipped about the same way.

      Take care and God bless.

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