What Did You Prep This Week?

Walk With God

No church or Sunday school this week. We were attending the birth of a wonderful blessing from God; a new grand baby. Wednesday night bible study did not happen either as I was tied up at work and with stuff for the house. Prayer time was OK. I will be out of town next weekend on a hunting trip to north Texas so I will miss again next week too.

Self Defense/Hunting

Made another trip back to the range and burned through around a hundred rounds of .308 in the Ruger American Predator. My groups at 25 and 50 yards are spot on and pretty tightly grouped. The jump to 100 yards though turns that group into a pattern (3-4 inches). I am not sure what the issue is but I am pretty sure it is me and not the rifle. I think I may be cranking the magnification up too high (7x on a 2×7) and that is causing me issues. On the last few shots of the day I left the magnification all the way down and although the groups didn’t tighten up much I was able to acquire the target and shoot more quickly. The sight picture is much more stable so there is less desire to jerk the trigger. It could also be related to the scope height.

I also tested several brands of ammunition both full metal jacket (FMJ) practice rounds and hunting rounds and they all performed about the same. Which is a good thing. The Federal Fusion 180 grain rounds consistently hit higher than the other rounds tested (all 145-150 grain) and ididn’t group any better than the less expensive rounds. So, I will be sticking with the cheaper stuff although they have a lighter option as well and I may try that at some point.

The range I went too goes out to around 330 yards and I was pleasantly surprised that I could hit the 220 yard steel target almost at will and the 330 yard target at least half the time. Prior to this trip have only made one shot at that kind of distance before. A 200 yard shot on a deer with a loaner rifle that was sighted to be dead on at that distance so I was pretty happy about that.

I was also able to pick up a ton of brass in .308 (mostly my own) and 5.56 as well as a few odds and ends that I can reload as well.

I purchased another set of low rings. The scope rings on the .308 are mids and the lows on the 7.62×39 seem to fit me better and allow a better cheek weld. I will swap those once I get back from my hunting trip this coming weekend.


Restocked the first aid kid in my EDC bag. We’ve had a lot of little cuts and scrapes to deal with of late. I am being very careful with even small scratches picked up around the house due to the flooding.


We are having to drain down the savings to continue making repairs. Although this is why we saved (a rainy day) it’s still tough seeing the balances we worked so hard to build up getting smaller.



That’s it for me. That’s what I prepped this week. How about you? What did you Prep this week?

Take care and God Bless


A First And A Sixth

This was a very busy weekend for us. We served Thanksgiving at an assisted living facility and then had a nice little Thanksgiving of our own. Fourteen of our clan showed up for that and I am very proud of them for doing so.

My oldest daughter went into labor on Friday and delivered a healthy baby girl on Saturday. Current code name for Papa’s littlest princess is Six. That will soon be revisited as her momma regains her strength and wins the naming discussion. She is truly a blessing from God as my daughter was told years ago that she could never have any biological children.

Pretty little Six

My oldest grandson also received an early Christmas gift from Wonderful Wife and I; his first rifle. It’s a little Savage Rascal single shot in .22 Long Rifle and, of course, that meant a trip to the range where he burned through at least a hundred and fifty rounds of his daddy’s ammo (as well as the box I bought him).

He still has a ways to go on his marksmanship but he showed he deserved our trust with a real firearm by being very safety conscious the whole time. A pretty awesome feat for a super-excited seven (almost eight) year old.

Way back when my grandfather bought a second hand Stevens .22 rifle. He didn’t buy it for fun or sport. It was a way to put meat on the table during some lean years. Before he passed away he handed it down to me. When we took my little man out to the range to shoot his first rifle we also took the old Stevens out of the safe and brought it with us. As of this weekend, five generations have shot this old rifle.

Big rifle for a little boy…

It has been a wonderful few days but I have to admit, I am worn out…

God bless

What Did You Prep This Week?

Walk With God

We went to church, I taught Sunday School and even made it to my Wednesday night men’s group. I was pretty strong in my prayer life and Bible study as well. It was a pretty good week for my walk with God.

Self Defense/Hunting

My son in law and I have had a long running project to build him an AR. We have been buying parts and doing some assembly for the last year or so. Last week we finally finished the project, completing his upper. Moose is a big guy so some parts, like the stock and hand-guard are larger than I would have chosen but they fit him well. I still have the parts for the upper I was building alongside his but we were so focused on his, mine got ignored. That’s OK since I have several uppers and lowers already completed. This was more something to do together. Now, we need to get it to the range for testing and get my son to build out (or buy) a 5.56 upper to supplement his 300 Blackout…

For my ARs, especially when they are new and breaking in, I like to use red lithium grease. You can buy tiny tubes of this in the gun shops for around $8.00 each. You can buy the same thing at automotive stores for about $10 for a sixteen ounce tub. We used the last of the grease I had on hand during the build of Moose’s upper so it was time to restock:

This should last me several years and more AR builds than I could afford…

I was placing another order for various items needed for the home repairs and bought another set of bushings for the Hornady press. These allow quick release of the dies and also allows dies to be removed without losing the depth settings so having a few extra on hand for the calibers I reload the most is not a bad idea.


No purchases this week.


Saved quite a bit of money out of Wonderful Wife’s paycheck but it will go towards repairs instead of into savings…


I am very disappointed in myself. I was basically inactive all week. I really need to focus on this more.

That’s it for me. That’s what I prepped this week. How about you? What did you Prep this week?

God Bless

Range Report

As the weather starts to cool off a little along the Texas Gulf Coast the outdoor rifle ranges are starting to get pretty busy. A lot of guys are getting ready for deer season and the rest are just taking advantage of those rare times when you can get outside without suffering heatstroke. Although I probably won’t make it out to bag any deer this year, we will still probably make our annual hunting trip to north Texas to bag a few hogs. It looks like that will be in January or February again this year but it is never too early to start getting ready, especially when you will be carrying a new rifle into the fields.

The Ruger American Predator in .308 Winchester will be my “go to” rifle this year and last time out I ran into a bit of an issue. Ruger, by design or oversight, didn’t use any thread locker on the scope rail and under recoil from the .308 the screws backed out leaving my scope on less that solid footing and my shots were all over the paper.

With the rail re-attached (with a generous application of thread locker on each screw) I wanted to see how she would do.

A few shots at 50 yards showed I was at least on paper so then it was time to head to the 100 yard line (100-125 yards is about the outside distance for me when hunting). I was having some issues with consistency at first which had be rechecking the scope rail but after a bit I was able to settle down and she should be about zeroed in. 

I spent quite a bit of time practicing with the Ruger American Ranch Rifle in 7.62×39. To be honest I really prefer the “short .30 caliber” to the .308 as the recoil is significantly less and the ammo is cheaper. Which was the plan after all, since other than caliber and color the rifles are identical.

One of the things I wanted to do was test some ammo other than the Brown Bear and see what the difference would be in reliability, point of impact and the groupings. My AR in 7.62×39 is very sensitive to different ammunition brands and types. There can be several inches difference in point of impact at 100 yards and significant differences in the accuracy of each round with that rifle and I wanted to see if that was still the case with the Ruger.

I tested super cheap TulAmmo, my standard Brown Bear, Fiocchi brass cased ammo, Hornady 7.62X39 123 gr SST® Steel Case and some reloads. The little Ruger hand no issues feeding or firing any of them. Picky, it is not and it was very consistent too. There was very little, if any, difference in the point of impact regardless of the ammo. The group did tend to spread out with the cheap TulAmmo resulting in groupings of around 2-3 inches instead of the 1-2 inches I could get with the other types of ammunition. I continue to be impressed with this little rifle.

Since the Ruger has no issues with the brass cased Fiocchi or my reloads that means I can use it at indoor rifle ranges as well which opens up a lot more of the year for practicing with a rifle. As much as I love shooting, outdoor ranges when it is almost 100 degrees outside with almost 100% humidity are a lot less enjoyable than sitting in air conditioned comfort…

I can’t wait to make it out into the field with one (or the other) in a few months time and back to the range sooner than that.

God bless

New Wheelguns From Ruger

Ruger seems to be trying very hard to fill every little nook and cranny of the firearms market. The latest announcements are for some new configurations of two of their most popular wheelguns, the LCRx and the SP101.

The LCRx line has been expanded to include four new variants; 9mm, .327 Federal magnum and two versions in .22 Magnum (WMR) one with a two inch barrel and one with a three inch barrel:

I like the LCRs alot and that it my go to carry pistol about 75% of the time. I like the option of the exposed hammer in the LCRx line but really don’t have a need for one personally. A 9mm revolver is kinda cool and relatively cheap to practice with but for the extra weight I would prefer a .357 Magnum that I can load with full bore magnums or  softer shooting .38s for practicing. The .327 Magnum gives improved performance and an extra round over .38 Special but not the same power as a .357 Magnum. I really like the round but there just isn’t enough support yet from ammo makers for me to take the plunge…yet. I fell out of love with the .22 Magnum a long time ago. Not as cheap as .22 LR and not as powerful or reliable as a centerfire round. Kudos, to Ruger on trying to fill every niche but none of these really light a fire under the wallet…which, to be honest, is a good thing right now for me personally.

The SP101 chambered in 9mm falls into the same category; I’m glad they did it but I won’t be buying one anytime soon.

I wasn’t that impressed with the LCR I had in 9mm and don’t see any reason to try an all steel revolver in that caliber. I have an SP101 in .357 Magnum and don’t see a need for one in 9mm other than the cost of ammo. Since I reload, the cost of .38 Special or even .357 Magnum really isn’t that big a deal.

In an ideal world, where I had unlimited funds, I would probably pick up one of each. Since I live in the real world, I’ll pass but I hope they sell a ton of them.

God bless.

Monster Hunter Ammunition

Science Fiction/Fantasy author Larry Correia and Rocky Mountain Reloading released conspired together to release 9mm bullets with the Monster Hunters, Inc. logo imprinted directly on the flat nose of the 124 Grain bullet. Not only that but Mr. Correia decided, in the wake of the devastation by Hurricane Harvey to donate his share of the proceeds to the Houston Food Bank.

MHI Bullets from RMR

I was impressed enough with the bullets and the donations that I purchased “a few” for my own use and to give as gifts to the gun lovers on my Christmas list. Well, now the guys over at American Reserve Munitions have gone and taken a step further offering ammunition using the Monster Hunter bullets form RMR and packaging them in fully themed boxes:

Anti-Gnome Ammo

Branding it as anti-gnome ammunition and the proceeds from the bullets still go to the Houston Food Bank.

MHI is one of the most successful SciFi/Fantasy series around these days (yes, I have read at least one of the books) and it’s cool to see these guys having fun with this project and helping out a bunch of folks in Houston at the same time.

God bless