Free Ride For Criminals In Dallas

The District Attorney for Dallas, Texas has announced that his department will NO LONGER prosecute misdemeanor theft, trespassing and drug offenses and ask for no bail release of criminals arrested on minor charges…

What do you think the outcome of this new policy will be?

God bless and take care.


Atheist Minister In “Christian” Church Keeps Her Job…

When I fist saw a reference to this situation I thought it was just some crazy “click bait” headline but no it is a real thing (link). The minister of a “Christian” church in Canada, West Hill United Church in Toronto, has decided that Jesus is not the son of God, He did not die to take away the sins of the world, we are not saved by His grace and that, in fact, there is not God. She is an atheist and has tweeted, posted and written books to make that very clear.

After she decided to begin skipping the Lord’s prayer during services and in fact after she openly admitted from the pulpit during a sermon that she does not believe in God, nor in Christ some members of the church attempted to remove her from her position as minister. She countered by filing a lawsuit to keep her job as minister of a “Christian” church…and to still be able to share her atheism as part of her sermons during services…and she has won.

She will continue to be the minister of the church and continue to be an ordained minister in this denomination despite being an atheist…

She is totally (or seems to be anyway) clueless of the irony and the hypocrisy of suing to be a Christian minister AND an open, practicing atheist. Prior to the court decision she stated she: “can’t believe fitness for ministry based on affirm an archaic doctrinal statement…I will feel betrayed by the church.”


Look, if she wants to be an atheist. That’s fine. It is her choice. If she wants to evangelize her faith in the non-existence of God go ahead. If she wants to start a “church” for atheists to celebrate the non-existence and do good works. Fine. But why would you sue to lead a Christian church when you believe every aspect of the religious doctrine to be archaic and wrong?

This is an example of the current Idiocracy at its finest.

Take care and God bless.