Paradigm Shift – Awareness

Normalcy bias is one of the most disastrous of human mental traits in a dangerous situation. Normalcy bias leaves people sitting in their seats during an active shooter situation because that just has to be a car backfiring or a movie right? Normalcy bias means people continue to walk towards a burning World Trade Center until it begins to crumble. Normalcy bias lured yours truly into complacency until it was too late to do much towards saving many of our possessions during a flood. Normalcy bias probably kept most Germans, even Jewish Germans, from seeing what was to come about under NAZI rule.

Like 1930’s Germany, we are in a time when normalcy bias could cost us our way of life and possibly millions of lives.

The current mess we find ourselves in is confusing and makes no sense, while we operate under a normalcy bias that says it is just politics as usual in the good ole’ US of A. However, if we remove the veil of normalcy bias and look at the current situation under a different paradigm, it may begin to make a little more sense. It has for me.

As author, war correspondent, and former Green Beret Michael Yon states:

“We must adjust our collective paradigm until we are no longer surprised, and can predict what The Beast will do next. Because either we beat The Beast, or it will kill us.”

(Note: I like his term for those currently running our nation, The Beast, and I will likely steal it from him but please don’t tell him as I am sure he could kick my tail up and down the block without breaking a sweat.)

If you change your point of view and accept that The Beast, that collection of un-elected bankers, bureaucrats, technocrats and their pet politicians who have taken over this country are hell bent on destroying it and crushing true American Patriots in order to remake the nation to meet their own objectives, things begin to make more sense. If we adjust the paradigm and things suddenly begin to make more sense then it is probable that the new paradigm is correct.

“Keep adjusting your world view until you no longer are surprised like, “This has nothing to do with health. The Beast is using information warfare to destroy our military. And more. Defund the Police. Is a hostile takeover. Opening the borders is a hostile takeover. Breaking the economy is a hostile takeover. The Beast is setting conditions for authentic genocide.”

“If you try my current paradigm for just a week, you be unsurprised at ships off the coast unable to unload, [and] forced jabs with untested chemicals into children’s arms.

-Michael Yon

The consequences for the US if we continue to be blinded by normalcy bias are dire. We will lose our nation and the founding principles of justice and liberty will also be lost. More than that, those who do not agree with, or fit in with The Beast’s new vision of America will likely find themselves the victims of yet another “Final Solution.”

Re-read this quote:

“We must adjust our collective paradigm until we are no longer surprised, and can predict what The Beast will do next. Because either we beat The Beast, or it will kill us.”

…and this one:

The Beast is setting conditions for authentic genocide.”

If we do not act, if we do not change our thinking we will probably not live long to regret it…more importantly, neither will our children.

Be alert, get prepared, fight the good fight!

God bless and God save the Republic.

Welcome to the Resistance.

Stand Up And Resist, Another Point Of View

A few days ago I reviewed how I believe we should be resisting the tyrants who have stolen our country in my post What Does Resistance Look Like?.

Today I would like to share some snippets from a similar article posted on The American Spectator titled It’s About the Culture War, Stupid: Enlist as a Culture Warrior. The subtitle of the article was “Enough already! Backing down is for losers” and I have to say that I like that so much you might see it here in the future.

The author does an amazing job of encouraging American Patriots to stand up and resist the leftist mob:

If only conservative men would man up, conservative women would woman up, and we all would just stuff it right back in their faces. That’s all it takes. The War on Culture must begin — yesterday. We have the numbers, need the guts.

He goes on and explains that we should not shrink down and apologize for our beliefs:

When MSNBC and CNN call a politician a “racist” for opposing Critical Race Theory, the response should not be: “Well, uh, I’m, c’mon, I’m not really a racist, like, really, you shouldn’t say that about me.”

That is not the answer. Rather the answer should be: “Stuff it! You are the racist!”

While I applaud the tone and intent of the article I do have one criticism and warning. The author make it seem like if we all just start standing up we will win the country back and it will all be rainbows and roses. He paints the opposition forces as mere paper figures:

Conservatives are intimidated by Whoopie Goldberg? By Joy Behar? By a Twitter mob? By Joy Reid? By Nicolle Wallace?

These people are paper. Dust. They are nothing — here today, gone tomorrow. Keith Olbermann?  Ed Schultz? Chris Matthews? Dylan Ratigan? Dust in the wind.

This is absolutely not the case. While they may not be as powerful as some of us give them credit for. How many conservative leaders have faced prosecution on trumped up charges? Not all have won. How many actors and everyday citizens have lost their livelihoods for daring to post opinions contrary to the mob? Quite a few. Aaron “Jay” Danielson, Lee Keltner, Ashli Babbitt and others have already paid the ultimate price for daring to oppose the powers that be.

While it may be difficult, dangerous or even deadly it is still time for us to stand up and resist the overthrow of our nation by the woke mob and their puppet masters.

Be alert, get prepared, fight the good fight!

God bless and God save the Republic.

Sunday Scripture: Ephesians 1:9-10

Three crosses on a hill


He made known to us the mystery of His will, according to His good pleasure that He purposed in Christ as a plan for the right time — to bring everything together in Christ, both things in heaven and things on earth in him.

-Ephesians 1:9-10

Personal Meaning:

Christ did not die on the cross by accident. His death was ordained and planned from the beginning of time. All that happened in the Old testament was a lead up to that moment. All that happened since and will happen in the future is another phase in the same plan is ultimately completed with the return of Christ as King and the salvation of all who can be saved.



I am amazed that You would go to such incredible lengths to save us; to save me. You are a wonderful and amazing god.

Thank you.

Today I am Thankful For:

That Wonderful Wife is employed and, most importantly, continuing to recover from COVID.


Stay alert, stay prepared and stay safe.

God bless.

Project Get Fit 2021 (Part 2): Week 16

Not me, I don’t have that much hair on my head…

For a variety of reasons I didn’t get much rest Sunday night. That left me feeling pretty darn drained on Monday so I skipped the workout and went on Tuesday instead. It was a very good workout and I am actually exceeding some of my pre-COVID workout levels on several exercises. I still have a few where my performance is still lower but I am working through those and should get there soon. I did skip the back extensions because I was having quite a bit of back pain after my last workout.

I made it to the gym on Thursday and although I really wasn’t feeling it I was able to improve on just about every exercise in my routine. I am at or above where I was pre-COVID on all exercises except one. To be honest there are two other exercise that I haven’t reached pre-COVID levels, however, that is by design. I am taking a different approach of lower weight but increased reps on those so I won’t hit pre-COVID levels for a long time but that is by design. I still skipped the back exercises out of an over abundance of caution. I also shaved a few seconds off my fastest half-mile time.

Saturday morning was tough. It was really tough to motivate myself to work through the exercise routine. I really wanted to just skip it and eat some tacos but I forced myself to keep going. I am in the green (at or above pre-COVID levels) on all exercises. There are a couple that I am taking a slightly different approach to, more reps lighter weight, that I don’t plan to hit pre-COVID levels on for quite sometime so I am not counting them.

Stay alert, stay prepared and stay safe.

God bless.

Goal: Complete a Murph Challenge in 2022

What Does Resistance Look Like?

In a previous post I was explicit that when we encourage resistance we are not calling for violence. Many folks out there seem to think that the only two options available are acceptance/compliance or violence. That is most definitely not the case. It may get to that point at some time in the future but, hopefully, by resisting now we can avoid the horrors and tragedies that will come from a violence.

So, what are we advocating? Let’s take a look.

Voting/Political Activism

Since the 2020 election it has become painfully obvious to most anyone who is actually paying attention that in certain parts of the country and certainly at a national level the fix is in. Those behind the current regime are far too adept and willing to commit fraud in order to retain and solidify their hold on power for us to be able to affect change and deliver the nation from the usurpers through the ballot box. So, why should we bother with the political process at all including voting?

As the recent results in Virginia and the Presidential election of 2016 show, every once in a while the tyrants underestimate the level of cheating required to win and we are able to elect someone who will throw monkey wrenches into their machinations. Even if we are not victorious, the more of us vote the more they have to cheat. The more they have to cheat the more obvious their actions become. The more obvious their actions become the more people will see the truth of what is happening. The more people who see the truth the more people will join The Resistance. By staying involved politically, or better yet, becoming more involved politically we expose them and what they are doing to this nation.

Don’t Submit/Don’t Comply

We are seeing more and more people standing up against the illegal and immoral orders issued by the powers behind the current regime. Whether it is airline pilots calling in sick or students walking out of schools that cover up rape accusations in the name of political correctness people are starting to make a stand. Join them!

American patriots are, for the most part, some of the most law-abiding members of our society but when those laws are immoral, unjust or illegal we need to make a stand and ignore those laws. Do not give in, Do what is right.

Will there be negative consequences for such actions?

Most likely, yes.

It will not always be easy. It may even be difficult or uncomfortable.

But…if we do not make a stand and win this fight peacefully we may be forced into a level of conflict that is even more difficult and dangerous. If we cannot win this fight now we will unleash one of two horrors. The horror that the heroes of our adversaries, like Mao and Stalin, unleashed on their own people (don’t forget Hitler was also a Socialist) or the horror of an actual civil war.

Keep Your Sense of Humor

It is very easy to let the weight of what we are dealing with drag you down. It is very easy to become so single focused on the fight that we forget about real life. Work to maintain your sense of humor. Work to ensure that we do not miss the wonderful moment life gives us. These are the things that make life worth living.

Show Your Humanity

Make sure that despite the factionalization/Balkanization of our nation we do not lose our humanity. Prove the names they are using to “other” our side to be false. Show the nation that we love others, that we are not racists, that we are not terrorists…


For now, these are my recommendations to begin our resistance. I will add to them and expand on them as time goes on. Do you have more ideas? Awesome! Share them with us and we will add them to our list.

Be alert, get prepared, fight the good fight!

God bless and God save the Republic.

Preference Falsification And The Collapse

While I am not a big fan of everything the Black Pigeon has to say but I thought this video was pretty interesting and worth sharing:

A majority of the video discusses the idea of “preference falsification” and what that means for our society. In a nutshell, preference falsification means that in certain conditions humans will lie about what it is they want, believe or think. If there is social pressure to conform to a specific set of ideas and thoughts they will respond to polling questions and on social media posts in accordance with those social pressures regardless of whether or not they actually agree. As the pressure increases, the nature of humans is to just “go along” and conform.

I think we can all agree that the pressure from Big Tech and The Media is ramping up. So there is more and more pressure to conform and, at least in some places, should you choose not conform the antifa “Black Bloc” is likely to show up to physically force conformity.

While the desire to “go with the flow” and not make yourself a target for those driving this collapse is understandable it also serves to further their aims and agenda. The more people who hide their true values and thoughts, the more isolated others who share those values feel and the more likely they are to “go with the flow” and conform. Silence only serves to strengthen those destroying our nation and our civilization.

Yes, the cost of doing so is, as I mentioned, getting higher. Yes, it could cost us socially, professionally and financially. In some places doing so may even place us in harm’s way but we have to be honest. We have to resist and speak out…now. It may be difficult and it may be painful but we must do what is right and the longer we wait the higher the costs will be.

In my post Welcome To The Resistance I outlined three things we need to be doing; raising awareness, preparing, and resisting. I ask you to join the resistance and share this post to help raise awareness. I also ask you to come out of hiding and plant your flag in resistance to the dark forces driving us over the cliff.

Stay alert, stay prepared and stay safe.

God bless.

Let’s Be Clear

A long time reader of the blog posted a comment on my post Dear Virginia, Welcome to the Resistance! Love, Florida. Instead of answering in the comments I want to respond in this post because I want everyone who visit this blog to be very clear on a few things and answering his comment will be a very good way to publicly clarify my purpose, goals as well as what I am encouraging people to do. It also allows me to ensure that I am clear on what I am not encouraging people to do.

This is in no way intended to demean him, his concerns or his point of view. I have a great deal of respect for many of his opinions and the perspective his life experiences provide.

We all know political systems sucks but have you truly thought this through?

Now, my issue is not with the political system of the United States of America. I fully support the Constitution and wholeheartedly  believe in the founding principles of this nation. I am an American patriot. In fact, that is the exact reason that I am taking this path.

I believe that the political system in the nation has been subverted. I believe that those in power have effectively overthrown the lawful government of the nation and are acting without the constraint of the laws of this land. These people doing this are moving forward with their own agenda and for their own enrichment while ignoring the laws of the land.

Here are just a few examples:

      • Those in power have committed widespread election fraud in order to win elections.
      •  They have allowed and encouraged private companies to illegally influence the election process and stifle political opposition.
      • They have fabricated evidence in order to obtain illegal warrants to spy on American citizens and even an elected President of the United States.
      • They are illegally holding hundreds of Americans in prison without due process or bail for their political beliefs and to send a warning to others who might oppose them.
      • They have not only failed in their obligation to protect the borders of this nation but have encouraged massive illegal border crossings.
      • They have actively used the power of the Federal bureaucracy to intimidate, harass and silence political opposition.

    I could go on and on but, in short, they have transformed the United States into something that more closely resembles a Banana Republic than a first world nation.

Have I thought this through?

Yes, I have.

I have been watching and analyzing what has been happening to my country for years. In that time I have looked at the problems we face from several points of view and have tried to understand the arguments and motivations of those who hold differing points of view. I am a Christian and do my best to evaluate my thoughts and actions against scripture as well as praying on this topic almost nightly for years. That does not mean that I believe I have divine sanction for what I am saying or advocating. It does mean that I do not believe my actions or conclusions go against what God commands. This process will not stop. I will continue to analyze, observe, measure against scripture and pray for guidance.

Even if you have, do yourself a favor and go take a good long look in the mirror that is your families eyes.

Not just the grown ups but also the children.

Then ask them if they know the difference between civil war, homicide, blind hate, or status, racial, and religious genocide.

That and what life without one of their siblings or family member would be like for them.

To be perfectly frank, my kids and grand kids are exactly who I am doing this for. I want them to have a chance to live in our nation as it was intended to be. Where the people hold the reigns of power not a handful of un-elected bureaucrats, technocrats, bankers and their pet politicians.

I am old school and from Texas where we tend to take a person at their word. So, when those in power say they want to put those who don’t think the same way they do in “reeducation camps,” when they threaten to deny medical care to those who don’t tow the line, when they encourage violence against those who oppose them, and protect those who take action and commit such violence, I have to stand up. I will not see my kids and grand kids (or anyone else’s for that matter) loaded into boxcars bound for an American Gulag, or worse…

If we do not stand up now, the fight will be much harder and much, much uglier in the future.

Because once the more feral get involved in some half hearted people’s rebellion against the system, there will be no difference to some ON BOTH SIDES between someone ‘in uniform’ or a family who have the ‘wrong job’, happen to live in the wrong zip code, follow the wrong politics, or even the wrong God.

Americans who do not support the “party line” are subject to harassment. They are not even safe in their homes. God forbid you cross them as they mill make sure you lose your job. The feral, as he calls them, are already involved. Riots, assaults, and murder are already the order of the day in many parts of the US and unless we put a stop to it now it will only get worse.

As I mentioned in the post Welcome To the Resistance, The new goals of this blog are simple:

    • Raise awareness of the dire situation our nation is in
    • Help people to prepare for the times ahead
    • Encourage Americans to resist the tyranny we face

To be perfectly and absolutely clear, I have not once encouraged anyone to engage in any acts of violence. The only act of resistance I have encouraged in any post at this point is to vote and to push for laws that will help prevent the sort of massive voter fraud we have seen in the last several elections. I do plan on encouraging many more acts of resistance but none involve violence in any way. I have and plan to continue to encourage folks to prepare to defend themselves against the “more feral” and the violence that they are already visiting on many parts of the country.

Be alert, get prepared, fight the good fight!

God bless and God save the Republic.