Happy Thanksgiving 2021

I have had several folks respond to my wishing them a “Happy Thanksgiving” with some variation of “not much to be thankful for this year…”

I get it.

These are darker days than our nation faced faced in quite some time. Definitely the darkest times I can recall. My Mom agrees that she can’t remember a worse time for our nation.

Just remember that no matter how tough the times are compared to past years and decades we still have it pretty good here socially and economically.

Compared to many (maybe most) nations, we still have it pretty good here economically. I remember when we were hiking in the mountains of southern Mexico one family proudly offered for us to stay in their home. Their home consisted of an indentation in the canyon wall with hand woven blankets on wooden poles to keep out (some) of the elements. They were considered to have the nicest home in the community because there was a natural spring that fed water directly to a small basin within their home. They didn’t have to hike to get water. Nightly summertime temperatures at that elevation were generally well below freezing. Despite living in such primitive conditions they were better off than many we encountered on that trip.

While those in control of the nation are making it more and more difficult to maintain our traditional beliefs we face nothing even close to what many in the world face. I worked for an organization for a time that helped translate and smuggle Bibles into countries where Christianity was illegal. Smuggling a Bible into some of these countries carried a more severe penalty than smuggling heroin yet the local Christians found ways to gather and worship even if it meant doing so in secret. It is a pretty rare week when I don’t see a news report out of Africa where Christians are murdered for their faith.

Do we have a fight on our hands to protect our way of life and win our country back? Absolutely.

Are things likely to get worse before they get better? Most likely.

Nevertheless, we have so very much to be thankful for.

As for me, I am so very thankful for the sacrifice Jesus made on the cross to pay the price for my sins. He paid my debt so that I can be a part of God’s family. For a limited time on this Earth and for eternity when my time here is through.

He has blessed me with an amazingly wonderful wife. I have been privileged to help raise four amazing children and experience the wonder of seven grand children. I have a home, a vehicle, a job and (more than) enough to eat.

Life is good and I am both blessed and tremendously thankful for that.

God bless everyone.

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