Preference Falsification And The Collapse

While I am not a big fan of everything the Black Pigeon has to say but I thought this video was pretty interesting and worth sharing:

A majority of the video discusses the idea of “preference falsification” and what that means for our society. In a nutshell, preference falsification means that in certain conditions humans will lie about what it is they want, believe or think. If there is social pressure to conform to a specific set of ideas and thoughts they will respond to polling questions and on social media posts in accordance with those social pressures regardless of whether or not they actually agree. As the pressure increases, the nature of humans is to just “go along” and conform.

I think we can all agree that the pressure from Big Tech and The Media is ramping up. So there is more and more pressure to conform and, at least in some places, should you choose not conform the antifa “Black Bloc” is likely to show up to physically force conformity.

While the desire to “go with the flow” and not make yourself a target for those driving this collapse is understandable it also serves to further their aims and agenda. The more people who hide their true values and thoughts, the more isolated others who share those values feel and the more likely they are to “go with the flow” and conform. Silence only serves to strengthen those destroying our nation and our civilization.

Yes, the cost of doing so is, as I mentioned, getting higher. Yes, it could cost us socially, professionally and financially. In some places doing so may even place us in harm’s way but we have to be honest. We have to resist and speak out…now. It may be difficult and it may be painful but we must do what is right and the longer we wait the higher the costs will be.

In my post Welcome To The Resistance I outlined three things we need to be doing; raising awareness, preparing, and resisting. I ask you to join the resistance and share this post to help raise awareness. I also ask you to come out of hiding and plant your flag in resistance to the dark forces driving us over the cliff.

Stay alert, stay prepared and stay safe.

God bless.

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