Intel Brief 06/06/2022

(Steps to) War:

*Turkey – the president of Turkey has vowed to wipe out all Kurdish forces in Syria including those with US backing and US military forces embedded with them.

*North Korea – Launched 8 ballistic missiles in violation of UN sanctions. The US and S. Korea launched 8 in response.

*Russia – commenting on the scope of the military actions in Ukraine, Russian officials stated that the introduction of long range missiles from the US and UK will extend the operational goals of the mission to protect Russia from missile strikes.

*Russia – a plane carrying the Russian Foreign Minister was blocked from passing through NATO controlled airspace, preventing the meeting between Russian and Serbian officials.

Civil Unrest/Violence:

*Racine, WI – several people were injured in a shooting at the funeral of a man killed in in a shoot out with police.

*IA – Two women were shot in a church

*WI – A former judge was murdered. When police responded the shooter killed himself. The shooter had a list of other political/judicial figures in his possession at the time and it appears to have been a “hit list.”

*FL – A man was arrested to making repeated threats to kill Congresswoman Lauren Boebert.

*PA – 3 dead and 11 wounded in late night rioting and shootout.

*TN – 3 dead and 17 wounded at a nightclub shooting

*TX – Pro-abortion protested stripped down to their underwear and interrupted services at a megachurch in Houston

*NYC – man sleeping on the subway had his face slashed with a razor near times square,


*Turkey – the inflation rate continues to rise and is at 73.5%

*Pakistan – Thousands of factories may shut down due to fuel shortages and high prices

*US – Based on the latest report from trustees, the Social Security system will be bankrupt by 2035. Medicare will be broke much sooner than that 2028.

*US – John Deere moving some production to Mexico.
*Poland – Due to rising fuel costs, the government has given permission for Poles to scavenge wood from forests to help heat their homes.


*Iran – Several high ranking officials suffered “suspicious accidents” over the last week as the government attempts to root out foreign spies.

*Armenia – Dozens injured in violent protests against the sitting government

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