A Little Snow On The Palms

The Texas Gulf Coast is not, generally, a winter wonderland. The warm waters of the Gulf keeps the worst of the cold away. Which suits me just fine.

However, hurricanes feed off the energy of the warm waters (not such a good thing sometimes) and cool the old Gulf off a bit. Resulting in scenes like this:

For those of you in northern climes this may seem like a joke but for the Texas Gulf coast this is a veritable blizzard.

God bless.


Something Still Doesn’t Add Up

The mainstream media and law enforcement seems perfectly happy suggesting the motive for the Las Vegas mass murderer was related to his significant gambling losses and the depression associated with those losses. However, in the same breath they don’t mind sharing the fact that the man’s remaining estate with worth around five million dollars (link).

This just doesn’t add up for me.

Loosing $100K in a week would have me looking at bankruptcy (if Wonderful Wife didn’t kill me first) but that wasn’t that big a deal for a guy like this. He was a serious gambler and won and lost that kid of money for years without it causing him to go off the deep end. To be as poor as I am (not) he would have to lose this much money every week for almost a year.

I don’t get too caught up on conspiracy theories but at this point it really seems like we are not getting the truth or at least the full truth at this point.

Take care and God bless.

A First And A Sixth

This was a very busy weekend for us. We served Thanksgiving at an assisted living facility and then had a nice little Thanksgiving of our own. Fourteen of our clan showed up for that and I am very proud of them for doing so.

My oldest daughter went into labor on Friday and delivered a healthy baby girl on Saturday. Current code name for Papa’s littlest princess is Six. That will soon be revisited as her momma regains her strength and wins the naming discussion. She is truly a blessing from God as my daughter was told years ago that she could never have any biological children.

Pretty little Six

My oldest grandson also received an early Christmas gift from Wonderful Wife and I; his first rifle. It’s a little Savage Rascal single shot in .22 Long Rifle and, of course, that meant a trip to the range where he burned through at least a hundred and fifty rounds of his daddy’s ammo (as well as the box I bought him).

He still has a ways to go on his marksmanship but he showed he deserved our trust with a real firearm by being very safety conscious the whole time. A pretty awesome feat for a super-excited seven (almost eight) year old.

Way back when my grandfather bought a second hand Stevens .22 rifle. He didn’t buy it for fun or sport. It was a way to put meat on the table during some lean years. Before he passed away he handed it down to me. When we took my little man out to the range to shoot his first rifle we also took the old Stevens out of the safe and brought it with us. As of this weekend, five generations have shot this old rifle.

Big rifle for a little boy…

It has been a wonderful few days but I have to admit, I am worn out…

God bless

Shows Where Their Hearts Are

I was stuck in traffic the week after the murder at Sutherland Springs Baptist Church. Most organizations had their flags flying at half-staff. Both the federal and state government’s of Texas were flying tin respect for those killed. As I sat there I noticed an organization that was not, Planned Parenthood:

It says a lot about an organization that they can’t be bothered to follow the guidance of the government institutions that fund them.

Some would say that, “well it was a Baptist church and so probably opposed to abortion.” Well, that says a lot too. If you can’t show respect for folks murdered in cold blood just because they think differently than you do.

Then again, when you are responsible for the deaths of almost 3,000 unborn children per day what does a few that made it through matter?

Thanks And Giving

Today, we in the US are celebrating Thanksgiving. According to tradition, the early English settlers of North American started this as a holiday to give thanks to God for the bounty of the harvest. Also according to tradition, native Americans and English settlers sat down together at the first Thanksgiving to celebrate this holiday. The way I learned the story, that was, in part, to thank the Native Americans for helping the English learn how to grow crops and harvest the wildlife in this “New World.” Today, the focus seems to be more on the feast itself, the football and the Christmas sales that start ever earlier each year. There is less and less focus on reflecting on everything we have to be thankful for much less thanking our creator for those gifts.

Because of the flooding associated with Hurricane Harvey our plans for Thanksgiving are going to be a little different this year. Since the house is under construction hosting the family and preparing the feast would be a bit challenging so this year we will be heading to Wonderful Wife’s work for the day. We will help serve lunch to and visit with the folks who live there (it is an assisted living facility). We thought it would be important to give back a little as well as giving thanks. After we are done, some of the kids and all the grand kids will be joining us and we will have our own little feast and family get together.

Some might ask what we have to be thankful for this year after all we suffered tens of thousands of dollars of damage to the house in flood this year. Wonderful Wife is struggling with some health issues, etc., etc., etc…

But I look at the flip side of that.

We survived the flood and so did our home, although it needs a lot of care to get it back to the shape it was in before. Because of gifts from some wonderful folks and that fact that we were prepared financially we can afford to make the needed repairs. Despite the health challenges, we are alive and have each other and our kids and grand kids. So many good folks have volunteered their time and effort to help us with this recovery, most of them total strangers, my faith in humanity has been restored. My prideful spirit, a sin, has been smashed and I have learned to share my troubles and accept help from others. My faith in God has increased in direct proportion to the destruction of my pride. This also opened my eyes to the suffering and challenges others face which built on my ability to empathize with them. To top it all off, through the grace of God, I have been saved and look forward to an eternal life in heaven regardless of what happens in this fallen world.

I honestly have so much to be thankful for that it literally brings tears to my eyes when I think about it.

Thank you Lord.

God bless and Happy Thanksgiving.

That Stung A Little…

So, my tax dollars the federal government returned to me are gone and the donations from friends, family and coworkers is gone. They started laying the tile floors today. On the one hand I am excited to have something nicer than drywall dust covered concrete to live on I have to say writing that check hurt a bit.

What stung a little more was going to the bank to put money from our savings into the checking account to cover the check I wrote. When it is all a bunch on ones and zeros that just appeared in my account one day it was one thing but counting out the $9,000 in cash…

that stings a little…

God bless.

North Korea A State Sponsor Of Terror

The news today say Trumpette will declare North Korea a state sponsor of terrorism.

Well, duh.

Hacking a US company and threatening the lives of the employees of that corporation should have had them back on the list a long time ago. Honestly, they never should have been removed from the list in the first place so why now?

As a designated a “state sponsor of terror” and with the US is still neck deep in “the war on terror” could that give the White House the authority to attack North Korea without going to Congress for a declaration of war?

Take care and God Bless.