New Addition: Smith & Wesson M&P 15-22

Back at the start of COVID, I posted an article titled Training With .22 Long Rifle. The bottom line was that training with .22 LR versions of your self defense firearms has a lot of value. It is cheaper but it also offers other benefits as well. The lack of recoil and muzzle blast helps me focus proper technique and form.

One of the things I mentioned in the article was that I was considering purchasing a .22 LR AR to allow me to lower the cots of training on that platform. Unfortunately, COVID and Wonderful Wife being laid off twice forced us to minimize expenditures. If it was not directly needed for self-defense or to increase preparedness, we didn’t buy it. End of the year sales, Wonderful Wife once again being gainfully employed and a little bonus from work all combined to convince me to go ahead and take the plunge.

Smith & Wesson M&P 15-22

I was able to get the rifle with Magpul iron sights, two extra magazines and a rifle case for about $40 less than the rifle alone at any shop around here. When I told my FFL what I paid he shook his head and told me that his wholesale cost was higher than that.

I have run one of these before (my mom has one in pink). They are reasonable reliable and the controls are almost exactly like any other AR. I’ll grab a red dot for it (I probably have one around here somewhere). and be good to go.

Be alert, get prepared, fight the good fight!

God bless and God save the Republic.

14 thoughts on “New Addition: Smith & Wesson M&P 15-22

  1. Nice! For me, bang for the buck wise (pun intended), the CMMG .22 adapter with 3 magazines and the CMMG glass filled charging handle (keeps those pesky expended cases out from behind the gas key) for my AR .22 practice, all for about $250 shipped did it for me.

    I hope your MP-22 does well for you.


      1. Never a problem – in addition to double chrome lined barrels, I use a lead removing solvent when I clean after using the .22 adapter. It’s kind of a non-issue if you clean the weapon. To me it stands to reason that any rifle you shoot lead ammo through is subject to barrel leading without the proper care.

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      2. Good to know.
        I tend to avoid non-jacketed ammo in anything except my revolvers or dedicated .22s. On the revolver ammo I am loading the rounds pretty light/slow and haven’t had a problem yet. The .22s? Well I just assume those need to be scrubbed after every use.
        Take care and God bless.


    1. I was having a bit of buyers remorse and rethinking this purchase until I came across an article on on the Scattered Shots blog discussing ammo pricing and, now, I am back to being glad I did.
      In the article it does talk about increased demand during COVID and the recent riot seasons but it also talk about market control and how almost all ammunition manufacturing in the US is now controlled by only two companies who are not working to manage supply and pricing to maximize profits. based on the article, it is likely the current ammo prices are here to stay for the foreseeable future…
      Take care and God bless.


      1. I am all for supporting the free market but I am not at all excited when there is a virtual monopoly (2 primary vendors) and they are working together to ensure the prices remain as high as possible. That’s the opposite of the free market. I am going to be shopping smaller, independent manufacturers for practice ammo and sending as much of my ammo budget to them as I can.
        Take care and God bless.


      1. Fenix Ammunition – I’ve used their .45 ACP 230gr FMJ. Very good, accurate practice ammo; works well for self-defense in an emergency. FMJ was all we had on active duty….

        Freedom Muntions – I’ve used both their 9mm 124gr and 45ACP 230gr – both FMJ. As good, if not better, than Winchester White Box.

        Buffalo Bore – I use their hardcast alloy for penetration rounds in .380, .45ACP, and 50AE. A bit spendy, but they’re not for practice. 🙂

        Those are my go to for pistol. For rifle, I’m a sale shopper as the smaller rifle ammo companies like Georgia Arms are just about always sold out (or at least were, last time I was in the market for .308.) I do use Freedom Munitions for .308 when they have it as well. For (5.56mm) I stick with IMI surplus or Federal 64gr fusion. I use Federal Premium 175gr for intermediate distance (600m) .308, and, if and when I can find them at less than $2.50 a round, Berger 175gr .308.

        Hope this helps; I know a lot of shooters have better sources, but these work for me.

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