Project Get Fit 2021 (Part 2): Week 12

Not me, I don’t have that much hair on my head…

I didn’t workout on Monday for a number of reasons but did make it into the gym on Tuesday instead. I was able to increase the reps on all the exercises I am doing and I added sit ups back into the rotation.

I skipped Wednesday and worked out on Thursday instead. I was able to add another exercise back into my workout routine and increase the reps on most exercises. I did not increase the reps on assisted pull ups or push ups because of the pain in my shoulder. I don’t want to push too fast and set myself back another couple of months. I also skipped walking on Thursday since my achilles tendon was killing me all day. I have really pushed it this week with a tactical training class on Saturday, a much faster pace on Tuesday than I have done lately and I worked an event on Wednesday that had me on my feet for around four hours. I’ll start back walking soon.

I worked out again on Saturday. I was able to increase the reps on most exercises and added two more exercises back in. Next week I will go back to my full workout but still with lighter weights and fewer reps. I’ll keep increasing reps gradually and then add the weight back.

All in all, other than the pain in my ankle from the achilles tendon I am both surprised and pleased with the progress I have been making.

Stay alert, stay prepared and stay safe.

God bless.

Goal: Complete a Murph Challenge in 2022

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