Intel Brief 05/28/2022


*Malaysia – has banned the export of chicken

*India – Second largest sugar exporter has limited exports to contain costs. India has already limited exports of wheat.

*France – Food vouchers and rationing have been rolled out is several parts of the country

*US – The IMF has called on the US to increase food exports to poor nations. Food prices in the US are already skyrocketing and projections for the next harvest are very poor.

(Steps to) War:

*Turkey – US warned Turkish officials not to put US troops at risk during their military incursion (invasion) of Syria to attack Kurdish “terrorists.” Many US troops are fighting alongside and training the Kurdish groups Turkey is targeting.

Pakistan – Massive protests in and around the capital. Ousted PM is claiming the US is behind regime change.

China – Conducted live fire exercises in the waters around Taiwan

Russia – Foreign Minister tells convention of governors that the West has declared “total war” on

*US/Russia/Iran – The US seized a Russian oil tanker off the coast of Greece that was supposedly carrying Iranian oil in violation of sanctions. The oil is being offloaded to a US flagged tanker and will be shipped to US refineries. In retaliation, Iran has seized two Greek tankers in international waters and sailed them to Iran.

*Unknown – A commercial 777 airliner was forced to take evasive action to avoid an intercontinental ballistic missile launched from a submarine. No notices were posted warning of such a test and no nation admits to having tested the missile.

*Russia – The US allowed the exemption to expire allowing Russia access to their frozen accounts to pay government debts. This will force Russia into default on international loans. Russian pre-paid on two loans before the exemption expired. It is unknown how many US banks and investors will be affected or how much money will be lost if the exemption is not reinstated.

Civil Unrest/Violence:

*Gun Control – In the wake of the Uvalde school shooting there are numerous calls for gun control, responses from citizens and politicians stating that guns will be used if legislation is passed and many gun control advocates are calling for violence against NRA members meeting in Houston.


*US – Home foreclosures are surging

*US – The US economy shrank by 1.5% in the first quarters of 2022

Dates To Watch:

*May 29 – Presidential elections in Colombia.  Russian backed Venezuelan dictator Chavez has stated that if the candidate he favors loses he will invade. Columbia is the last remaining US ally in South America.

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