A Little Reminder From History

In response to aggression in Asia the US implemented massive sanctions on Imperial Japan on July 26th, 1941. The sanctions froze assets within the United States, three-quarters of Japan’s overseas trade was blocked and oil exports to Japan were blocked. At the time over 80% of Japan’s imported oil supply was from the US.

Based on existing reserves Japan had a limited time before the country and the military would grind to a halt.

Japan could “lose face” and give in to American demands to end their wars of conquest or they could step up their offensives to secure needed resources through force and remove US influence in the Pacific.

Their decision was made perfectly clear 134 days later in the form of the attack on Pearl Harbor, on the morning of Sunday December 7th, 1941. The Imperial Japanese forces destroyed 188 planes, damaged 159, sunk six ships including 4 battleships, and damaged 13 more. The greatest cost of all was the more than 2400 Americans who were killed and almost 1200 who were wounded in the attack. The deadliest attack on Americans until 9/11.

I share this so people will understand that economic warfare is still warfare. Some countries will surrender and some will fight back, economically or militarily.

I am absolutely NOT saying we should not have put sanctions on Russia over the invasion of Ukraine. I am not defending Russia in any way…


We should all be aware of the potential consequences of those actions and prepare accordingly…

Take care and God bless.

Ukraine – Pray, Pray Now, Pray Hard….

I have tried not to be a fear monger on the Ukraine crisis but…

The situation in Ukraine looks to be escalating even closer to war. We have sent 8000 troops and F-15s to Eastern Europe and 8 B-52 bombers (we only announced 4) to Western Europe. Israel is evacuating their embassy staff and has issued a travel warning. Ukraine has given Russia 48 hour deadline to explain troop movements in the Eastern regions already occupied by Russia. Putin pulled his personal yacht (unfinished) out of a German shipyard and he and “Sleepy Joe” have scheduled an emergency phone call for tomorrow. There’s more but those are the high points.

Most analysts expect any action to begin between the 14th and the 20th but it could be anytime. If we can make it through February without WWIII starting it will be a miracle (so, get to praying if you are not already).

The immediate impact on us would be massive increases in gas prices (oil proces are already going up in anticipation of an attack), cyber-attacks could cause banking and\or credit card systems to fail. Logistics and supply chain attacks have already started so we might see even worse problems with availability of critical goods and supplies (like food). The power grid could be knocked out for a while (at least regionally) as well.

If you haven’t already started (why not?) I suggest that you get busy preparing like you would for a a natural disaster; food, water, fuel and cash. If supplies are limited for more than a short time we could see civil unrest and violence.

If you are already prepping it might be a good time to get finalize what you can and top off your preps.

Keep a close eye on world events so nothing takes you unprepared and please pray that the idiots in charge get smart and this does not happen. We may well need a miracle at this point.

Take care and God bless.

Anti-Fascist Blues by FiveTimesAugust

Hat tip to MaddMedic at the Freedom is Just Another Word blog for sharing this one…

Give it a watch\listen. Warning, it ended up costing me like eight bucks buying several of this guy’s songs.

He is resisting with his music so, as far as I am concerned it is money well spent.

Take care and have a great weekend!

Wait, what?

The largest payroll processor in the country says we lost 301,000 jobs last month but the Current Ruling Junta (under revised algorithms) claims we ADDED 467,000 new jobs and (under the revised algorithms) added 510,000 jobs last month instead of the 199,000 previously reported (under the old algorithms).

And yet unemployment still ROSE to 4%…

Does anyone else feel like we are living in Soviet Russia?

Be alert, get prepared, fight the good fight!

God bless and God save the Republic.

US Terrorism Scoreboard 2022

The US (in)justice department is creating a specialized task force focused on the growing threat of domestic terrorists. Specifically on those Americans who “are motivated by racial animus” or “ascribe to extremist anti-government and anti-authority ideologies.” In other words, conservatives, patriots and don’t forget soccer moms at school-board meetings .

I thought it would be interesting and informative to begin tracking domestic terrorist events or attempted terrorist and put together a scorecard of the incidents. So far in 2022 we have had two events that I could find. The most recent was the Congregation Beth Israel hostage taking here in Texas and the other was a young man affiliated with Antifa who was arrested with bomb in his backpack at a conservative rally in Florida. We will track the number of incidents per group, the number of wounded and the number of folks killed (hopefully, those last two stats remain at zero).

Affiliation Incidents Wounded Dead
Islam 1 0 0
Antifa (Left) 1 0 0

Be sure and let me know in the comments if I miss any or if you think I am calling something in the wrong category.

Events List:

January 15th – Islamist – Malik Faisal Akram took four hostages at the Congregation Beth Israel in Colleyville, Texas demanding the release of a convicted Islamic terrorist (link).

January 6th – Antifa/Left – Garrett Smith arrested for making and possessing explosive devices at a rally on behalf of alleged Capitol rioter Jeremy Brown. Smith was dressed in “Black Bloc” had notes related to Antifa (link).


Be alert, get prepared, fight the good fight!

God bless and God save the Republic.

One Of The Few Supporting The Many

According to the newly release figures, 61% of Americans didn’t pay income taxes last year. With the COVID unemployment rates and such the ranks of non-taxpayers increased by 40% last year!

Being one of the 39% carrying the load for the rest of the country is not something I have ever aspired to…

How much longer can the few continue to carry the load for the many?

Stay alert, stay prepared and stay safe.

God bless.

Timothy Hale-Cusanelli – A US Political Prisoner

Timothy Hale-Cusanelli has been an  army reservist for eleven years and is a contractor at the Naval Weapons Station in New Jersey. He has no criminal record.

He was arrested on January 15th of this year for participating in the occupation of the US Capitol on January 6th. He has been held without bail since then and transferred between several jails/prisons in multiple states during that time.

It is reported that many of the January 6th prisoners have been subjected to beatings and torture while being held without bail. There are no specific reports of this man being treated in that manner at this time.

None of the charges against him are for violent crimes. He is not accused of vandalizing or stealing anything. None of the charges include weapons possession or use. The charges he faces are for trespassing, obstruction, disorderly conduct and “parading, demonstrating, or picketing in a Capitol building.”

The US Department of Justice prosecutor has requested that his trial be delayed until 2022 in order to give them time to build a case against him stating that “the government cannot meet discovery obligations until early 2022. That’s a conservative estimate”

In the meantime, he stays in jail.

The justice department is also accusing him of being a white supremacist and supporting Nazi ideology. No official complaints have ever been filed on him either at his place of employment or in his Army reserve unit. The primary basis for these accusations by the US DoJ, which are not crimes by the way, are the memes found on his phone.

I know what I believe but I would like to hear your thoughts, is this man a political prisoner?

Stay alert, stay prepared and stay safe.

God bless.