Beans Or Bullets, What’s Your Priority

I came across this post on the Notes From The Bunker blog: Unsexy and I know it

Like me, the author thinks the most likely “apocalypse” scenario is financial in nature and he points out that in such a scenario beans are probably far more important than bullets:

My personal flavor of apocalypse is economic. It could be a worldwide depression that throws us into a Third World life of living like Venezuelans, or it could be me breaking a leg and not being able to work for two months…but, in my world, thats the most likely apocalypse I see coming. And in that case, I’ll probably get far more mileage out of my blue barrels of rice and my #10 cans of freeze dried pork chops than I will out my HK91 and Lake City ball.

On the flip side access to ammunition, firearms, armor and gear can evaporate with little or no warning, and likely at the time they are most needed:

There is always the real possibility that you could wake up tomorrow and find that, on a local/state/national level your access to ownership of those things is cutoff or severely curtailed (looking at you California!)…the same risk to, say, freeze dried food, buckets of rice, AA-batteries, quality boots, and neosporin is virtually nil.

For me, I have tried to balance my efforts in this area by creating an inventory level for ammunition based on usage. My goal has been to have a years worth of ammunition on hand. I based my calculations on a year when I was able to do a good bit of training so that should provide and extra buffer as will my reloading.

I have also set goals for the amount of food, water and supplies I want to have on hand. Just like with ammunition I build to those targets. In my case it is at least a thirty day supply of food for my extended family. That’s a lot of folks and a lot of food.

So, what’s your priority between beans and bullets and how do you decide?

God bless.

Inspect Your Food Storage

While I was rotating and inventorying the emergency pantry I noticed that one of the stacks of five gallon buckets containing our long term food storage items was leaning. It turns out that the Gamma lid on the bottom bucket was broken. It had cracked either due to too much weight (that stack has five buckets high for a bit) or a manufacturing defect. I have no idea how long it had been this way or when the crack started.

Doesn’t look as bad as it actually was

In either case had I not used a “belt and suspenders” approach to storing the food in this bucket could have been ruined. Fortunately, I seal the food staples (mainly rice and beans) in mylar bags within the buckets themselves, both of which are food grade, so even though the airtight and critter tight seal on this bucket was broken no food was damaged or lost.

We use food safe buckets because if the mylar is compromised there is no risk of poisoning the food with contaminants from the plastic. Since they are food safe we can also reuse them for storing water (once they are emptied) or other food stuffs if needed.

I ordered a replacement lid (plus a spare) plus another bucket and lid combo. I already have the mylar bag for it and once we get a chance we’ll buy more beans and add to our long term food supply.

Lesson Number 1: Inspect your preps, especially food preps, regularly.

Lesson Number 2: Use a double layer of protection, a “belt and suspenders” approach, to protecting your perishable supplies like food.

God Bless!

What Did You Prep This Week?

Self Defense/Hunting

A local retailers was having a sale so I bought some ammo; 50 rounds of .380 practice ammo, 25 rounds of .380 SD ammo, 25 rounds of .38 Special SD ammo and 20 rounds of .308 hunting ammo.

I also got around to cleaning my rifles from the last range trip.


We purchased the canned goods we needed to replenish our emergency pantry, dated it and rotated it into the storage shelves.

We built an  inventory spreadsheet of our dehydrated food supply and set initial goals for how much of each item we want to keep on hand.

I replaced the broken lid on one of our food storage buckets.


We were able to put a little money into savings from Wonderful Wife’s paycheck.

That’s it for me. That’s what I prepped this week. How about you? What did you Prep this week?

God Bless

AK: Reliable, By Design

Shawn over at the Loose Rounds blog posted a really good analysis on the reasons for the AK’s legendary reliability.

He starts off with the reasons that were not behind that level of reliability:

It’s not because of blind luck.

It’s not because the weapon is orders of magnitude better than its worldwide competitors…

It’s not because Kalashnikov the man had genius that was lacking in other men.

It’s not because of breakthroughs. Almost every feature of the AK is recycled from somewhere else.

Then goes into what he sees as the actual reasons for that level of reliability:


Environmental protection

Lack of small, dainty (and fragile) parts

Minimal use of tight tolerances

Use of very loose tolerances everywhere else

I have to admit the article rekindled my appreciation of the AK patterned rifle. I have one, a cheap one, and I like it a lot. I had a couple of minor issues with it when it was new and the advice to fix them from my AK-buddies was simple, shoot it. Put a few hundred rounds through it and it will be fine…and it was.

With iron sights I am more accurate with it than any other rifle I own (yes, I know that’s weird).   It’s probably due to the simple fact that AK sights are basically the same as pistol sights and I have a lot more time running pistols than rifles. I am just more used to them than traditional rifles sights.

As much as I appreciate my AK, I have to say I don’t think she likes me much. I can’t think of a time when I was running the gun hard that I didn’t end up bleeding from somewhere. Stamped sheet metal on the receiver, magazines or (usually) the safety lever all seem to find any bit of unprotected skin and slice it in some new way I never thought of…

What are your thoughts on the AK?

God Bless

We Knew It Would Happen…

Many of us knew it would happen, it was just a matter of when and what the body count would be. A man driven by leftist propaganda attacked a group of Republican Congressmen practicing for a charity baseball game (link) with a rifle and a handgun. It appears the body count only includes the Bernie supporter who carried out the attack but one Congressman and several others were wounded.

The wounded Congressman, House Majority Whip Scalise was, ironically the recipient of the most severe injury but also a big part of the reason the casualties were (fairly) light. The Capital Police detail assigned to protect one of the highest ranking members of the House were the only armed protection on site and were able to stop the attack. Had the Representative Scalise not been in attendance it would have been a far different story as it took Alexandria, VA police ten minutes or more to respond. Representative Mo Brooks summed it up pretty well with the quote of the day from yesterday:

“All we would have had would have been baseball bats versus a rifle. Those aren’t good odds.”

No, they are not Representative Brooks which is why the Second Amendment is so important to those of us without federal protection details. However, anti-gun liberals were calling for curtailing those rights even before the attacker’s body reached room temperature.

Folks, over the last decade or so we have seen American politics and society as a whole become ever more divided. Tribalism in the US is rampant and growing worse everyday. Unless we can find leadership that can reverse this trend and start to bring us back together this type of event will become ever more common. As serious as the injuries inflicted were, if we don’t find a way to reign this kind of thing in future incidents will be far, far worse.

I don’t believe such actions will be limited to leftists and Democrats. At some point the divide and the escalating attacks incited by the media and our “leaders” will generate reprisals and attacks by the Right as well. It will take longer but it will happen. There are crazies (useful idiots) on both sides.

Some believe there is time to step back from the brink of madness. I hope and pray they are right. Personally, I think we are already on the slippery slope and it is not a matter of if, but how quickly, before the thin line between civilization and chaos is breached…

Do you have a plan or an idea of what you will do if/when that line is crossed?

Are you ready to implement that plan/idea?

If not, you might want to get on that…

God bless.

Media Bias In Russia (Too)

I came across a news article on Reuter’s “news” service titled: In Russia, state TV and the Internet tell a tale of two protests

It goes to great lengths to point out that the media in Russia downplayed the recent anti-Putin protests and dramatically under reported the numbers involved…

I think they honestly see this as newsworthy despite the fact that their own reports (as well as most of those from mainstream media in the US) are just as biased towards their own agenda and views. I have watched as anti-gun protests are shot from angles that make 10-15 folks with signs look like a crowd of hundreds. The text in the accompanying articles reinforced the same numbers..despite reality.  Campaign rally numbers in the recent US elections were under or over reported based on the affiliation and agenda of the news service. CNN even posted pictures of a virtual ghost town of attendees at the Trumpet inauguration (taken hours before the event started) and compared them to the crowds of anti-Trumpet protesters.

So, they key takeaway for me is that the media in the UK (based on what I have been hearing), US AND Russia are biased and not to be trusted and all seem more concerned with furthering their own agendas than reporting the news…

God help us…