Dear Virginia, Welcome to the Resistance! Love, Florida

This was a tweet from Christina Pushaw, spokesperson for Florida Governor Ron Desantis in response to the Republican sweep of the Virginia elections. At that point I decided to go ahead and release my own post Welcome To The Resistance and to retitle the blog to match. I had been toying with that title change and had the “Welcome” post written and sitting as a draft for several weeks but when I saw her tweet I knew the time had come to quit thinking about it and act.

Now, let’s take a look at what happened in Virginia.

Republican candidates swept the state-wide offices including Governor (Glenn Youngkin), Lieutenant Governor (Winsome Sears) and Attorney General (Jason Miyares).  While this is a victory for the Resistance, it is hardly the “red wave” or “crushing defeat” the propagandists on our side are claiming. The difference between winning and losing in a state of 8.6 million people was around 67,000 votes. Youngkin’s opponent received more votes (real or forged) than any other candidate in history. In any other year he would have won. Also please note, that although the race has been called and the leftist candidate has conceded, there are still votes being counted and those are in areas that lean heavily to the left.

If these results stand then it is definitely a victory for The Resistance. However, if they can not use this opportunity to pass laws to ensure the integrity of future elections it will be a short lived victory. Those who hate everything this nation stands for and was built on will not underestimate the number of fraudulent votes needed next time around. Patriots will not surprise them a second time.

We have won a minor victory in the war to take back our country from the tyrants who have stolen it from us and are determined to loot and destroy it. We have a long fight still ahead of us and, truth be told, it has only just begun. However, it does show that the tyrants in charge may not be as “in charge” as they believe and the power of the vote can still be a powerful weapon in the arsenal of The Resistance.

Be alert, get prepared, fight the good fight!

God bless and God save the Republic.

One thought on “Dear Virginia, Welcome to the Resistance! Love, Florida

  1. Virginia Republicans Win Back Virginia House of Delegates in Historic Sweep, also won back at least six seats in the Commonwealth’s lower chamber, resulting in a one-person majority for Republicans, according to data from the Virginia Public Access Project (VPAP).

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