First Hundred Things That Go In A Collapse (Part 6)

I have referenced this list before, the first hundred things that disappear in a collapse. It was originally created based on the feedback from survivors of the Bosnian war with special attention from the experiences of those who lived through the siege of Sarajevo. The list has been updated (to some degree) to reflect the slightly different world we live in these days and a slightly different culture/economy.

I few weeks ago Wonderful Wife and I reviewed the list together. We did our best to determine what items did, or did not, apply to us. For the items that did apply we tried to determine how well we had that item covered. For the items where we determined there was a gap we put together at least a rough plan for filling the gap.

I thought it might be useful to some of you to share our thoughts on the items, our gaps and our plans. I also thought it might be useful to share these things because many of you might have better ideas than we did. So, feedback is not only encouraged but would be much appreciated.

Here are the next ten items on the list:

51. Fishing supplies/tools
This is a great suggestion, if you live near a body of water with enough fish to make it worthwhile. Which I do.
Fishing to survive and feed your family is very different from recreational fishing (at least in the US). In a collapse, towing your $50,000 bass boat to the lake and blasting across the lake to your favorite honey hole to pull in a couple of fish (even good sized fish) is not a very efficient use of resources. You are burning a lot of fuel towing the boat and running it around the lake. You are probably going to attract a lot of unwanted attention. Casting around a lake or even dunking minnows or worms is not a very efficient way to catch dinner. Instead think about nets. Cast nets or gill nets which may not be legal pre-collapse are far more efficient ways to add fish to the menu in sufficient quantities. You will have to have them, know how to use them and how to repair them. Jug fishing or “trot” lines are also much more efficient ways of catching your food supply. Again, legalities may vary pre-collapse. Instead of a high profile motorboat, think about a canoe or kayak instead. Operational security is a key here. If someone finds your gear, lines or boat you may not have them for very long.

52. Mosquito repellent
Living along the Gulf Coast, I think I think I have an entire bin of various anti-mosquito defenses but don’t limit yourself to what you can buy. Look at what you can grow on your own as well. There are a number of plants that help repel those nasty little bloodsuckers including citronella. Some are herbs that would be nice to have on hand for other reasons as well (link). In addition to repellents, practice good mosquito control practices including getting rid of standing water near your property (link).
Keep in mind that pre-collapse mosquitos can be an annoyance but post-collapse they become a serious health risk. I have been told that mosquito-born illness kills more people in some parts of the world than anything else.

53. Duct tape
Can you ever really have enough of “duck” tape? It is probably the most versatile item in your toolkit. I have used it for everything from temporary car repairs to wrapping presents and making wallets. In one case, I even used it as part of a makeshift bandage, along with a stack of unused fast food napkins, on a knife wound. Get a bunch. I just ordered several extra rolls.

54. Tarps/stakes/twine/nails/rope/spikes
Living in Hurricane Alley (at at least right next to it) blue tarps are a mandatory item to keep on hand. I will grab a few extra before hurricane season start and grab some of the other items listed here as well. I have some but would like more.

55. Candles
We have a selection of these on hand, mostly of the scented or decorative varieties. But we need to add more. To combine this with #52 a bunch will be citronella candles.

56. Laundry detergent (Liquid)
Since COVID we have kept a pretty good supply on hand and will continue to stock up.

57. Backpacks and Duffle bags
Oh Lord, if Wonderful Wife sees me buy another backpack or bag I may have to live out of it. I buy way too many of these and have over a dozen on hand.

58. Garden tools and supplies – manual
This is another area where just having the tools on hand is not enough. You need seeds. You need properly prepared soil. You need to be able to provide water to the plants should it be needed. You need to know what grows well in your environment and when to plant each crop you want to grow. Once you plant your garden it will take several months or week to yield food. The bottom line is that you should gardening now in order to be ready.

59. Scissors, fabrics and sewing supplies
This is an area that falls more in line with Wonderful Wife’s are of expertise and she has quite a bit for sewing and knitting but I think it would be good to add a few small sewing kits to the inventory to have just in case.

60. Canned Fruits, Veggies, Soups, stews, etc.
This is part of our routine food preps. We make sure we have plenty of what we normally eat on hand. I will say I am probably a little light on the fruit side of things so we will start building those supplies up a little.


We will continue to work through the remainder of the list in future posts but as I mentioned above please make suggestions and provide your thoughts on these items.

Be alert, get prepared, fight the good fight!

God bless and God save the Republic.

4 thoughts on “First Hundred Things That Go In A Collapse (Part 6)

  1. My opionion, for what little it is worth, is that gardening is fine for now, to provide fresh foods and reduce grocery bills. However, in a SHTF scenario, don’t count on it unless you live in a compound surrounded by large unscaleable walls, or in a remote area. When food becomes scarce, your garden will be a prime target for theft. Will you be able to effectively guard your garden 24/7? Are you willing to shoot somebody over your garden? Who will be watching your back, guarding you while you tend to your garden? Even if you aren’t willing to shoot somebody over your garden, don’t count on the other people not shooting you for it.
    Some of this can also be applied to stockpiled food supplies. Even without letting people know about your food supplies, eventually others will be able to tell that you have food, because you will not have the weight loss, and gaunt look that others will have. Are you willing to shoot somebody over your food supplies? Are you willing to die attempting to protect your food supplies? Remember, there are those out there with the mindset of “if I can’t have it, then nobody can” who would result to burning your house down if they couldn’t get your food supplies.
    I you were to truly impartially examine them, you would likely come to the same realization that I have, that most of the prepper ideas only really work if you live in a remote area. Gardening, raising animals for food, the ability to live “off-grid” with solar panels and rainwater collection, etc. are only useful if there are no other people around who could steal or destroy what you have. So, you say you will have a group of people (either family, friends, or neighbors) who you plan on banding together with that will provide the manpower needed to protect your assets. Great, do you have enough assets (specifically food and water) to support everybody in your group? Even, if you were able to support everybody in your group, and you could manage to keep people from stealing from you, just remember about those who would rather destroy what you have rather than leave you with it if they can’t have it. While you may be able to stay hidden behind cover for safety from snipers, what about your animals, solar panels, water barrels, etc.?
    Sorry for the long comment, I just thought I would share some of my thoughts on SHTF preparations. As for myself, I have decided that there is no need for more than a month or two of food supplies, a means for purifying water, means of protection and possible hunting, means to cook, and means to stay relatively warm in cold weather. I figure any longer than a month or so, and the armed gangs will have worked their way out to where I live in the outer edges of the suburbs, and what I outlined above would render any further prepping futile, at least in my situation.

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    1. You definitely raise some good points.

      I think the key is what sort of collapse we are dealing with. Is it a total Mad Max type of thing world or something more like collapses we have seen in places like Argentina or Venezuela or somewhere in between?

      For us, we are primarily preparing for something like Argentina/Venezuela. Primarily because, based on research and history, we believe that will be the most likely scenario. We expect to face hyperinflation, limited goods, limited services, and massive increase in violent crime. Basically, what we are already starting to see but worse. Will we have to protect our garden? Probably. With deadly force? Probably not. To help mitigate that issue we work with neighbors on helping them with gardening and such as well.

      If things do go full on Mad Max that’s a different problem altogether. Best example that I can think of would be Somalia. The government collapsed completely and the country was run by warlords; feudalism with AKs and RPGs. At that point the best we can do is become warlords ourselves. Find a location that would be willing to help house and feed us in exchange for acting and additional labor and protection; guns, gear, ammo and training in exchange for food and shelter. Ideally, we would then need to build alliances and possibly join larger groups that have similar values (if possible).

      Another good point is the question of what/who we are willing to kill/die for. These are tough questions and people need to think about them ahead of time. I have a mental list of those I would kill/die for. Most are family, some are not. Some of my family isn’t on that list. In our current situation, I wouldn’t use lethal force on someone who was stealing from us. Insurance will replace it and the legal costs would outweigh most everything I own. Threaten violence or death towards anyone “on the list” and there is a strong probability that person(s) will encounter deadly resistance. Flip side is that in a situation where someone is trying to take resources that those I care for depend on to survive and they will also face deadly force because they are threatening survival as surely as if they were pointing a gun at them.

      Please don’t take this to mean I think you are “doing it wrong” in any way. We all need to look at our situations, evaluate our risk levels and plan appropriately. For us, hurricanes, flood, and loss of income are disasters we have experienced in just the last decade and do most of our preparing for. We have not faced an economic collapse like they faced in Argentina, but we think we will shortly; call it the New Great(er) Depression. We also expect violent crime levels to continue to increase along with (not so) peaceful protesting. The worst of which will likely be in inner cities and “blue” states where we are not located.

      As I said, good points and I appreciate you sharing them.

      Take care and God bless.


      1. You are correct that my assumptions are based more on a Mad Max scenario. However, with this country’s large welfare system, I don’t think it would take long to get there. We are just a few days away from it now. Should EBTs stop working, or they lose enough value that the EBT users can only get a fraction of what they feel they are entitled to, there would be nationwide looting, not just in blue areas. When there is no longer any goods left in stores, they will move into the neighborhoods. Even if you are blessed to live in an area that does not turn a blind eye to the actions of the “entitled” population, the police would likely be overwhelmed. Remember, police force size is based upon a mostly compliant society, and would quickly get overwhelmed if even 10% of the population decided to act criminally at the same time. That, and in the case of hyper-inflation, how long do you think police officers will stay on the job, before bailing to make more money as private security to the wealthy?
        Once again, these are just my opinions that I freely admit aren’t worth much. They are based upon my obversations of events, especially those of the last few years.


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