Things That Annoy Me At The Airport (#005)

We have all been standing in the same line for the last twenty minutes, hearing the same instructions repeated over and over and seeing every…single…person in line ahead of us go through the same drill. You should NOT be surprised when you get to the front of the line and have to remove your laptop and all electronic devices larger than a phone, your belt, jacket, shoes and empty your pockets!

The rest of us who have any awareness of our surroundings and actually listen to instructions would like to get through security (out of the kill box this security theater creates) and get a cup of coffee or a bite to eat before our flight starts boarding.


Things That Annoy Me At The Airport (#004)

Ditch the speakerphone. Seriously, the rest of us don’t want to be that much a part of your life. We don’t care who’s sleeping with who, who is going to jail, who “copped a plea,” or what drugs will be available at the party for the girl who copped the plea.

I think my grandkids are precious too but that’s no reason for me to sit through your endless FaceTime chats with them.

That is all.