Project Get Fit 2022: Week 15

Not me, I don’t have that much hair on my head…

I got a pretty good workout on Sunday doing yard work at my house and at my mom’s after church.

On Monday I made it to the gym. It was another really hard workout. In the last week I have decreased the amount of assistance on the chin ups from 70 to 50 and increased the weight on the seated row from 100 to 140. I am now going with five sets of max reps on both of these to build more muscle/strength faster. I was taking it very easy on these because of my shoulder but it seems to be holding out fine with the harder workouts. I am also being very aggressive increasing the number of reps on squats. My hip seems to be fine with that but I am still being very cautious with burpees and lunges. On the downside I didn’t walk on Monday or Tuesday.

Wednesday I was on the road and I have the hardest time getting myself to exercise while on the traveling but I did…

Given the limits of the hotel gym I wasn’t able to do most of my upper body workout but I did all I could. Then I went for a walk. I’m not sure of the exactly distance but it was a round trip of 4 hotels, a self storage place and a parking garage. Just guessing, it was nearly a mile.

We had meetings from breakfast until late in the evening so no walking on Thursday.

Between driving home, a hectic day of meetings, and family coming in for Easter I didn’t walk or exercise Friday but made it into the gym Saturday morning. Still doing OK with the tough workout routine and heavier weights. I was able to add another set of lunges and burpees and I am now exceeding my pre-COVID/injury performance on assisted pull ups. I am on par with where I was with sit ups but there is a long way to go to get back to where I was prior on most exercises.

All in all, a good week. We’ll see how next week goes as I am traveling again.

Stay alert, stay prepared and stay safe.

God bless.

Goal: Complete a Murph Challenge in 2022

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