Even More Setbacks…

The good news is that my ankle is starting to heal. I still have an issue with stairs, uneven ground or carrying any real weight. The bad news is that I have taken two steps back on the road to recovery.

I let the doctor talk me into a minor medical procedure that should have been very minor and should not have had a significant impact on my activity level. Should just means that for some poor jerk out there it is not minor and it does have a significant impact. Guess who that poor jerk is in this case?


Last week had me in worse pain than I have had to deal with since I tried to pass a kidney stone the size of a large marble. I couldn’t sleep or find any position that was comfortable. Walking more than a few steps was an epic journey for me. Have I mentioned that I am allergic to pain killers?

On top of that, the three teeth I need removed (scheduled for next week) are really bothering me

I am not sure how much posting I will be doing in the next few weeks (I do have a few more posts still queued up) but you never know I might feel like writing since I won’t be doing much of anything else.

I am not going to lie this has me pretty bummed. On the other hand I am still in a much better state than an awful lot of other folks. Just being alive is an amazing blessing and I am truly thankful for that.

Take care and God bless.



This Could Get Interesting – Russian Military In Venezuela

Lost in the flurry of political posturing and fallout from the release of the findings on the investigation of possible collusion between Trump and the Russians there is a new little development in Venezuela. Aircraft carrying Russian troops and equipment have started arriving in Caracas.

So far, it only appears to be a small number of troops possibly advisors and/spec ops teams but what this means for the people of Venezuela remains to be seen. Supporting a nation on the edge of collapse, a nation that destroys food aid for their own people who are starving is an interesting play be the Russians and one has to wonder who is paying for it all since neither nation is exactly flush with cash.

It also escalates the potential for US/Russian entanglement.

Pray for the people of Venezuela and for this situation.

Take care and God bless.

What Did You Prep This Month?

Walk With God

I completed another two rounds of praying for my 100 closest neighbors and continued teaching Sunday School and attending church.

Self Defense/Hunting

As I previously mentioned I bought and AR-10 pattern rifle and Digital Night Vision (DNV) scope. I since returned the DNV scope and purchased a thermal scope. not testing on the thermal has been completed at this point.

For the CZ Scorpion I purchased a new red dot optic. This one is a little more sturdy and offers 50,000 hours of battery life. Now, I just need to some time tand mobility to go to the range and test it out.

We purchased a fair amount of ammunition:

-100 rounds of 9mm SD ammo for CZ Scorpion

-60 rounds of .308 for hunting

-50 rounds of .357 magnum for woods carry

-75 rounds of 300 Blackout hunting ammo


We finally got around to replacing the freezer we lost in the flood. This gives us a good bit more freezer space for storing food.


I purchased a new video doorbell since mine stopped functioning but haven’t had a chance to install it yet.


We put more money in savings this month. In fact we have reached our savings goal for the year. We also used a bonus Wonderful Wife earned to make an extra payment on the house.


While I have lost weight not being able to exercise (or even walk) has slowed my progress. Besides that, when all you can do is sit on the couch it is even harder to not overeat than it usually is…

That’s it for me. That’s what I prepped this week. How about you? What did you Prep this week?

Take care and God Bless


First off, no, I didn’t buy another gun…

…but I just might once these become available.

Charter Arms has just announced an all new model in their lineup. No, it isn’t a different shade of pink or tiger stripes this time. It is a new seven shot revolver chambered in .32 H&R Magnum called the Professional (or as it is written in the press releases, the PROFESSIONAL). This new little wheel gun offers a pretty nice list of features including a fiber optic front sight, a three inch barrel with a full length underlug, (as mentioned) a seven round capacity and a nice round but frame with walnut grips.


This looks like a really nice little revolver for concealed carry and for range time. Being a steel frame and cylinder it should soak up the negligible recoil of the .32 Magnum cartridge although that might mean it is a tad bit on the heavy side for a carry piece. The whole thing is finished in a Blacknitride+™ coating that sounds like it should be very similar to the finish on most Glocks and so very durable.

The MSRP is published at $438 and so it is also a very affordable choice. Personally, I can’t wait to get my hands on one and run it through its paces and at that price I won’t have to sell a kidney to get one.

Here’s the video from the You Tubes on this little guy:

Take care and God bless!

SRC-308 Modifications

One of the best (and worst) aspects of the AR platform is the ease of making modifications and the huge number of accessories out there. Being a “basic” model the SRC-308 comes from the factory with a very basic set of features. I think the guys at Windham figure that whoever buys the rifle is going to customize it so start with the absolute basics. I am no exception and I am not eve sure this particular rifle made it out to the range before I started making modifications to it.

Stock SRC-308

So, what have I changed and why?

Butt Stock

The basic milspec AR stock leaves a lot to be desired. It’s hard to get a good cheek weld, it rattles and there is no recoil absorption whatsoever. The lack of of a recoil pad is a non-issue in 5.56/.223 but on a .308 I would really like a bit of a rubber between me and the recoil.

(Odd side note: I don’t mind the heavy recoil of an ultralight .357 magnum or a .44 magnum but rifle recoil does bother me. Weird, I know)

Hogue Overmolded Stock

The one thing I did like about the included butt stock was that it had a built in sling loop.

I replaced it with the Hogue OverMolded Collapsible Buttstock. It offers a nice cheek weld, and a but of recoil padding at the rear. It doesn’t lock into place but there is an internal liner that keeps it from sliding around or rattling. It works well and was cheaper than an equivalent Magpul stock.

Hand Guard

The circular A2 style hand guard on the SRC had to go. The diameter is huge for those of us with little sausage fingers and there was no way to mount a rail or a

Magpul MOE Handguard

light or any other accessories to it.

I went with a standard Magpul MOE hand guard. I have them on several of my a couple of my other rifles and they work fine. They are not my favorite but it does what I need it to do at a reasonable cost.

Rail Section

One of the things I wanted in a hand guard was the ability to mount a light or a small section of rail. The MLok slot on the MOE and a small bit of MLok attached rail allowed just that. Now I have the option of mounting a light. I have several high powered white lights I can now mount, if need be. I have a green light for night hunting if the digital night vision doesn’t work as well as I hope or if there is a reason I can’t use it. I can also mount a second IR illuminator should I want a different wavelength of IR, a more powerful illuminator or just a second as a backup.

Muzzle Device

KVP Linear Compensator

In many cases I will be hunting with another person beside me. When shooting at a group of scattering hogs on the run it takes a lot of concentration and care to keep muzzles pointed in a safe direction. With a muzzle device that ejects hot gases upwards and/or to the side you can easily run into a situation where the gases can also pose a risk (at minimum a comfort risk). No one wants the blast of hot gases off a .308 in the face or to be deafened by the sound. So, I replaced the old birdcage with a linear compensator from Kaw Valley Precision. That way all hot gases head towards the hogs instead of towards a buddy or upwards into the line of sight of a scope that uses light in the infrared (heat) wavelengths.


The rifle came with a basic nylon sling but I went ahead and upgraded to the Magpul RLS sling. It has a little wider strap so it will not dig into my shoulder as badly. It also similar to a 1917 or Rhodesian sling in that there is a loop within the loop that can be used to help brace and stabilize the rifle while shooting from an unsupported position. This is a non-issue when hunting from a fixed position in blind or stand but a lot of our hunting is on foot, stalking through heavy brush and along trails. There is not always a convenient tree branch to help stabilize the shot and this style sling will really help accuracy in those situations.


The SRC-308 came with a single Magpul 20 round magazine. I have picked up another of those as well as a 10 round magazine. For whatever reason 5 and 10 rounds AR-10 magazines are hard to find at a reasonable price right now. I will keep my eye out for a couple more as they are lighter and don’t stick out of the rifle as far (to catch brush and briars). We will see how it goes but I don’t foresee many times when I will need more than 5 or 10 rounds for hunting. Even with a suppressor, the hogs start to scatter pretty quickly after the first one goes down.

That’s all I have changed so far and all I plan to change at this point.

Take care and God bless.


Since January 2nd we have been working really hard to loose weight and get in shape. Wonderful Wife has had several setbacks with a really nasty and persistent case of bronchitis. I have been blessed and haven’t caught it from her but I ran into my own setback a week and a half ago.

I was playing basketball with my oldest grandson and Wonderful Wife when I put my foot down wrong and sprained my ankle…badly. This is about the worst sprain I can remember ever having and I have had some bad ones. I have been off my feet for this whole time. My son in law took one look and asked if Wonderful wife had worked me over with a 4×4 and a sledgehammer.

NOT Wonderful Wife and NOT my ankle

It is tough to exercise when you can’t even stand up on your own and when you are stuck on the couch with your foot propped up and iced down like a piece of meat there is not much that can keep your mind from wondering to comfort foods…or at least my mind.

I haven’t gained much weight back at this point. Which is good. It also looks like I may have turned the corner and I am on the mend it is still a bit of a setback and it will take some time to regain the ground that was lost.

I had some posts already written and scheduled to go so don’t be surprised when you see something about me at the range or anything. That all happened before I was gimped out. There is lots more gun and hunting related stuff coming but some may have to wait a bit while I recover.

Take care and God bless.