What Did You Prep This Week?

Walk With God

My walk with God is still going well. We went to church and Sunday school on Easter. It was a great and uplifting service. Our Wednesday night Bible study resumed this week after the break for Easter and, as always, I learned a lot. I was not 100% on my prayer time and personal Bible study. Work and laziness provided excuses to skip a day but I was able to pick it back up again and finish the week strong.

Self Defense/Hunting

I bought a “lead sled” be Caldwell to help me sight in my rifles. I still haven’t made it out to the range but I was able to make  short work of laser bore-sighting a couple of rifles out to 24 yards in my backyard.

I bought two more lower parts kits. I plan on building an AR for each of my grand kids. It will be a while before they are ready for them so I buy parts when I see them on sale for a good price. I am also considering another pistol build, possibly in 300 Blackout…


I reorganized my EDC. I’ll post the details later in the week.


My blood pressure is almost back to “normal” and the secondary infection I picked up is healing so I should be fit shortly. My strength and stamina are still not back to where I was before we got sick but it is moving in the right direction.

I did my stretches every day this week and only missed one day of exercise. I was also able to increase the number of reps I do this week. Wonder Wife wants to join a gym so we signed up for trial memberships at a small place around the corner. I hate exercising in those laces but Wonderful Wife thinks it will help her so I’ll go along to help support her efforts to get in shape.


One of the stocks we own paid a dividend and we requested a check for them. I plan on reinvesting the money in something more stable than the stock market or making a contribution to our IRA.

That’s it for me. That’s what I prepped this week. How about you? What did you Prep this week?

God Bless

Ruger Announces A New LCRx

While checking my email I came across an announcement by Ruger that I felt was pretty shareworthy; a new addition to the LCRx line of revolvers, this one in .22 Long Rifle.

It is an eight shot revolver sporting a three inch barrel and adjustable sights. This would make one heck of a little plinker and a great choice to introduce folks to shooting handguns. For certain individuals dealing with physical limitations that prevent them from using something more capable it might even make a good self-defense gun.

God Bless

Covert Actions And The Humble Revolver

I stumbled across an article on The Loadout Room website last week and I thought I would share.

According to the article (read it in full here), it is an excerpt from the notebook an intelligence asset with a great track record in super-secret, Ninja squirrel types of endeavors. I don’t know enough about the website, it’s authors or super-secret, ninja squirrel stuff to know how factual it is…

But, since it deals with revolvers and more specifically snub-nosed revolvers it caught my attention and I thought I would share it with you.  For those too busy or devoted to check out the original, here is a synopsis:

Super-secret, Ninja squirrel operative received extensive training on the preferred handgun for “embedded human intel assets,” the snub-nosed revolver chambered in 9mm.

The reasons (paraphrased):

9mm is the most common handgun round in the world

9mm is effective

A revolver is extremely reliable, especially in very close and nasty encounters

A revolver doesn’t eject brass to be left behind as evidence

It is small and easily concealed

Makes a fine clubif need be

Sounds logical and reasonable to me.

Now what I want to know is, what make and model was used? Was it a steel frame or alloy? Can I buy one of the revolvers? Can I sign up for that training without having to become a super-secret, Ninja squirrel?

God bless

London Terror Attack

First, our thoughts and prayers are with those killed and injured in this attack including the officer who was killed defending others against this terrorist.

Second, I am tired of the recurring tap dance the media and government officials put on after every single one of these attacks to hide the motivations and background of the attackers. I have news for you, the more you try and hide it the worse it is. More animosity is created by when a particular group of people appear to be more protected than the rest of society. If this attack were carried out by Brexit supporters, members of Britain First, or Christians it would be broadcast with banner headlines. If you want to prevent backlash plaster the airwaves with anti-terror rallies in the Muslim communities, invite the leaders of Mosques to publicly and unreservedly condemn such attacks and call on their congregations to join them denouncing and turning in potential terrorists. That will go MUCH further towards reducing or eliminating any potential backlash.

And finally, just a quick tactical suggestion, if the police are responding to an incident in full battle rattle and at a run you should probably put the cell phone away and gte the heck out of there…

God bless.

The Tactical Hunter Project (Part 4: Accuracy and Ammo)

Now that the rifle was completed I needed to find self-defense and hunting ammunition to feed it. For both applications I wanted a round that was accurate out to 100 yards and would expand reliably. Although I might be willing to stock up on cheaper ammunition for SHTF or practice rounds I was also willing to pay a little extra for premium rounds for hunting and self-defense rounds. A quick search showed a bit of a downside for selecting this caliber; there wasn’t a very good selection of hunting ammo.

Hornady had a round listed on their web site but finding it (at the time) proved to be an impossible task. Winchester had the Hog Hunter Special for $24.99 per box of 20. TulAmmo had offerings in 154 grain soft points as well as 122 grain hollow points. Brown Bear (Barnaul) had a 125 grain soft point that seemed to be reasonably priced and fairly easy to find online. So, I bought a couple boxes of each and headed to the range.

Ammo evaluated:

TulAmmo 154 grain soft points

TulAmmo 122 grain hollow points

Brown Bear 125 grain soft points

Winchester Hog Special 123 Grain “Power-Points”

The TulAmmo didn’t make the cut. It was inconsistent and not nearly as accurate as I would want it to be for hunting.

Three shot group to verify my results

The 122 grain hollow point was suspect in terms of its effectiveness as a hunting round and the accuracy left even more to be desired. It was the least accurate ammo tested with a four to five inch spread in even the best groups. Based on this ammo I was really worried that this project would fail.

The TulAmmo 154 grain soft points were my favorites going into the testing. Reasonably priced and fairly easily found I also liked the idea of the heavier soft pointed bullet. The accuracy wasn’t bad but the bullet drop and inconsistency concerned me.

154 grain rounds dropped 8-10 inches

The Winchester Hog Special 123 Grain “Power-Point” were my ace in the hole but at $24.99 for a box of 20 it was a very expensive card. The printed specs claimed 2365 fps at the muzzle. That would calculate out to be around 1527 ft/lbs of energy which was pretty good and I figured American-made ammo would be pretty accurate and consistent.

Even with my shooting, instead of the ringer I brought along to verify my testing, I was able to see 2 inch groups at 100 yards. Any flyers were my fault not a problem with the rifle or the ammunition.

The Brown Bear 125 grain soft points were brought along as a it of a lark. I really didn’t expect anything better than I have seen from the TulAmmo. Both are made in Russia and everyone knows Russian quality control, right? Boy was I wrong. These rounds have a claimed velocity of 2445 fps which translates into around 1659 ft/lbs of muzzle energy according to my calculations. The manufacturer (distributor actually) only claims 1633 ft/lbs. Still the best energy numbers of the bunch. The big question would be the accuracy and consistency. Just to make sure of the results I was seeing, I called in my “ringer” to shoot a three shot group. Because of time restraints we used the same target as we did for the 122 grain TulAmmo.

Three shots, two holes less than a one inch grouping

At 100 yards with three shots he was able to group them within less than an inch and two of the shots went through the same hole. The Brown Bear ammunition had the best numbers, the best accuracy and was very consistent. At a little over $7.00 for a box of 20 there were not exactly a bargain but they were pretty close. The only question, how would they perform against something a bit tougher than paper.

Between time, weather and other factors it took me almost two years to get an answer to that question. I’ll only make you wait a week.

Next week we’ll take a look at the effectiveness of this round for hunting.

God bless


A few side notes:

Prvi Partizan (PPU) makes a 123 grain round nose soft point in 7.62×39. It is brass-cased and boxer primed so it can be reloaded and can be used on ranges that don’t allow steel-cased ammunition. I tested this round in a separate test session several months after I tested the other ammunition. It performed very well at the time in terms of accuracy and consistency. The claimed specifications looked good (2640 fps and 1659 ft/lbs of muzzle energy). The price was OK at around $11.00 per box of 20 but as I mentioned the cases could be reloaded. During that range session I was basically feeding each round by hand as I had run out of the house without any magazines. I was concerned about how these rounds would feed since they are significantly shorter in overall length that the specs for the caliber call for and the bullets were round nosed instead of pointed. Sure enough, once I started feeding them from a magazine the accuracy went out the window and I experienced jams about every three or four rounds. The jams weren’t in the rifle but in the magazine itself. The rounds were so short that they would move around under recoil and jam up. I also discovered that the long gap and to the feed ranp and rounded nose resulted in the bullets deforming against the ramp and/or chamber mouth. Bullets with big gouges in the nose don’t fly as straight even over relatively short distances. I have recently discovered that they offer a pointed version of this round as well. I may try it in the future.

Reloads – I have yet to find a bullet/powder combination in any reference book that can give me the performance of either the Winchester or Brown Bear loads. I am not sure that the loss of several hundred fps and energy is balanced by the higher quality bullets I can buy and use.  

Recoil magazine performed a pretty comprehensive set of tests using a CZ-527 bolt-action rifle chambered in 7.62×39. Their focus was more geared towards the self defense side of things but the results, although more comprehensive in every way, were similar to what I was seeing with my AR. To see their results click here

What Did You Prep This Week?

Walk With God

My walk with God is not as strong as it was last week but it is still going well. I was able to give back a little by helping a man in need a little north of here. He’s been through some seriously trying times over the last few years that have left his body weak but his faith is still strong. A local company re-roofed his home for free and we helped pull out some of the drywall and insulation that had been damaged by the years of water leaks. Another crew will be in later to replace it all. We also helped clean up his yard. Removing the years of built up leaves and trash that he had not been able to take care of himself. We were also able to catch up on some charitable donations that I had committed to but have fallen behind on.

My daily Bible study and prayer is still going well this week and I am learning a lot from both.

On the down side, I got sidetracked working on something and missed our Wednesday night bible study.

Self Defense/Hunting

I bought myself a Ruger American Predator bolt action rifle in .308 Winchester this week. I have been eyeing that rifle for several months now and when I saw it on sale I broke down and bought it. It has a fairly short (18 inch), threaded barrel should the hearing protection act pass), and an integrated picatinny rail. The calibers and rifles I own and use are fine out to maybe 150 yards. This rifle will allow me extend that and start practicing and hunting out well past 200 yards. I also bought a quality set of rings to mount the scope on it. I can’t wait to get it out to the range to start sighting it in.

To mount the scope I purchased a torque screwdriver set. I have always “winged it” on tightening certain screws to spec, especially on scopes and scope mounts. No more! I can do it up “right and proper now.”

With all the sales on AR parts I picked up a lower parts kit and three lower receivers. I may start another pistol build before long. I also plan to build an AR for each of my grand kids. They are too small for them now but one day they will be big enough and old enough and then they will have one…built by their Papa.

Several weeks ago I ordered a number of collets for the RCBS bullet puller die. After several weeks on back order the .22 caliber collet finally came in. This gives me a collet for each of the calibers I reload.


Also on sale was a nice 700 lumen flashlight. I have a couple of these lights and they are awesome.


We placed an online order for gold. This is the first time I have purchased something like that online so it will be interesting to see how well it works.


I have done pretty well exercising this week. I did miss one day but I was still able to increase the number of reps I do each day. I still want to get Wonderful Wife to start exercising as well. But with the number of hours she’s working that still hasn’t happened.


Last week we bought a Ring doorbell to provide a little extra security at the front door. It wasn’t working as we would have expected so after a call with their support staff they sent out a Ring chime to help extend our wireless network and improve performance of the video and audio. I have it installed but haven’e had a chance to test it out.

We also called to set up some time to check out a few pieces of land that look like good spots for hunting, camping and, eventually, retirement. Looking at the weather forecast this will probably have to be postponed.

That’s it for me. That’s what I prepped this week. How about you? What did you Prep this week?

God Bless