Welcome To The Resistance

I believe the United States of America has fallen. I am pretty sure I have posted that belief before and I know it has been a frequent topic of conversation among friends and family. The bottom line is that I believe my country is effectively under the control of an unelected oligarchy of bankers, technocrats and bureaucrats. Those who are destroying our society are firmly in control of the levers of power. However, there are still many in this country who still believe in the founding principles and want to return the levers of power to those who should rightly be in control of them, the people.

We Are The Resistance.

Those who have stolen our nation started out calling us Bitter Clingers and then Deplorables. They now just refer to anyone who shows any potential of standing against them white supremacists, racists, fascists, homophobes, Islamophobes, the American Taliban, and domestic terrorists.

In light of the current situation the focus of this blog is changing. We want to raise awareness of what is going on and the threats we face. Because things will get far worse before they get better we want to help people to prepare for the times ahead and provide guidance and direction for those who heed that call. Lastly, it is time (past time, actually) to stand our ground and take our nation back. We hope to help encourage true Americans in those efforts.

Welcome to The Resistance!

5 thoughts on “Welcome To The Resistance

  1. Sir.
    We all know political systems sucks but have you truly thought this through?

    Even if you have, do yourself a favor and go take a good long look in the mirror that is your families eyes.

    Not just the grown ups but also the children.

    Then ask them if they know the difference between civil war, homicide, blind hate, or status, racial, and religious genocide.

    That and what life without one of their siblings or family member would be like for them.

    Because once the more feral get involved in some half hearted people’s rebellion against the system, there will be no difference to some ON BOTH SIDES between someone ‘in uniform’ or a family who have the ‘wrong job’, happen to live in the wrong zip code, follow the wrong politics, or even the wrong God.

    May your God be with you.


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