What Did You Prep This Week?

Before heading to Galveston for Independence Day weekend I showed Wonderful Wife my “tactical self-defense” pen I bought to have with me in non-permissive environments, like when I am flying. She loved the idea so much it ended up in her purse almost immediately. I purchased another and it arrived in the mail this week.

I also picked up some AR parts that were on sale (there are some great deal to be had right now folks!). These will be set aside and used to build ARs for my grand kids. The oldest is seven and not quite ready for an AR but if I buy the parts now while the are:

A) Available

B) Cheap

They will all have one when they get old enough.

It is so secret that I have been stocking up on (and using) freeze dried foods (yes, I know I owe a post on them). This month’s order came in. I switched to #10 cans on a few items that we use a lot of so I should be pretty well stocked up on chopped chicken and chopped onions for a pretty good while. We also ordered smaller containers of chopped carrots and onion tops to sample.

We put some money into savings this week. Actually more than I expected since part of our vacation was postponed for a month or so.

That’s it for me. That’s what I prepped this week. How about you? What did you Prep this week?

God Bless

Are You Prepared For The One Disaster We Will All Face?

I was really looking forward to Independence Day weekend this year.

We had a beach house rented for five days. All my kids and grand kids would be there at some point. It was Wonderful Wife’s birthday and I had a surprise gift for her that I was pretty sure she was going to love. I always love sitting on the deck and watching everyone else around us burn through thousands of dollars worth of big, expensive fireworks. This weekend, I even locked all the guns away and had an adult beverage or two one night.

Sure there were ups and downs to the weekend. You can’t put sixteen or so people together in the same house for four days and not have a few disagreements. This is especially true when you have three “alpha” females with strong personalities and five kids under the age of seven. With that mix even what to cool for dinner and how it should be prepared can lead to some hilarious (in hindsight) power games.

An unexpected phone call early in the morning of the 5th changed the whole tone of the weekend. One of our nieces, was in an auto accident on the way back from a day at the lake with her family. The vehicle left the road, hit something and rolled several times. She was being flown by air-ambulance to a nearby hospital but it did not look good. Another call a little later in the morning confirmed our worst fears. She had suffered a severe head injury and was dead at eighteen years of age. Our graduation gift was still sitting on our counter at home waiting to be mailed when we returned from our trip…

She was a beautiful girl when she and her sister used to come over to swim with my youngest daughter. She was an equally beautiful as the flower girl in my middle daughter’s wedding. As a young lady she had grown even more beautiful. She was planning to go on to school and travel the world. Big and brave ambitions for a young lady raised in such a small town but she was now gone. She would not travel the world, or go off to school. She wouldn’t post silly sayings or silly selfies on Fezbook anymore. She would be buried in that small town in a pink metal box with a spray of flowers and a flood of tears from those she left behind…

She was and is loved. She will be missed and there is a hole in the heart of all who knew her.

I have said it before on this blog, there is one disaster that is guaranteed to strike us all. We will all die. Some sooner and some later, but we will all meet our end.

Since this is a disaster guaranteed to befall each of us it is also the most important thing we can prepare for. We have complete control over what happens after our deaths. We can receive God’s Grace by accepting Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior and repent of our sins gaining eternal life in Heaven. Or, not.

It is a simple choice but one that has eternal consequences.

As sad and heartbroken as I am over her death I am also comforted because I will see her again one day. She made that choice and accepted Christ a year or so ago.

Have you?

Have those you love?

God bless.

What Did You Prep This Week?

Between a few days of vacation on the beach and a death in the family I didn’t accomplish much this week.

On the way down to the beach for the Fourth Of July Weekend, Wonderful Wife and I had some conversations about money. While we have been putting money aside steadily for the last few years she would like to really buckle down and concentrate on putting as much money aside as possible for a while. She says she wants to see us double our savings in the next two years. That’s a real reach considering it took us four or five years to get where we are today.

I asked if there was something specific driving this goal and she said no. She said it was just something that she woke up the other night feeling we really needed to do. Works for me.

We did manage to put a couple of hundred dollars in savings on returning. Partially because another planned trip this week was postponed.

That’s it for me. That’s what I prepped this week. How about you? What did you Prep this week?

God Bless

What Did You Prep This Week?

Walk With God

It’s been an “OK” week in terms of my walk with God. Which is better than it has been. I was about 50/50 with my prayer time and Bible study. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on you point of view), 50/50 is an improvement over the last week or so.

Self Defense/Hunting

This was the one area that saw any real activity.

As I mentioned in a previous post I made it to the range for some much needed practice and while I was there I picked up the new lower I ordered. This will be either a pistol or SBR at some point.

I made some time after the range trip to clean my guns. Not only the ones I brought to the range this time out a but a few I had neglected after previous trips.

I bought and installed a set of Crimson Trace laser grips for the Ruger LCR. I’ll do a write up on these once I can make it out to the range.


Placed an order for more freeze dried food. I have set aside about $100 a month to spend on freeze dried food, at least until we hit our goals for what we want to have on hand. I still owe you guys a write up on this.


Nothing this week. We were between paydays.


Exercised and stretched a few times this week which is a few more times than last week…

That’s it for me. That’s what I prepped this week. How about you? What did you Prep this week?

God Bless

Beans Or Bullets, What’s Your Priority

I came across this post on the Notes From The Bunker blog: Unsexy and I know it

Like me, the author thinks the most likely “apocalypse” scenario is financial in nature and he points out that in such a scenario beans are probably far more important than bullets:

My personal flavor of apocalypse is economic. It could be a worldwide depression that throws us into a Third World life of living like Venezuelans, or it could be me breaking a leg and not being able to work for two months…but, in my world, thats the most likely apocalypse I see coming. And in that case, I’ll probably get far more mileage out of my blue barrels of rice and my #10 cans of freeze dried pork chops than I will out my HK91 and Lake City ball.

On the flip side access to ammunition, firearms, armor and gear can evaporate with little or no warning, and likely at the time they are most needed:

There is always the real possibility that you could wake up tomorrow and find that, on a local/state/national level your access to ownership of those things is cutoff or severely curtailed (looking at you California!)…the same risk to, say, freeze dried food, buckets of rice, AA-batteries, quality boots, and neosporin is virtually nil.

For me, I have tried to balance my efforts in this area by creating an inventory level for ammunition based on usage. My goal has been to have a years worth of ammunition on hand. I based my calculations on a year when I was able to do a good bit of training so that should provide and extra buffer as will my reloading.

I have also set goals for the amount of food, water and supplies I want to have on hand. Just like with ammunition I build to those targets. In my case it is at least a thirty day supply of food for my extended family. That’s a lot of folks and a lot of food.

So, what’s your priority between beans and bullets and how do you decide?

God bless.

Inspect Your Food Storage

While I was rotating and inventorying the emergency pantry I noticed that one of the stacks of five gallon buckets containing our long term food storage items was leaning. It turns out that the Gamma lid on the bottom bucket was broken. It had cracked either due to too much weight (that stack has five buckets high for a bit) or a manufacturing defect. I have no idea how long it had been this way or when the crack started.

Doesn’t look as bad as it actually was

In either case had I not used a “belt and suspenders” approach to storing the food in this bucket could have been ruined. Fortunately, I seal the food staples (mainly rice and beans) in mylar bags within the buckets themselves, both of which are food grade, so even though the airtight and critter tight seal on this bucket was broken no food was damaged or lost.

We use food safe buckets because if the mylar is compromised there is no risk of poisoning the food with contaminants from the plastic. Since they are food safe we can also reuse them for storing water (once they are emptied) or other food stuffs if needed.

I ordered a replacement lid (plus a spare) plus another bucket and lid combo. I already have the mylar bag for it and once we get a chance we’ll buy more beans and add to our long term food supply.

Lesson Number 1: Inspect your preps, especially food preps, regularly.

Lesson Number 2: Use a double layer of protection, a “belt and suspenders” approach, to protecting your perishable supplies like food.

God Bless!