Free Ride For Criminals In Dallas

The District Attorney for Dallas, Texas has announced that his department will NO LONGER prosecute misdemeanor theft, trespassing and drug offenses and ask for no bail release of criminals arrested on minor charges…

What do you think the outcome of this new policy will be?

God bless and take care.



It is funny how much your perspective can change and how quickly.

I was feeling so well after my surgery that I decided to take a trip to the range. I left anything with heavy recoil back at the house and decided to spend a nice sunny day outside turning money into noise. I had several things I wanted to test and sight in and I was looking forward to a nice relaxing day. Then the text messages started coming in…

We have been concerned about one of my grandson’s because he was really bruising up badly. He’s all boy and six years old, sliding into every base playing ball and mixing it up on the basketball court with kids much bigger than he is so the bruises could easily be written off that way but then the nose bleeds started. The same day I went in for surgery, he went to the doctor and they immediately ordered blood work. That night we compared the newly created holes in our arms, mine from the IV and his from having seven vials of blood drawn.

While I was at the range the results came back and the doctor called and said to get him to the Emergency Room immediately. His platelet count was near zero.

I went from enjoying a relaxing and lazy day at the range to near panic. I packed all my gear out to the car and drove to the house, dropping everything off in a rush. I drove over to my wife’s car to grab the car seat because it looked like we would need to bring his older brother home with us for the night while the little guy and his parents stayed at the hospital. There was terror in his parent’s voices when we spoke. Wonderful Wife was holding it together but only because she had to be there for my daughter and son in law.

I was several hours behind the rest of the family showing up to the hospital and by the time I did the world had shifted yet again. The worst prognosis’ were ruled out. The course of treatment laid out which was the simplest and least invasive alternative. In fact he was already being discharged by the time I arrived.

Twice in one day our entire family’s perspectives and priorities had shifted. In this case, in the end, it was all OK and the last shift was for the better (best actually) but it might not have been…

None of us a guaranteed another day or another hour. None of us know the time of our end. We only know that one day it will come.

Be prepared for that moment.

Get right with those you love and those who love you. Make the most of every moment. There may not be another.

Take care and God bless.


The surgery went well yesterday and so far the pain is manageable. Wonderful Wife has been an amazing nurse and taking great care of me. I pray that today will be another good day and then, hopefully, I will be on the mend and back to work 😀.

I thank God for His blessings yesterday and you for your thoughts and prayers.

The Armed Christian Is On MeWe

Just a quick note. Since I removed the Blog’s page on FezBook. I have been looking around for another social media platform. I finally took the plunge and created a page on MeWe. It looks like a good alternative although there are not a lot of folks there…yet. If you are on MeWe please follow our page.

We are on Instagram as well if you want to visit us or follow us there as well: thearmedchristian

Take care and God bless.

Today’s The Day…


Today is the day. We head to the oral surgeon in a couple of hours. I have no idea how bad this will actually be. Maybe I am just being a big baby but I have only ever had one other tooth pulled in my whole life (over half a century). This time will be three teeth on both sides of my mouth and this is the first time for a surgical removal. The medical procedure I had done a few weeks ago went so badly that I am even more nervous.

The bottom line is that I am pretty anxious about the whole thing.

I have my faith in God. I know this will go according to His will but your thoughts an prayers would definitely be appreciated.

Take care and God bless.

Ruger PC Carbine: Update

While doing a little research on the old InterWebz I ran across a number of posts and video explaining that the Ruger PC Carbine would exhibit the same extraction issues I have been encountering under two conditions:

1. They like to be run somewhat dry. Clean them, oil them and then wipe off all excess. Given the heat, humidity and (depending on wind direction) salt in the air around here I tend to run my guns, including the PC Carbine pretty wet.

2. The manual say the barrel adjustment knob should be adjusted when the barrel is mounted. many suggested tightening the adjustment knob while the barrel is off because you can get a bit tighter fit. The tighter fit means better pressure on the blow back mechanism and more accurate cycling. So, I did this as well.

The good news is that the gun does run better now. Previously, the gun would malfunction at least once on just about every magazine, sometimes more. Now it only does so once every two or three magazine loads. Much better but still nowhere near reliable enough for anything but plinking (it is a wonderful plinker).

PC Carbine Extraction Issue

I guess I will have to break down and ship it back to Ruger and see if they can make it work. Otherwise it may just go into the “sell it at the next gun show” list…

Take care and God bless.

Digital Night Vision vs. Thermal

We finally got opportunity to go hog hunting a few days ago and test out the Photon RT Digital Night Vision (DNV) scope I bought myself for my birthday (along with an AR-10). I also had the opportunity to try out a Thermal scope from ATN that belonged to a buddy of my son in law. I learned a lot and thought I would share my observations.

The first part of the evening I was sitting in a blind about 30 yards from a feeder. I didn’t see any hogs but I had a chance to play with the DNV scope “in the wild” so to speak. DNV works on the same principle as a digital camera but using a wavelength of light that is invisible to most animals including hogs and humans. You are not looking through a glass optic. Instead you are looking at a small screen built into the scope. To ensure that there is enough light, in the right wavelength these scopes use an infrared illuminator (think of it an a flashlight that emits light we can’t see). This is basically like hunting with a light except that the pigs can’t see it and it has many of the same drawbacks as a flashlight in the dark. The light reflects back off of things like brush or even grass. If there is something like that between you and the hogs you won’t see them. For example, I could see the fence and the brush growing along the fence line clearly but I was just as blind past that as I would have been without the DNV scope. So, even though the feeder was only 30 yards away I couldn’t see it. I was aware that this was a potential issue but I discounted it when making the purchase.

Later in the evening we moved out into some open fields looking for hogs (none showed up at my blind) and that is where the other challenge with DNV comes into play. I was constantly having to adjust the beam intensity and focus the optic depending on how far away the hogs were. Scanning the field for them was tough. If I knew where they were I could, eventually get everything worked out but it took a little bit. If I was just hunting over a feeder and in a clear field it would be a non-issue but in the brush or open fields where they might be anywhere is was a tough.

What finally convinced me that this was not the equipment I wanted to use long term happened in one of the first fields we hunted. I was able to scope the pig and see him very clearly. More clearly than with the thermal scope. I was just about to take a shot when Moose’s buddy stopped me. What I didn’t see was a whole herd of cows about 50-75 yards behind the pig…that could have been an expensive mistake. Landowners are OK with people getting rid of pigs that tear up their property and kill calves but to drop a cow because you didn’t see it would NOT make them happy. Worse yet, what if that was another hunter or someone else on the other end of the field?

Don’t take this the wrong way. DNV is significantly less expensive than thermal and a viable option within its limitations. It would be great on our annual hunt in North Texas for example because we can shoot from known distances over feeders from elevated blinds that provide a clear field of view. Perfect scenario for DNV.

With the thermal scope we were using we could see everything from rabbits on up to cows scattered throughout the fields. We couldn’t see them as clearly as with the DNV but we could see them well enough to distinguish between them easily and clearly enough to take accurate shots.

The other advantage of the thermal was after the shot. With the DNV a dropped pig could disappear into the grass or brush making it a chore to find. With the thermal we were still able to spot them for quite a time until they cooled to ambient temperature.

Based on my experience that night, I returned by DNV scope to the store where I bought it and got my money back. I will wait and save until I can afford a thermal…maybe.

We really don’t hunt enough to justify the $1500-2000 price tag of a good thermal scope. The ability to hunt small game like rabbits would be nice but still not enough to justify the cost. There is one other intriguing use, some folks use thermal scopes during the day as well. Game may be well camouflaged to the naked eye but not much hides their heat signature which can really help for an old hunter whose eyes are starting to go south on him.

Will I buy a thermal scope? Maybe.

For now it is back to green lights and my new buddy’s thermal.

Take care and God bless.