Stand Up And Resist, Another Point Of View

A few days ago I reviewed how I believe we should be resisting the tyrants who have stolen our country in my post What Does Resistance Look Like?.

Today I would like to share some snippets from a similar article posted on The American Spectator titled It’s About the Culture War, Stupid: Enlist as a Culture Warrior. The subtitle of the article was “Enough already! Backing down is for losers” and I have to say that I like that so much you might see it here in the future.

The author does an amazing job of encouraging American Patriots to stand up and resist the leftist mob:

If only conservative men would man up, conservative women would woman up, and we all would just stuff it right back in their faces. That’s all it takes. The War on Culture must begin — yesterday. We have the numbers, need the guts.

He goes on and explains that we should not shrink down and apologize for our beliefs:

When MSNBC and CNN call a politician a “racist” for opposing Critical Race Theory, the response should not be: “Well, uh, I’m, c’mon, I’m not really a racist, like, really, you shouldn’t say that about me.”

That is not the answer. Rather the answer should be: “Stuff it! You are the racist!”

While I applaud the tone and intent of the article I do have one criticism and warning. The author make it seem like if we all just start standing up we will win the country back and it will all be rainbows and roses. He paints the opposition forces as mere paper figures:

Conservatives are intimidated by Whoopie Goldberg? By Joy Behar? By a Twitter mob? By Joy Reid? By Nicolle Wallace?

These people are paper. Dust. They are nothing — here today, gone tomorrow. Keith Olbermann?  Ed Schultz? Chris Matthews? Dylan Ratigan? Dust in the wind.

This is absolutely not the case. While they may not be as powerful as some of us give them credit for. How many conservative leaders have faced prosecution on trumped up charges? Not all have won. How many actors and everyday citizens have lost their livelihoods for daring to post opinions contrary to the mob? Quite a few. Aaron “Jay” Danielson, Lee Keltner, Ashli Babbitt and others have already paid the ultimate price for daring to oppose the powers that be.

While it may be difficult, dangerous or even deadly it is still time for us to stand up and resist the overthrow of our nation by the woke mob and their puppet masters.

Be alert, get prepared, fight the good fight!

God bless and God save the Republic.

2 thoughts on “Stand Up And Resist, Another Point Of View

    1. How many wars, battles and political campaigns have been lost by underestimating your opponent? Probably more than I can count. At the same time don’t imagine them to be undefeatable either then we may give into our fears and fail to act.
      Take care and God bless.


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