Preparing For The Resistance – January 2022

Reminder: I have changed up the format of this series just a little bit. In my post Prepare For The Resistance I outlined how I think patriots should be preparing for the dark days ahead. To reinforce those recommendations I am formatting these posts to match up with them. We’ll run that way for a few months and see how it goes.

Toughen Up


As a Christian, studying The Word helps strengthen my faith. This month I continued my study of the Gospel of John.

Prayer is another way to strengthen ourselves spiritually. This month I continued my regular, daily prayers and continued to pray for my 50 closest neighbors.

Fellowship with other believers and fellowship with God is a critical component to maintaining spiritual strength. This month I continued teaching Sunday School and attending church.


Still looking to you guys for some suggestions here.


For a variety of reasons I have not been as attentive to this area of preparation as I should have been. I really need to get back in the swing of things.

Be Smarter

I received my GMRS license and have been working with the radio to learn more about communications.

I missed one tactical training class this month but I did attend a class on Searching and Clearing. I took this particular class previously but this type of training is rarely a “one and done” kind of thing. The more times you take the class and the more practice you get the better you get.

Be More Resilient


We continued stocking up on food. We are planning to stack food “to the rafters” over the few months. In order to extend our canned food storage capacity I purchased another shelving unit and cleared a space for it and I am in the process of redistributing and organizing it all.

I purchased the components and put together another trauma kit. I realized that I didn’t have one for my range bag. Now I do.

We stocked up on additional batteries. Every January I replace the batteries in my smoke detectors as well as in the optics and lights mounted on self-defense firearms so we purchased those and swapped them. We also added another 100 count of AA and AAA batteries to our supply.

Other things we stocked up on this month include: water purification tabs (100), razor blades (100), OTC medicines (sinus, anti-diarrhea and heartburn), Duck Tape, Vacuum sealer bags, soap, yeast, can openers, lighters, clothes pins and sewing kits. Many of these items are based on the “First hundred things to disappear in a collapse” posts.

Of course, we stocked up on ammo as well:

9mm (200 rounds)

5.56 (1080 Rounds)

.22 Long Rifle (200 Rounds)

I also did an inventory of the ammo on hand to make sure we were at our targeted stock levels.


We purchased another, larger Sawyer water filter setup. Wonderful Wife and I decided that multiple, smaller filtration solutions were preferable to a single, larger solution. It will be more work to filter larger quantities of water, if need be, but we won’t be reliant on a single system and point of failure.

I completed the AR pistol build and added needed accessories (light and backup iron sights. I reused an optic and a single point sling I purchased previously. I also purchased an M&P 15-22 for a lower cost training option.

Added three 35 round Magpul magazines for the CZ Scorpion and five more training magazines for the AR.


We continued to add money into our retirement and investment accounts including stocks and cryptocurrency. We also added a few more ounces of silver to our reserves. Reinvested a dividend from out investment account back into the same fund.


Nothing to add here.


That’s it for me. That’s what I prepped this month. How about you? What did you Prep this month?

Be alert, get prepared, fight the good fight!

God bless and God save the Republic.


2 thoughts on “Preparing For The Resistance – January 2022

  1. That’s a good write up. Hopefully, we won’t need the extra hi-cap mags for the CZ Scorpion. I have 5 of those. Most of my guns are CZ. Love ’em.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, I appreciate the kind words.
      I hope and pray I will never (again) have to use a weapon to defend myself or those in my care but if the need arises I was to be as prepared as possible for that horrible situation and I would rather be oversupplied on ammo than run out at an inopportune time.
      The only CZs I have are Scorpions but I really like them and have not had a malfunction yet.
      Take care and God bless.


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