Free Ride For Criminals In Dallas

The District Attorney for Dallas, Texas has announced that his department will NO LONGER prosecute misdemeanor theft, trespassing and drug offenses and ask for no bail release of criminals arrested on minor charges…

What do you think the outcome of this new policy will be?

God bless and take care.



It is funny how much your perspective can change and how quickly.

I was feeling so well after my surgery that I decided to take a trip to the range. I left anything with heavy recoil back at the house and decided to spend a nice sunny day outside turning money into noise. I had several things I wanted to test and sight in and I was looking forward to a nice relaxing day. Then the text messages started coming in…

We have been concerned about one of my grandson’s because he was really bruising up badly. He’s all boy and six years old, sliding into every base playing ball and mixing it up on the basketball court with kids much bigger than he is so the bruises could easily be written off that way but then the nose bleeds started. The same day I went in for surgery, he went to the doctor and they immediately ordered blood work. That night we compared the newly created holes in our arms, mine from the IV and his from having seven vials of blood drawn.

While I was at the range the results came back and the doctor called and said to get him to the Emergency Room immediately. His platelet count was near zero.

I went from enjoying a relaxing and lazy day at the range to near panic. I packed all my gear out to the car and drove to the house, dropping everything off in a rush. I drove over to my wife’s car to grab the car seat because it looked like we would need to bring his older brother home with us for the night while the little guy and his parents stayed at the hospital. There was terror in his parent’s voices when we spoke. Wonderful Wife was holding it together but only because she had to be there for my daughter and son in law.

I was several hours behind the rest of the family showing up to the hospital and by the time I did the world had shifted yet again. The worst prognosis’ were ruled out. The course of treatment laid out which was the simplest and least invasive alternative. In fact he was already being discharged by the time I arrived.

Twice in one day our entire family’s perspectives and priorities had shifted. In this case, in the end, it was all OK and the last shift was for the better (best actually) but it might not have been…

None of us a guaranteed another day or another hour. None of us know the time of our end. We only know that one day it will come.

Be prepared for that moment.

Get right with those you love and those who love you. Make the most of every moment. There may not be another.

Take care and God bless.


The surgery went well yesterday and so far the pain is manageable. Wonderful Wife has been an amazing nurse and taking great care of me. I pray that today will be another good day and then, hopefully, I will be on the mend and back to work 😀.

I thank God for His blessings yesterday and you for your thoughts and prayers.

The Armed Christian Is On MeWe

Just a quick note. Since I removed the Blog’s page on FezBook. I have been looking around for another social media platform. I finally took the plunge and created a page on MeWe. It looks like a good alternative although there are not a lot of folks there…yet. If you are on MeWe please follow our page.

We are on Instagram as well if you want to visit us or follow us there as well: thearmedchristian

Take care and God bless.

Today’s The Day…


Today is the day. We head to the oral surgeon in a couple of hours. I have no idea how bad this will actually be. Maybe I am just being a big baby but I have only ever had one other tooth pulled in my whole life (over half a century). This time will be three teeth on both sides of my mouth and this is the first time for a surgical removal. The medical procedure I had done a few weeks ago went so badly that I am even more nervous.

The bottom line is that I am pretty anxious about the whole thing.

I have my faith in God. I know this will go according to His will but your thoughts an prayers would definitely be appreciated.

Take care and God bless.

Even More Setbacks…

The good news is that my ankle is starting to heal. I still have an issue with stairs, uneven ground or carrying any real weight. The bad news is that I have taken two steps back on the road to recovery.

I let the doctor talk me into a minor medical procedure that should have been very minor and should not have had a significant impact on my activity level. Should just means that for some poor jerk out there it is not minor and it does have a significant impact. Guess who that poor jerk is in this case?


Last week had me in worse pain than I have had to deal with since I tried to pass a kidney stone the size of a large marble. I couldn’t sleep or find any position that was comfortable. Walking more than a few steps was an epic journey for me. Have I mentioned that I am allergic to pain killers?

On top of that, the three teeth I need removed (scheduled for next week) are really bothering me

I am not sure how much posting I will be doing in the next few weeks (I do have a few more posts still queued up) but you never know I might feel like writing since I won’t be doing much of anything else.

I am not going to lie this has me pretty bummed. On the other hand I am still in a much better state than an awful lot of other folks. Just being alive is an amazing blessing and I am truly thankful for that.

Take care and God bless.


This Could Get Interesting – Russian Military In Venezuela

Lost in the flurry of political posturing and fallout from the release of the findings on the investigation of possible collusion between Trump and the Russians there is a new little development in Venezuela. Aircraft carrying Russian troops and equipment have started arriving in Caracas.

So far, it only appears to be a small number of troops possibly advisors and/spec ops teams but what this means for the people of Venezuela remains to be seen. Supporting a nation on the edge of collapse, a nation that destroys food aid for their own people who are starving is an interesting play be the Russians and one has to wonder who is paying for it all since neither nation is exactly flush with cash.

It also escalates the potential for US/Russian entanglement.

Pray for the people of Venezuela and for this situation.

Take care and God bless.