Intel Brief 05/23/2022


*UN Report – Shows the world has approximately 10 weeks wheat remaining in reserves. Due to increased cost and decreased availability countries around the world are depleting their reserves.

(Steps to) War:

*China – Just before Biden’s arrival in S. Korea, 2 Chinese heavy bombers circled Okinawa where significant portions of the US military presence in the far east are stationed. A large fleet exercise was also initiated in the waters between Japan and Taiwan.

*China – China sent 2 heavy bombers and 16 fighters into the Taiwanese air defense zone on Friday as Biden landed in S. Korea. The aircraft crossed the midline of the Taiwanese straits. This about the first time they have ventured that far into the ADZ.

*China – US announced deepening trade relations with Taiwan. In a press conference Joe Biden announced that the US would go to war with China if they moved on Taiwan. The White House later backtracked that statement but China responded with a strong statement warning the US to stay out of it.

Russia – Electrical service and gas has been shut off for several more Western countries.

Civil Unrest/Violence:

*Roe v. Wade Decision – The ruling overturning Roe v. Wade could be released as early as Today (5/23). Violent protests are expected to follow.


*Turkey – Government reports show the inflation rate is up again and is now 70%

*US – Inflation and a falling stock market has cost Americans $22 trillion. Minimum estimates are that it will cost us at least another $1.9 trillion this year.


*Monkey Pox – Belgium has instituted a mandatory quarantine for anyone who may have been exposed. NOTE: There are tons of unconfirmed reports about the origin and nature of this strain of the disease; lab created strain, links to Wuhan labs, etc. NONE of this has been confirmed at this point.

Dates To Watch:

*May 20-24 – Biden travelling to Japan and S. Korea (N. Korea possibly planning a nuclear weapon test to coincide).

*May 25 – Exemption allowing Russia to access US Dollars to pay international debts expires (unless extended by the Biden administration). American investors will lose hundreds of millions of dollars if this happens.

*May 29 – Presidential elections in Colombia.  Russian backed Venezuelan dictator Chavez has stated that if the candidate he favors loses he will invade. Columbia is the last remaining US ally in South America.

4 thoughts on “Intel Brief 05/23/2022

  1. As to the report on wheat, that is fear porn being pushed by TPTB. While the UN report is probably correct, you must take into consideration that they are likely reporting on those countries who import all, or most, of their wheat. The US has more than 10 weeks of wheat in storage, but even if it didn’t, the US wheat harvest typically begins within the next few weeks.
    I am unsure of when Russia typically harvests their wheat, but since their seasons are similar to ours, I would guess their harvest would start within the next few weeks as well. However, because of the sanctions, there may be many countries who will be unable, or unwilling, to obtain their wheat imports from Russia, thus leaving them with a shortage.
    In short, the UN report does not apply to the US.


    1. Good point, that may not apply to the US directly. However…
      -Food shortages and inflation will affect many other countries leading to civil unrest, civil wars, revolutions, etc. that could indeed affect the US and US interests.
      -Like emptying out the strategic oil reserves and shipping our diesel to Europe, nothing says TPTB won’t ship US grain overseas.
      -US wheat reserves are lower than normal (from the reports I have seen) AND the coming harvest is expected to be significantly lower than normal (same for Florida citrus and egg production)
      So, while we may not be the subject of the report the reality of global food shortages will, most likely, have a significant effect on the US. At minimum, we can expect higher prices which we should be preparing for.
      Take care and God bless.


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