Regardless of which propaganda outlets you tune into the constant barrage of “fear porn” can be overwhelming. It is very easy to fall into depression and it is easy to let the fear mongering take hold. It has happened to me, to Wonderful Wife and other member of the family. It has happened to friends and acquaintances. I am sure it has happened to complete strangers.

When I find myself being dragged down by the weight of the challenges we are dealing with I take a step back, take a deep breath and ask myself a question or two.

Based on what I am seeing, what precautions do I need to take that I am not already taking? Then get busy taking any needed precautions.

What preparations do we need to make that we are capable of making? Is there something that I can do that is left undone? If so, get it done.

They key here is “that we are capable of making.” Would I be better prepared with a private island out of the prevailing winds with an underground bunker fully sealed against nuclear, biological and chemical threats? How about a submarine to evac us there undetected? For sure. Are those possible. Not on our incomes. If it was we would be retired there right now!

If there are no more precautions or preparations to be done, the only thing left to do is pray and be at peace because at that point everything else is in His hands.

The Lord has given us wisdom and knowledge on how to prepare. He has even given us blueprints, in the Bible, of how we should prepare for bad times on Earth and has told us there WILL be bad times. If we are following His words and have faith in Him we are good. He is our savior and no matter what happens in the next few years, we will ultimately be with Him…eternally.

Dwelling on His commands and in His will gives what no amount of food storage, water purification and radiation pills can. It’s not that those things aren’t important. It’s just that He is most important.

Take care and take heart brothers and sisters because if you have read your Bible you know how the story ends…with Christ returning not as a lamb but as a lion. Not as a humble servant and teacher but as a conquering king who will crush those who oppose Him and threaten His people. That will be a day that is both terrible and wonderful. The bottom line is that our Lord wins and we will be with Him.

So take heart. The light will always drive out the darkness.

God bless and God save the Republic.



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