New Diversions: Raspberry Pi and Kali Linux

Over the past few weeks I have been indulging my TechNerd self. I have been spending more time thinking about and privacy and security from a personal perspective and that effort lead to a couple of new areas of interest; Single Board Computers specifically the Raspberry Pi and Kali Linux.

While researching personal security and privacy I came across a post detailing how this particular person used the Raspberry Pi (and other single board computers) to help ensure his own data privacy. I have looked at these devices before and although I thought they were cool I never really saw a need for one but after reading that I was interested enough to go ahead and spend the $90 to get a full set up; board, case, power supply and MicroSD card preloaded with the Raspberry version of Linux.It was cool and all but became even cooler when I bought a second MicroSD and loaded it up with Kali Linux.

Kali is a Linux distribution geared towards security professionals and is loaded up with tools for penetration testing, security auditing and forensic analysis. It’s a “one stop shop” for a ton of hacking tools geared towards the “white hat” hacking community.

Now, to be honest, this really isn’t just a diversion. I work in the cyber-security industry helping customers secure their environments from the bad guys. I know our product pretty well and I know the threats it is designed to counter but I really don’t know the other side of the story at any more than a conceptual level. I know the attacks we deal with and how we deal with them but I really don’t know how those attacks are performed. I have depended on other teams within the organization to research and educate us on them. Working with Kali will help me learn the attack side of things in addition to the defense since many of those tools are there to work with.

That will help make me better at my job. It also builds another marketable skill set. I doubt most penetration testers (pentesters) need to go onsite for their work very often so it is a skill set I could easily utilize remotely even after the COVID nightmare is over.

Hopefully, some of what I learn will make it into the blog in order to help others keep their data private and secure.

Stay alert, stay prepared and stay safe.

God bless.