Paradigm Shift – Awareness

Normalcy bias is one of the most disastrous of human mental traits in a dangerous situation. Normalcy bias leaves people sitting in their seats during an active shooter situation because that just has to be a car backfiring or a movie right? Normalcy bias means people continue to walk towards a burning World Trade Center until it begins to crumble. Normalcy bias lured yours truly into complacency until it was too late to do much towards saving many of our possessions during a flood. Normalcy bias probably kept most Germans, even Jewish Germans, from seeing what was to come about under NAZI rule.

Like 1930’s Germany, we are in a time when normalcy bias could cost us our way of life and possibly millions of lives.

The current mess we find ourselves in is confusing and makes no sense, while we operate under a normalcy bias that says it is just politics as usual in the good ole’ US of A. However, if we remove the veil of normalcy bias and look at the current situation under a different paradigm, it may begin to make a little more sense. It has for me.

As author, war correspondent, and former Green Beret Michael Yon states:

“We must adjust our collective paradigm until we are no longer surprised, and can predict what The Beast will do next. Because either we beat The Beast, or it will kill us.”

(Note: I like his term for those currently running our nation, The Beast, and I will likely steal it from him but please don’t tell him as I am sure he could kick my tail up and down the block without breaking a sweat.)

If you change your point of view and accept that The Beast, that collection of un-elected bankers, bureaucrats, technocrats and their pet politicians who have taken over this country are hell bent on destroying it and crushing true American Patriots in order to remake the nation to meet their own objectives, things begin to make more sense. If we adjust the paradigm and things suddenly begin to make more sense then it is probable that the new paradigm is correct.

“Keep adjusting your world view until you no longer are surprised like, “This has nothing to do with health. The Beast is using information warfare to destroy our military. And more. Defund the Police. Is a hostile takeover. Opening the borders is a hostile takeover. Breaking the economy is a hostile takeover. The Beast is setting conditions for authentic genocide.”

“If you try my current paradigm for just a week, you be unsurprised at ships off the coast unable to unload, [and] forced jabs with untested chemicals into children’s arms.

-Michael Yon

The consequences for the US if we continue to be blinded by normalcy bias are dire. We will lose our nation and the founding principles of justice and liberty will also be lost. More than that, those who do not agree with, or fit in with The Beast’s new vision of America will likely find themselves the victims of yet another “Final Solution.”

Re-read this quote:

“We must adjust our collective paradigm until we are no longer surprised, and can predict what The Beast will do next. Because either we beat The Beast, or it will kill us.”

…and this one:

The Beast is setting conditions for authentic genocide.”

If we do not act, if we do not change our thinking we will probably not live long to regret it…more importantly, neither will our children.

Be alert, get prepared, fight the good fight!

God bless and God save the Republic.

Welcome to the Resistance.

4 thoughts on “Paradigm Shift – Awareness

  1. “Stand your ground. Don’t fire unless fired upon, but if they mean to have a war, let it begin here.” On this day, John Parker, Captain of Militia.

    Well we have already been fired upon.

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    1. There are truly difficult times ahead. I hope and pray we can retake our nation without the dark times I see coming but I am preparing for the worst and I encourage others to prepare as well. That’s a topic for another day…
      take care and God bless.

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