Intel Brief 05/31/2022


*US – egg production has been dramatically decreased due to avian flu, inflation and supply chain issues. As of Sunday one of the largest egg producers in the US was hit with a fire that destroyed the facility and tens of thousands or chickens. This is the latest in a string of fires at food production and distribution centers in the US.

*Sugar – Kazakhstan and Pakistan have limited sugar exports. India is expected to follow suit. Brazil, the world’s largest sugar exporter is also expected to limit exports as they convert more sugar to ethanol to combat increased fuel costs.

(Steps to) War:

*Russia – Conducted a hypersonic missile test near the border with Finland.

*Iran – A Revolutionary Guard leader was assassinated outside his home. US sources leaked that Israel was behind the assassination.

*Iran – A drone attack was carried out on an Iranian weapons development facility.

*Iran/Israel – After an attack on Iranian weapons complex suspected to be carried our by Israel and the assassination of a senior military leader conducted by Israel. Israel announced that they would respond against Iran for any attacks on Israel or Israelis by Iranian proxies.

*Colombia – no candidate achieved a majority in the presidential election. A runoff will be held. Venezuela had threatened an invasion if the communist candidate does not win.

*China – a flight of 22 fighters and 8 support aircraft penetrated Taiwanese airspace around the Pratas Islands. Taiwan scrambled fighters and activated missile defense systems but no shots were fired.

Civil Unrest/Violence:

*Catholic Churches – Two more Catholic churches, one in Brooklyn and one is Katy, were robbed in the last few weeks. Both had tabernacles stolen from the altars and in one a statue of Mary was beheaded.


*US – The savings rate is down to 4.4%. The lowest it has been since 2008.

*Germany – The inflation rate is 8.9%, the highest in 60 years

*Pakistan – Due to inflation, supply chain issues and a slow economy Pakistan is requesting a $36 billion bailout to prevent defaulting on existing international loans.


*Drought – severe drought has affected US agriculture and is forcing water conservation in several Western states. Europe is also facing drought and France is implementing water conservation requirements in many areas as well.

*Russian Default – With US exemptions allowing Russia to make payments on international loans to expire, the Russian government has proposed a scheme to allow it to continue paying international debts. In a dual account system, like the one allowing for gas payments, Russia will pay debts into an account at a non-sanctioned Russian bank in Rubles. These will then be converted to dollars and deposited in a second account for payment of the international debts.

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