Busting Myths

My whole life I have been told that the little critters we call Daddy Longlegs were one of the most venomous spiders on the planet but that they lacked the fangs to actually inject a human being. Today, I decided to check that out and see if that was really true.

A whole mess of daddy longlegs

It turns out there are two critters commonly called daddy long legs. One is a spider (arachnid) and one is an opilonid.

What we see around this part of the country is an Opilonid. They have no fangs and no poison. They eat decaying matter and don’t hunt. They have two eyes and a round unsegmented body. You won’t see these in webs unless they are a meal for a real spider.

There are also spiders, complete with a segmented body and eight eyes, that are commonly referred to as Daddy Longlegs. They do live in webs, have fangs and can bite. They are usually found in cellars which we don’t have around this part of Texas. There is no record of the bite of these spiders being any more dangerous or venomous than any other common house spider nor any reason to believe they lack the ability to inject venom into a human. They are a similar size and have similar fangs to a brown recluse and we know those can inject humans.

So, the tale of these creatures being incredibly poisonous but unable to inject their venom is just a myth; good to know but probably not very critical.

Being allergic to spider venom, I’ll give them all as wide a berth as I can.

God bless




The Cost Of War

The “news” today is filled with reports of the US using a 21,000 lb. GBU-43/B Massive Ordinance Airblast (MOAB) bomb against the ISIS in Afghanistan. This is the most powerful, non-nuclear, weapon in the US arsenal. According to the talking heads in Washington it was deployed against a tunnel complex that was in use by local fighters to move freely in the area and may have been used in the recent attack that killed an American soldier in the area last weekend.

$2.5 Million on a flatbed trailer

There is no report yet on the effectiveness of the weapon but a quick guestimate based on the procurement contract with the manufacturer is that we just spent $2.5+ million dollars to (possibly) collapse some tunnels and (possibly) take out a few easily replaced terrorists armed with $50 AKs.

At this rate, we’ll be bankrupt before we can squash the “JV Team” but at least Trump did fulfill a campaign promise to bomb the sh%t out of ISIS…

Honestly though, I don’t think the real point of this had anything to do with ISIS. I think this was a message to Iran and especially North Korea. If the damage was as significant as this thing is capable of creating I am sure there will be lots of images plastered on all the “news” outlets showing what the US can do to their bunker complexes.

God bless

[Update: The DoD estimates that 36 ISIS fighters were killed by the MOAB. Which means we spent about $70,000 (more than most Americans make in a year) to take out each of these terrorists.]

Media Twist And Spin

Last July, in the post Facts Are Irrelevant, Only The Narrative Matters I showed an example of the media and even government officials spinning and twisting information in order to ensure that the narrative matches the agenda despite pesky little things like facts.

Here is another example, the recent fire at the immigrant camp in France. The BBC headline is pretty straightforward:

France migrants: Huge fire guts Grande-Synthe Dunkirk camp

CNN adds a spin to it:

Migrants without shelter after fire destroys French refugee camp

Reuter’s adds even more of a spin:

Fire destroys French migrant camp, leaving hundreds homeless

All the articles focus on the impact to the poor refugees; those injured and those now without shelter. Each, to one degree or another, works hard to hide the whole story. Most, if not all of those injuries were the result of “fighting” between residents of the camp, later between residents and riot police who arrived to stop the bloodshed. Riot police who were later needed to protect firefighters from the residents of the camp even as they worked to put out the fires consuming the refugee’s shelters…

What we have is gang warfare between various Islamic factions (exactly what they claim to be running from) within the camp. Violence that includes weapons such as knives and clubs and that ultimately resulted in these folks burning down their own camp. Obviously this doesn’t fit the agenda of those in in power. So it is twisted and spun into a tale that does.


Because if the truth of the matter were actually shared with the citizenry of the cities, states and nations who are being tasked and taxed to take these refugees in what do you think their reaction would be?

Please red beyond the headlines and get all the facts, especially those those in power are trying to hide.

God Bless

Palm Sunday Terror

Once again Christians in Egypt have been attacked and murdered. At least 44 have been killed and over 100 injured as they celebrated Palm Sunday services.

A little over two years ago ISIS beheaded 21 Christian from Egypt. At least 37 attacks on Christian by ISIS and Egyptian Muslims have been documented in the last year.

When the media talks about discrimination against certain religious groups and the targeting of people for their faith why is this not the story they broadcast? There are stories of increased scrutiny being require for potential terrorists and maybe the occasional harsh words and, very rarely, an actual instance of violence. But to be a Christian in a Muslim country means true persecution and a constant threat of violence; terror attacks such as this, as well as murder, kidnapping, extortion, assault, and rape.

Where is this story being told?

Dear Lord, please have mercy on the victims of persecution around the world. Accept them in your loving arms. Comfort those who have lost loved ones and heal those injured. In Jesus’ name, amen.

Irony Defined: Protesting Trump By Watching 1984

According to CNN (so you know it has to be true) theaters around the country are holding screenings of George Orwell’s 1984 in protest of Donald Trump…

I wonder how many of them have even the slightest clue that this book was written to warn of dangers of Socialism and Communism? You know, since most attendees would have likely been supporters of the self-avowed socialist, Bernie Sanders? Most all of them will be firmly left of center and they are protesting a President that at least claims to be right of center?

Heck, I wonder how many of the folks involved in  making the movie were aware of the message of this book?

In the south there is a phrase that seems to fit this perfectly, “oh, bless their hearts.”

For those not acquainted with the use of that particular saying it was a very polite person’s way of that the person(s) in question lacks the intelligence or common sense needed to survive without God’s intervention.

God Bless