Colorado Shooting: How About Some Actual Facts…

How about some ACTUAL facts about the Boulder shooting?

Despite what has been claimed, the shooter was NOT a white man and was NOT a Trump supporter. Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa, was born in Syria. Was a devout Muslim and posted support for ISIS on social media. He frequently posted anti-Trump messages on social media.

Biden comes on the air this morning and says that we need to ban “High Capacity” magazines and “Assault Weapons” in response and in order to prevent more such incidents.

Colorado banned magazines holding more than ten rounds back when Obama was still in office (2013 I believe).

Biden says that his previous assault weapons ban reduced mass shootings. The Department of Justice under Obama could not show ANY impact of the assault weapons ban on crime or mass shootings.

The Demonrats are in a full court press to pass any and all the gun control they can. Do not be deceived. This is not about saving lives (it won’t). This is not about preventing mass shootings (it won’t). This is about removing our right to protect ourselves from evil men who shoot up grocery stores, Leftist insurgents bent on burning this nation to the ground and wannabe dictators who believe this country exists to benefit the political class.

Stand up! Contact your senators and tell them how YOU expect them to represent YOU.

Prepare! The time when we can change the course of the nation through the traditional means guaranteed by the Constitution is rapidly coming to an end (if it hasn’t already). When the government is no longer governing with the consent of the people…bad things happen. Time and again we have seen tyrannical governments using force to silence the voices they don’t care to hear. We, as a nation, for the first time in my memory need to be prepared to face this situation. As violence increases it begins to affect all of us, whether we are a part of the violence or not. You need to be able to defend yourself and your loved ones. You need to be able to provide necessities in the midst of chaos and shortage. You need to be prepared for the financial chaos that will accompany such times.

Pray! The darkness cannot stand against the light. Those who are driving our nation to the brink of chaos are in turn driven by dark and evil forces. Pray that we will turn away from this crisis. That we will see a revival in this nation. Only God can save us at this point.

Stay alert, stay prepared and stay safe.

God bless.

Antifa Alert: Be Extra Cautious Tonight (3/6/21)

There is a lot of buzz on the Interwebz from Antifa and other Leftist Insurgents calling for a “Day of Action.” Memes, banners and videos are calling for “independent actions” of destruction and creation.

Be vigilant and aware that these actions could happen anywhere, although most will likely be centered in the People’s Republiks of Commifornia, Portlandia and Seattle.

Stay alert, stay prepared and stay safe.

God bless.

Civil War SitRep: 3/2/21

Another week …

    • News:
      • Of those who voted for Donald Trump in the 2020 election, 73% believe that Joe Biden was not legitimately elected to office. They didn’t ask me in but I would concur.
      • A third county in Missouri has declared itself a Second Amendment sanctuary against unconstitutional anti-gun laws.
      • A man carrying a Trump flag was attacked at an ice rink in New York City…that is managed by Donald Trump’s corporation.
      • Goya Foods CEO Robert Unanue declares that Donald Trump is the “Legitimate and Still Actual President.”
      • A recent survey shows that the number on issue for voters who identify as Democrats is “Trump Supporters” while Republican voters were worried about more traditional concerns such as the economy, taxes, illegal immigration and national security. It seems that the chumming for monsters that leaders of the Demonrat party are engaging in is working, at least for their constituents.
      • Capitol Police Chief Yogananda Pittman claims that militia groups want to blow up the Capitol when Biden delivers his State of the Union address (if he ever decides to give one). She claims the same militia’s who stormed the Capitol in January are behind the plot.
      • The rioting and looting continues in the Pacific Northwest and especially Portland.
    • Suppressing The Opposition:
      • House Democrats have sent strongly worded letters to all major cable providers in the US urging them to remove Conservative news outlets like Newsmax, OANN, and Fox (seems they missed the memo where Fox lost the majority of their viewers by joining the leftist propaganda machine, the MiniTRu). It seems the First Amendment means as little to The New Regime as the Second…or any other portion of the US Constitution.
      • The role of poll watchers is to ensure free and fair elections. It is in theor job description to observe and, if necessary, report on potential issues with the election. Two Republican poll watchers in Pennsylvania are being sued by the state for reporting chain of custody (and other) issues in their state. If those who report irregularities are harassed by the state (the were), threatened by members of the opposition party (they have been) and are now being sued for fulfilling the responsibilities of their office its a pretty good indication that there is something to hide and the election results are fraudulent (is anyone surprised by that?).
      • Amazon has rolled out a new policy banning books that don’t agree with the political views of the online shopping and web-hosting giant. Anything that disagrees with corporate views is now removed as “hate speech.”
      • Twitter and other social media platforms continue to de-platform conservative voices such as Amanda Ensing. They also banned all photos of Conservatives and Trump supporters who greeted Creepy Uncle Joe on his recent visit to Texas.
      • In advance of President Trumps speech at the upcoming Conservative Political Action Conference Twitter has added a warning to the organization’s feed:

        The link you are trying to access has been identified by Twitter or our partners as being potentially spammy or unsafe, in accordance with Twitter’s URL Policy.

      • Democrats have also targeted Hyatt Hotels hosting this conference and  allowing Conservatives to meet and express their views.
    • Chumming For Monsters:
      • A Utah teacher caused a controversy by Tweeting, “I only hope that next time a president incites a riot at the Capitol, more Republican senators are killed.” At this point Twitter has not censored this statement as either hate speech or inciting violence.

Stay alert, stay prepared and stay safe.

God bless.

Very Interesting: Democrats Don’t Want Biden To Have Sole Authority To Order Nuclear Strike

A groups of House Demonrats are calling for Biden to give up sole authority to launch a nuclear strike. This responsibility, implemented decades ago, ensured civilian control of the nation’s nuclear arsenal.

There have been specific times when the president was incapacitated when this responsibility was passed to the vice-president. However, in this case, members of the president’s own party are calling for a change that would prevent Biden from launching nuclear missiles without authorization from the vice-president and/or Speaker of the House.

This was not in the form of a bill that, if passed, would codify this process into law for all future presidents but a specific request to Biden and his team. Given the fact that Harris is already fielding Creepy Uncle Joe’s calls with foreign leaders and now this request from leading members of his own party it casts even more doubt as to whether the man is mentally capable of performing the duties that have been handed to him in a fraudulent election.

We live in interesting times, that’s for sure.

Stay alert, stay prepared and stay safe.

God bless.

Civil War SitRep: 2/23/21

It has been yet another week of the same old rhetoric and power games. More Conservative voices censored and that same narrative that Conservatives are the second greatest threat to the nation.

    • Trump defense attorney has had his home vandalized and has had to hire private security for both his home and law office. Additionally, due to threats against his family he had to send them to a secret location to ensure their safety. I guess the Sixth Amendment guarantee to an attorney doesn’t apply to those who oppose The New Regime.
    • The New Regime, through the Thought Police agencies (FBI, DHS, et al.), has conducted and released a “comprehensive threat assessment” on “domestic violent extremism.” It concluded that Conservatives are an existential threat to all things worthy and good. Antifa and BLM who burned, looted assaulted and murdered their way through much of 2020 don’t even rank a mention.
    • A Florida man has been charged for plotting an attack on Trump supporters. He was arrested after trying to coordinate an armed attack on people who supported Trump. But hey, it’s not really a serious threat because only Conservatives are violent and dangerous.
    • House Demonrats have introduced a new bill they are calling the “No Glory For Hate Act.” It would prevent President Trump from being buried in Arlington National Cemetery and prohibit naming anything the Federal government pays for from being named after him.
    • A county in West Virginia has voted to become a Second Amendment “sanctuary.” Local law enforcement is prohibited from cooperating with Federal officials on any gun laws deemed to be unconstitutional. A county in Missouri has taken it a step further and passed a law that would allow the Sheriff’s department to arrest Federal officers who try to enforce unconstitutional gun laws.
    • 54% of Americans believe Creepy Uncle Joe is just a puppet of those on the left who actually wield the power.
    • Even Iraqis (without any prompting from neighboring Iran, I am sure) are getting into the blame everything on Trump supporters. PMU official, Mohammad Al-Basry, claimed that “Trumpist sleeper cells in Iraq were behind Erbil rocket attack in an attempt to thwart Biden’s return to the JCPOA (Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action also known as the Iran Nuclear deal).”
    • While leftist rioters are routinely given a pass for their peaceful destructive ways, those on the right can expect totally different at the hands of The New Regime. Left-wing, insurrectionist John Sullivan who is on video encouraging and celebrating violence and mayhem on January 6th in the US Capital building was released without bail for his part in the activities. On the other hand Conservative activist Jessica Watson has been held without bail since turning herself in and has been subject to treatment that likely violates several laws and her Constitutional rights. For example, she was stripped naked and left in a holding cell for four days. None of the charges against her include violence or threats of violence. So, why would she be treated this way while Sullivan is free without bail?

Stay alert, stay prepared and stay safe.

God bless.

Civil War SitRep: 2/16/21

Another week…

    • News:
      • The New Regime threatens to impose travel restrictions between Florida and the rest of the nation. Florida is not imposing strict lock downs but is also not experiencing the same level of infection and death as many other states. Could it be to punish the state for the increasing number of businesses and people who are migrating out of tightly restricted states? Or maybe the support for Trump from the state? Regardless, there are rumors of some serious verbal confrontations and threats between the government officials involved; withholding Federal funding, National Guard troops to ensure travel across the border and even (possibly) the governor telling Creepy Uncle Joe to “go F himself.”
      • During the Trump Impeachment Trial, the sequel, the prosecution was found to have falsified and tampered with evidence. Oh goodness, that hasn’t happened since the first run of that movie.
      • Because evil Conservatives don’t deserve the have the right to an attorney Leftists are targeting the home of Trump’s defense attorney and his law offices; “My Entire Family,’ Business Are ‘Under Siege’”
      • BLM “peaceful protesters” leave two police officers and a journalist injured in New York City.
      • Biden To Oust Trump-Appointed U.S. Attorneys. US prosecutors appointed by Donald trump have been asked to resign by The New Regime.
      • Creepy Uncle Joe calls for gun control on the anniversary of the Parkland Shooting he wants to ban “Assault Weapons” and “High-Capacity Magazines.”
      • Missouri county authorizes sheriff to arrest any federal agent enforcing policy that violates the 2nd Amendment
      • A new poll shows that nearly half of Americans think U.S. is headed toward another civil war.
      • Facebook is actively assisting law enforcement to identify Capitol occupiers. Despite the assertions by media and The New Regime that Parler was the technology platform used to coordinate this effort. Oh, by the way, FecesBook is sharing this data without requiring a warrant.
    • Suppressing The Opposition:
      • BLM “peaceful protesters” assaulted a conservative news reporter during with umbrellas and a skateboard then rubbed a dirty diaper in her face.
      • Democrats Demand Parler Reveal Its Investors And Creditors – Continuing the lie that the occupation of the Capital was coordinated on Parler (something law enforcement has shown to be false) House DemonRats (AmSoc) have demanded a private company turn over non-public information without due process.
      • Instagram banned Robert F. Kennedy Jr., son of former presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy, for repeatedly posting information about vaccine safety that does not agree with The New Regime’s policy.
      • New York Attorney General Files Lawsuit Against Republican Activists, Including Bevelyn Beatty, For Planned Parenthood Protests – Disagree with The New Regime, they will file charges.
      • Instagram has announced they will be reading your “private” messages will now take actions on the contents.
      • Project Veritas Permanently Suspended From Twitter After Tweeting About Facebook Censorship
      • Two ‘Mandalorian’ Actors Posted Nazi Analogies to Social Media, But Lucasfilm Only Fired…Conservative One
      • Conservative, Christian actor Kevin Sorbo removed from FecesBook.
    • Chumming For Monsters:
      • New York Times Columnist Tom Friedman On China: At Least They Don’t Have Republicans. They may have concentration camps for Uyghurs and political dissidents but hey those on the left seem to be big fans of such things.
      • Killary Clinton called Senate republicans Trump’s co-conspiritors for failing to convict him in the latest show trial by The New Regime supporters (AmSoc).
      • CNN compares capitol “riots” where Trump supporters were killed to Rwandan Genocide.

Stay alert, stay prepared and stay safe.

God bless.

Quotes Of The Day: Impeachment Edition

This was very well said I think someone must have written it for him) and it expresses the feelings of an awful lot of Americans these days:

Our cherished Constitutional Republic was founded on the impartial rule of law, the indispensable safeguard for our liberties, our rights and our freedoms.

It is a sad commentary on our times that one political party in America is given a free pass to denigrate the rule of law, defame law enforcement, cheer mobs, excuse rioters, and transform justice into a tool of political vengeance, and persecute, blacklist, cancel and suppress all people and viewpoints with whom or which they disagree. I always have, and always will, be a champion for the unwavering rule of law, the heroes of law enforcement, and the right of Americans to peacefully and honorably debate the issues of the day without malice and without hate.

-Donald Trump

The second quote is from the blog The Smallest Minority and is in response to the absurdity of calling the Jan. 6 Capitol incursion an “insurrection” or “attempted coup:”

…if we wanted to really be violent, there would have been special elections. -Christopher Greenstein

I have seen it said better but can’t find the other quotes but the bottom line is that Conservatives own the majority of the weapons in this country. Many of them train with them regularly and many are exceptionally good hunters who can pick off game animals at long range with high levels of precision. If there was an insurrection of attempted coup by Conservatives a lot of Congresscritters would have been laid to rest on January 6th or since.

My grandfather used to tell me a story about some kids who used to throw sticks and small rocks at the alligators in the park near their home. One day one of the alligators had enough and what had been fun and games at the expense of a twelve foot reptile became a nightmare, a very bloody nightmare. Please pray that the “kids” with the sticks grow up before they end up in an even more bloody nightmare.

Stay alert, stay prepared and stay safe.

God bless.

Civil War SitRep: 2/9/21

Another week and more of the same. The Ministry of Truth silencing those who oppose The New Regime (AmSoc). Double standards for the party memebers. BLM rioting and threatening to burn DC to the ground (peacefully, of course). Another week of business as usual in the People’s Republic of America…

  • News:
    • The mainstream media (Ministry of Truth) and Nancy Pelosi continue to blame Trump supporters for the death of Capital Police officer Brian Sicknick. Claiming he was killed by being beaten with a fire extinguisher. Except that the medical examiner has ruled that was not the case. He likely he died from the effects of chemicals sprayed into the crowd that day.
    • Leftist insurgents (BLM) protesters clash with police, Threaten To ‘Burn DC to the ground’ during “peaceful Protest.”
    • Leftist insurgent group Black Lives Matter (BLM) attacks police station in Rochester, NY.
    • Inmates rioting and attacking guards in St. Louis jail.
    • Bank Of America ‘Is Without The Knowledge Or The Consent’ Of Customers ‘Sharing Private’ information with Federal investigators. No warrant needed.
    • American’s trust in the mainstream media (Ministry of Truth) hits an all-time-low, only 46% of Americans are dense enough to trust them.
    • Most Republicans (65%) say Biden was not legitimately elected.
    • The Arizona Senate drafted a resolution threatening the arrest of Maricopa County Board of Supervisors for not handing over subpoenaed election machines and ballots but there was no fraud I am sure. The Ministry of Truth has spoken on the subject.
    • Nancy Pelosi increasing security for traveling Congresscritters.
  • Suppressing The Opposition:
    • NYPD shifts anti-terror focus from Jihadi terror groups to ‘far-right and extremist hate groups’.
    • Facebook shuts down former Conservative Senate candidate Lauren Witzke’s Campaign Page.
    • After taking down Mike Lindell’s personal account, Twitter takes down his business account for Wrong-Think.
    • Twitter suspends Conservative radio host Wayne Root.Protesters Clash With Cops, Threaten To ‘Burn’ DC During ‘Black Lives Matter’ March
    • Gun rights group, Virginia Citizens Defense League, banned from Facebook without explanation.
    • Two (Conservative) Congresscritters were fined for bypassing the metal detectors implemented by Nancy Pelosi to scan all Congresscritters before they are allowed to enter the chamber. Ole Nancy herself bypassed the scanners but will not be fined, More double standards for The New Regime supporters.
    • Special forces teams are being warned against the use of various symbols that indicate an affiliation with domestic terrorism including the “Three Percenters” symbol (the Roman numeral III with 13 stars around it) which has historically represented the 2% of colonists who fought for independence from Britain.
    • Massachusetts climate official on people producing emissions: ‘We Have To Break Your Will.’ Yup, those silly proles heating their homes in the dead of winter…
  • Chumming For Monsters:
    • Congresscritter Maxine Waters (D-CA) has said that former President Donald Trump “absolutely should be charged with premeditated murder” due to the riots at the Capitol on January 6.
    • LA Times columnist compares  neighbors who plowed her driveway for her to Nazis and terrorists because they supported Trump in the election.
    • Jalina Porter, deputy spokesperson of the State Department tweeted that the “largest threat to national security are U.S. Cops. Not ISIS.”
    • Washington Examiner has published an op-ed comparing Trump supporters to al Qaeda.
    • Congresscritter Jackie Speier suggests labeling Republicans terrorists.
    • CIA top dog Robert Grenier says Trump suppporters should be hunted down as we hunted down al-Qaeda members.
    • Ministry of Truth outlet, Politico, suggests Biden take lessons from U.S. Grant in suppressing insurrections including the use of overwhelming force.
    • Local North Carolina media outlet posted a caricature of Republicans as members of the KKK. Black, Republican Lieutenant Governor Mark Robinson slammed them.
    • CNN’s Jake Tapper says Trump supporters who question 2020 election results need to be ‘Held Accountable’ calls it MAGA Terrorism.

Stay alert, stay prepared and stay safe.

God bless.

Double Standards And Civil Unrest

One of the key principles our nation was founded on is that “all men are created equal.” While it is true that we have not always done such a good job of living by that principle it is a core principle ingrained, historically, in all Americans. When we have seen this principle violated it chafes at us and people will work through various means to “make it right.”

The abolitionists worked to free our fellow men who were enslaved. Suffragettes worked to ensure women were able to exercise their right to vote. The Civil Rights movement worked to restore the rights of Blacks in the Jim Crow South. Legal and Labor reform movements tell the story of Americans working towards making this principle reality. Those efforts were not always peaceful.

Today we have a clear and depening divide in our nation and growing anger and resentment towards what many are seeing as the double standards that are applied between the two sides.

The BLM and ANITFA “peaceful protesters” rampaged through several cities across the nation leaving a staggering bill in property damage and a casualty count in wounded and dead that was not only ignored by Leftist politicians and mainstream media but celebrated. The current Vice-President of the US encouraged donations to efforts to raise bail for those few members of the mobs that did get arrested and charged. Most of the protesters were actually released without any charges being filed by Leftist prosecutors. Compare that to the outrage and horror expressed over the occupation of the Capital building on January 6th. A massive effort is underway to identify everyone who took part, charges are to be filed in all cases and in many cases the accused are being held without bail. Not so the Leftists who took part in the same incident.

Americans are being lectured by the elite of AmSoc on the evils of fossil fuels. Oil field workers are being told to just go find other jobs meanwhile those same elites jet around the planet making speeches and accepting awards on private jets because “it’s the only choice for someone like me.”

The Leftists are fighting tooth and nail over a House seat in New York, demanding recounts and leveling accusations of voter fraud, irregularities and un-Constitutional actions. All the while Conservatives who make the same arguments are branded insurrectionists and accused of inciting domestic terrorism.

A Leftist Congresscritter can accuse a Senator and another member of the House of trying to get her killed (without evidence) all the while the fact that she wasn’t even in the Capital building during the incident is ignored.

I could go on like this for pages and pages but you probably get the idea. People, in this country, are seeing the double standards and as I have pointed out already, they don’t do well with them. In fact, the constant, arrogant reminders from the ruling elites of AmSoc are downright infuriating for at least half the population of this nation.

If the ruling elite of AmSoc continues down this path they may find folks who are willing to live up to the hyperbole and lies they are throwing around about Conservatives and patriots. Keep up with the double standards and keep branding Americans with terms like domestic terrorist and insurrectionist and you may drive people into being those very things.

The ruling elite have no idea of what most Americans deal with or put up with just to make a living. Take the oilfield workers they arrogantly tell to “go make solar panels” (as if those wouldn’t all be made in China). Drilling happens whether it is over 100 degrees or 20 degrees below zero. It happens in cumbersome, fire retardant suits. Injuries that result in anything short of lost lives or appendages generally go unreported in order to earn safety bonuses. Weeks spent away from family in man camps or onsite trailers is a normal existence. These are tough men (and a few women I am sure) most of whom are pretty familiar with firearms and hunting.

Do you really want to take away these men’s livelihoods while telling them that they are all terrorists and insurrectionists?

To paraphrase Thomas Jefferson, we hold these truths to be self-evident that all men are created equal and when you treat them like dirt we have the right, the obligation, to stand up. Peacefully, until peaceful doesn’t work anymore…

Stay alert, stay prepared and stay safe.

God bless.

Civil War SitRep: 2/2/21

I keep hoping that I will be able to report that things are calming down and that we can reduce our threat level. Sadly, that did not happen this week.

Unfortunately, I also have to keep raising the bar in what I will include. More and more I am combining headlines or dropping more minor incidents out of the list to keep it manageable and concise.

  • News:
    • Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer said in an interview that The New Regime should declare a “climate emergency.” He went on to explain that doing so would allow The New Regime to bypass Congress and that pesky old Constitution, “Then he can do many, many things under the emergency powers of the president that wouldn’t have to go through — that he could do without legislation.” Yup, that’s what I want to hear from the Top Man in the Senate, urging the president to become a dictator by declaring a fictional emergency.
    • Republican party leadership has submitted a request to the Federal Election Commission to determine if they can use election funds to pay for security details for candidates.
    • Sen. Tom Carper Introduces Washington DC Admission Act to Make Nation’s Capital its 51st State. This will ensure two more radical far left senators and at least one US House representative for Democrats.
    • Biden Launches Commission On ‘Supreme Court Reform’ just to make sure their new executive orders and laws get a green light from the Judicial Branch.
    • The San Francisco school board voted to officially rename 44 public schools bearing the names of “controversial” historical figures, including former Presidents Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, Theodore Roosevelt, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, and Herbert Hoover; Revolutionary War hero Paul Revere; inventor Thomas Edison; and longtime California Democratic Senator Dianne Feinstein.
    • Armed leftist insurgents (Antifa/BLM) stormed a hotel in Olympia Washington, threatened staff and guests while demanding the hotel provide free lodging for protesters and the homeless population of the city. It took police nearly twelve hours to remove them all and there were several scuffles and injured on both sides but they’re not the domestic terrorists…
  • Suppressing The Opposition:
    • “Racism” and “Hate Speech” the “go to” accusations of The New Regime (AmSoc). They are using them to stifle opposition including the traders buying GameStop stocks and costing the elite rich supporters of The New Regime money.
    • DHS Issues New Terror Advisory On “Domestic Violent Extremists” – No, we’re not talking about BLM or Antifa who have killed numerous people, burned and destroyed millions of dollars in property, assaulted police officers and attacked government buildings. Nope talking about those in this country who did not support AmSoc or The New Regime. They are the ones being labeled as violent extremists and, of course, White Supremacists, and Racists.
    • Christian group Focus on the Family banned from Twitter for following the science of biology and referring to Rachel Levine, The New Regime’s nominee for Assistant Secretary for Health, as a “man who believes he is a woman.” This has been tagged as “Hate Speech” by twitter.
    • Another former Trump official, Peter Navarro, banned from Twitter even though he hadn’t Tweeted anything for weeks.
    • Conservative outlet Epoch Times demonetized by YouTube.
    • CNN’s Brian Stelter who is the host of “Reliable Sources” on CNN on Sunday mornings once again urged cable carriers to remove FOX News and others from the airwaves.
    • Dr. John Eastman Fired from Chapman University After Speaking with Rudy Giuliani on Jan. 6 in DC
    • Sephora Cuts Ties With Beauty Influencer for Being a Conservative, Says Republicans ‘Aren’t Aligned’ With Their Values
    • Twitter Suspended the account of conservative media source Gateway Pundit for reporting on a Virginia court ruling on Mail-in Ballots. Yup, a telling the world about the findings in a court of law is an incitement to violence under The New Regime.
    • The San Francisco School Board voted to officially rename 44 public schools bearing the names of “controversial” historical figures, including former Presidents Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, Theodore Roosevelt, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, and Herbert Hoover; Revolutionary War hero Paul Revere; and inventor Thomas Edison. AmSoc is erasing our history.
  • Chumming For Monsters:
    • “The View” co-host Sunny Hostin slammed the GOP, which includes the 70 million people that voted for Trump, as an extremist party of isolationist, nationalist, seditionists that wants to put kids in cages.
    • Dr. Beth Younger, an associate English professor at Drake University, tweeted on October 26th that she was “pondering how much hatred” she had for “all the republican a**holes,” adding that they “need to suffer.”
    • MSNBC guest commentator and Princeton professor Eddie Glaude says Republicans are “Willing to Kill” those who disagree with them and the Republican leadership supports them.
    • Democratic (AmSoc) Congresscritter Ocasio-Cortes has repeatedly accused Senator Ted Cruz of trying to get her killed and continues to do so. No evidence has been given or specifics cited. She even said that was why she skipped the inauguration installation of The New Regime.

Stay alert, stay prepared and stay safe.

God bless.