Notes On War

Before I send the brief the next Intel Brief I wanted to share something. It is a downer but it is important.

Outside of the troop movements and deployments we are seeing, the number of senior officials talking about war or making statements to prepare the public for war is truly scary. Russian officials are now claiming that Poland has already sent troops into Ukraine to fight Russian forces. US generals are telling military academy graduates that they will probably serve in combat against a “major power” soon. China is kicking westerners out of the country and making very aggressive statements as well. Recordings of the Chinese military preparing for an invasion were leaked (nothing is leaked out of the Chinese military unless it is on purpose).

When Russia invaded Ukraine I said it would escalate to a full blown war with the West in 90-120 days. So far I have been wrong but the rhetoric, posturing and propaganda are still ramping up. The bottom line is that the chances of a war between superpowers is growing more likely every day. Unless we get some grownups in Washington, Beijing, Moscow, and Europe it is not a question of if, but when.

This will not be like the wars in Afghanistan, Iraq or Vietnam where outside of some news reports it doesn’t affect us at home. All three nations have missiles, aircraft and ships that can reach just about any target anywhere in the world. All three have massive nuclear arsenals. At a minimum the cost of food, fuel and other goods will skyrocket and they will be harder to get. Attacks on critical infrastructure could knock out water, power and other utilities (Internet) for days or weeks. At worst we could experience the daily threat of airstrikes like they are dealing with in Ukraine today and Londoners experienced during WWII.

Please, please, please start preparing now. Stock up on water, food, meds, personal items, fuel and ammo. If God blesses us and this storm passes over us we just saved some money on future purchases. If not, then we will be better able to survive and protect those we love.

God bless and please pray that this cup will be taken from us.

3 thoughts on “Notes On War

  1. One of the biggest mistakes being made in US foreign policy, is the assumption that the leaders of other countries share our values and beliefs. One does not have to look too hard to find countries like Iran, where their leaders are driven by fanatic radical muslim ideaology to shape their decisions, irregardless of the consequences placed upon them through sanctions, etc. The leaders of Russia and China also have different values and beliefs than the US, though not necessarily as radically different than the leaders in Iran. So, it is difficult to predict what actions Russia and/or China may take. One can rely upon former citizens of a country for insight, but that isn’t always accurate as the leaders of the country may have a completely different set of values and beliefs than even their citizens. Just look at the current situation in the US to see how radically different the views are from those in charge, to much of the population of the country.

    Now, with the rather lengthy disclaimer out of the way about not necessarily knowing how Russia and/or China will act, here is my less than two cents worth of observational information. In the event of nukes being used, I could see Russia using them indescriminately against the US, but China may be more careful in selecting their targets, if they even choose to use them. My assumptions are based upon the idea that China may be more interested in leaving resources unharmed. China needs the productive farmland, oil fields, coal mines, and possibly other resources (assuming they want to maintain their current population levels). Russia, on the other hand, does not need our resources as much as China does. China could simply explode a nuke in the upper atmosphere, thus creating an EMP event, and then wait a few months until the majority of the population dies off. It would not surprise me if China doesn’t already have satellites in orbit with a small nuke inside, just waiting for the right time to detonate them in the atmosphere over North America and/or Europe. They could also accomplish it by using a small missile hidden in a shipping container loaded on a cargo ship off of the coast. The shipping container missiles have existed for years now. Either method of producing an EMP would be difficult to track back to the responsible party. For that matter, China could use their proxy North Korea to trigger the EMP.

    While God has certainly blessed the US in the past, I do not believe he will do so now. Instead, I believe we are now entering a period of judgement for the many sins the leaders of the country have led us into.


    1. Based on what I have seen your thoughts on the difference in Russian vs. Chinese nuke deployment are likely to hold true. Russia is most likely to use nukes if they feel their are losing and would want to take out their enemies before they fall. China seems more likely to use them tactically/strategically. Even without the use of nukes both nations have the capability to strike strategic targets in the mainland US using missiles, bombers or a combination. Ports, military facilities, power plants, dams, etc. in the Continental US are all potential targets for cyber attacks as well as physical attacks from peer or near peer opponents such as China or Russia. Even Iran and North Korea posses the capability to strike the US if they are willing to risk it and if the US and China and/or Russia are already at war why wouldn’t they?

      I believe God has blessed the US. He has also placed His protections on us. Given the sinfulness of our leaders AND many/most of the people here I the only reason He wouldn’t remove His protections from us (as He did with Israel/Judah when He allowed the Babylonians to destroy them) is His patience and love. Personally, I believe His protections have already been removed…

      The purpose of “The Resistance” is to help prepare Christians and like minded folks to be in a better position to weather the “storms” unleashed by the removal of His protection. He has given us the intelligence and information to see what is coming, now it is up to us to get ready just as Noah and Joseph had to do in their time.

      Take care and God bless.


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