New Addition: Smith & Wesson M&P 15-22

Back at the start of COVID, I posted an article titled Training With .22 Long Rifle. The bottom line was that training with .22 LR versions of your self defense firearms has a lot of value. It is cheaper but it also offers other benefits as well. The lack of recoil and muzzle blast helps me focus proper technique and form.

One of the things I mentioned in the article was that I was considering purchasing a .22 LR AR to allow me to lower the cots of training on that platform. Unfortunately, COVID and Wonderful Wife being laid off twice forced us to minimize expenditures. If it was not directly needed for self-defense or to increase preparedness, we didn’t buy it. End of the year sales, Wonderful Wife once again being gainfully employed and a little bonus from work all combined to convince me to go ahead and take the plunge.

Smith & Wesson M&P 15-22

I was able to get the rifle with Magpul iron sights, two extra magazines and a rifle case for about $40 less than the rifle alone at any shop around here. When I told my FFL what I paid he shook his head and told me that his wholesale cost was higher than that.

I have run one of these before (my mom has one in pink). They are reasonable reliable and the controls are almost exactly like any other AR. I’ll grab a red dot for it (I probably have one around here somewhere). and be good to go.

Be alert, get prepared, fight the good fight!

God bless and God save the Republic.

An Early Christmas Gift From Wonderful Wife

I am truly a very lucky and very blessed man.

Wonderful Wife surprised me with an early Christmas present. She bought me something I have wanted for years, a CZ Scorpion Evo pistol.

Merry Christmas and thanks you Wonderful Wife!

It has all the cool bits on it including the Magpul pistol grip, folding pistol brace, Magpul magazine release, and an extended bolt handle.It came with two 20 rounds factory mags and a 35 round Magpul magazine.

Once tested and sighted in it will become my primary home defense firearm loaded with 147 grain subsonic hollow-points.

Thank you honey!

Be alert, get prepared, fight the good fight!

God bless and God save the Republic.

War/Battle Belt Configuration

I have been doing some tactical training over the last few months (when I was stricken by COVID). In addition to the skills I have been picking up in these classes, they have given me the opportunity to wear/use my gear. It’s all well and good sitting in your man cave/bedroom/basement watching mall ninjas show you the way super secret operators set up their gear but until you get our and wear it all day while standing, sitting, walking, running and crawling around under the Texas sun you won’t really know how well it works or if you even have the right stuff.

I started out with a Condor Modular Chest rig loaded out with enough stuff I could probably survive in the piney woods for several days without resupply. That configuration was recommended by a YouTuber who seemed pretty squared away and if you are on a long patrol in enemy territory it might make a lot of sense. However, I am not planning any long range recons behind enemy lines. In the Texas summer this thing is HOT, and not in a good way and after a full day out and about wearing it it got pretty darn heavy.

Based on the “parties” I am most likely to attend something lighter and with less stuff stuffed in it would be a better choice. A number of the guys recommended either a minimal chest rig or a “battle/war” belt. After seeing the prices on those fancy dancy little chest rigs I dig out a Condor Slim Battle Belt that showed up at some point that I don’t recall and started playing around with the stuff and how it was organized. I think I finally have a set up I like (mostly).

There are many battle/war belts out there, this is mine.

I have reduced the gear/stuff to a Gerber Principle knife, a kangaroo style magazine pouch holding 2 AR and 2 pistol mags, a blowout/trauma kit, radio pouch (need a smaller one), a holster for G19 (a better one is in my future once we have a little more cash coming in and I find one I like), a sundry pouch/booboo kit, carabiner to my attach gloves and my gloves.

It is reasonably light, nothing gets in the way of my rifle and I can easily draw my pistol without interference. I could probably add a second tourniquet on my strong side without excess bulk or weight and I may just do that.

I should be able to make my next training class and test it out this weekend.

Stay alert, stay prepared and stay safe.

God bless.

Texas Is Now A Constitutional Carry State

The Governor signed the bill into law today making Constitutional Carry the law of the land in the Lone Star state (about dang time). It will no go into effect until September. For the few folks who may not be familiar with Constitutional Carry, it means that if are legally able to own a firearm you are now legally able to carry that firearm without a approval and permit from the government.

As always, those opposed to restoring our Constitutional rights are predicting that blood will flow in the streets and police won’t be able to do their jobs. Then again this is coming from the same folks who want to disband and defund the police which seems a bit hypocritical to me but…

I still plan to maintain my Texas License to Carry. Few, if any states, offer reciprocity for Constitutional Carry (even other states that have passed it themselves) and I do travel across state boundaries often enough to want to be able to continue to do so.

Stay alert, stay prepared and stay safe.

God bless.

Executive Orders On Disarming Americans On The Way

Several news sources have said that Creepy Uncle Joe and his AmSoc handlers will be signing executive orders on “gun control” Thursday (tomorrow). These could be fairly meaningless or fairly dramatic depending on how hard they feel they can push in disarming Americans.

I am praying they are symbolic in nature and accomplish little but who can tell with the New Regime. I mean, after all, they have already fortified Washington DC with the walls they claimed were so evil when they were proposed to protect our national borders. They also have thousands of politically vetted National Guard troops on hand so they may think they are safe to push the nation over the edge and into civil war.

In any case stay alert, stay prepared and stay safe.

God bless.

Some Animals Are More Equal Than Others

A couple of weeks ago I posted about Prepping in the middle of the collapse (link). In the section on self-defense I warned that since the fall of the Republic the rule of law is over and laws are being selectively enforced based on race and politics:

A word of caution, we are rapidly sliding back into the times when different people groups in our society have different codes of justice. Race, political affiliation, gender, religion and other factors will determine how the laws of this nation are applied to you. So will the locale in which you live (refer back to Get to Safety).

Here is an example of just that.

A Back the Blue/Patriotic caravan was planned in Oregon’s capitol city of Salem. Antifa showed up in “counter protest” which included throwing objects at the vehicles in the caravan including rocks big enough to shatter windows.

As far as I am concerned projectiles thrown with enough force to shatter car windows (especially while the vehicle is in motion) represent a reasonable threat of death or serious bodily injury. It is a deadly assault on those folks driving through town and their passengers.

Oregon police did nothing to stop it.

When one of the motorists stepped out of his vehicle, the Leftist insurgents not only continued their attempt to stone the man to death the armed crowd began to close on the man. I don’t think they were planning to give him a hug.

However the man pulled a firearm, racked a round into the chamber and was promptly arrested by Oregon police.

Yep, those with approved ideologies can commit assault at will but when a person with the wrong ideology goes to defend themselves they are promptly arrested…

Now, two things about this man’s actions:

    1. As everyone should have learned from Reginald Denney’s fate during the Rodney King riots, when a mob or riot situation, do not stop and DO NOT leave the vehicle. If you are encased in a couple of tons of steel and glass stay inside. A dent in your truck is relatively easily repaired and not life threatening. Dents to the brain bucket are not easily repaired and can be fatal.
    2. Why are you carrying on an empty chamber? Why is the chamber empty in the middle of an assault?
    3. Do not pull and brandish the firearm like it is a magic talisman warding off evil. If someone else in the crowd has a firearm, you are potentially giving them justification to pop you first. If it is time to shoot, shoot. If it is not time to shoot keep that smoke wagon un-skinned.

Stay alert, stay prepared and stay safe.

God bless.

Colorado Shooting: How About Some Actual Facts…

How about some ACTUAL facts about the Boulder shooting?

Despite what has been claimed, the shooter was NOT a white man and was NOT a Trump supporter. Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa, was born in Syria. Was a devout Muslim and posted support for ISIS on social media. He frequently posted anti-Trump messages on social media.

Biden comes on the air this morning and says that we need to ban “High Capacity” magazines and “Assault Weapons” in response and in order to prevent more such incidents.

Colorado banned magazines holding more than ten rounds back when Obama was still in office (2013 I believe).

Biden says that his previous assault weapons ban reduced mass shootings. The Department of Justice under Obama could not show ANY impact of the assault weapons ban on crime or mass shootings.

The Demonrats are in a full court press to pass any and all the gun control they can. Do not be deceived. This is not about saving lives (it won’t). This is not about preventing mass shootings (it won’t). This is about removing our right to protect ourselves from evil men who shoot up grocery stores, Leftist insurgents bent on burning this nation to the ground and wannabe dictators who believe this country exists to benefit the political class.

Stand up! Contact your senators and tell them how YOU expect them to represent YOU.

Prepare! The time when we can change the course of the nation through the traditional means guaranteed by the Constitution is rapidly coming to an end (if it hasn’t already). When the government is no longer governing with the consent of the people…bad things happen. Time and again we have seen tyrannical governments using force to silence the voices they don’t care to hear. We, as a nation, for the first time in my memory need to be prepared to face this situation. As violence increases it begins to affect all of us, whether we are a part of the violence or not. You need to be able to defend yourself and your loved ones. You need to be able to provide necessities in the midst of chaos and shortage. You need to be prepared for the financial chaos that will accompany such times.

Pray! The darkness cannot stand against the light. Those who are driving our nation to the brink of chaos are in turn driven by dark and evil forces. Pray that we will turn away from this crisis. That we will see a revival in this nation. Only God can save us at this point.

Stay alert, stay prepared and stay safe.

God bless.

Defensive Firearm Change

For the last month or so there have been rumors that the ATF would be targeting AR-style pistols. It looks like those rumors were correct.

To get ahead of the curve, the AR pistol that was previously assigned to home defense duty is gone. It has been moved out of the AC arsenal and on to other pastures. I’ve repurposed the CZ Scorpion for this role.

It is a little longer and heavier than the AR pistol it replaces but with 34 rounds of 147 grain hollow point ammo on tap (not to mention another 34 in the spare magazine) it is a good bit quieter and still plenty deadly. I am using the same Streamlight white light and Holosun optic that was on the AR pistol previously.

Take care and god bless.

Note: As of this morning the ATF announced they were dropping their efforts to enact changes on pistol braces and AR pistols. I fully expect they this is likely to be temporary.