Stand Up And Resist, Another Point Of View

A few days ago I reviewed how I believe we should be resisting the tyrants who have stolen our country in my post What Does Resistance Look Like?.

Today I would like to share some snippets from a similar article posted on The American Spectator titled It’s About the Culture War, Stupid: Enlist as a Culture Warrior. The subtitle of the article was “Enough already! Backing down is for losers” and I have to say that I like that so much you might see it here in the future.

The author does an amazing job of encouraging American Patriots to stand up and resist the leftist mob:

If only conservative men would man up, conservative women would woman up, and we all would just stuff it right back in their faces. That’s all it takes. The War on Culture must begin — yesterday. We have the numbers, need the guts.

He goes on and explains that we should not shrink down and apologize for our beliefs:

When MSNBC and CNN call a politician a “racist” for opposing Critical Race Theory, the response should not be: “Well, uh, I’m, c’mon, I’m not really a racist, like, really, you shouldn’t say that about me.”

That is not the answer. Rather the answer should be: “Stuff it! You are the racist!”

While I applaud the tone and intent of the article I do have one criticism and warning. The author make it seem like if we all just start standing up we will win the country back and it will all be rainbows and roses. He paints the opposition forces as mere paper figures:

Conservatives are intimidated by Whoopie Goldberg? By Joy Behar? By a Twitter mob? By Joy Reid? By Nicolle Wallace?

These people are paper. Dust. They are nothing — here today, gone tomorrow. Keith Olbermann?  Ed Schultz? Chris Matthews? Dylan Ratigan? Dust in the wind.

This is absolutely not the case. While they may not be as powerful as some of us give them credit for. How many conservative leaders have faced prosecution on trumped up charges? Not all have won. How many actors and everyday citizens have lost their livelihoods for daring to post opinions contrary to the mob? Quite a few. Aaron “Jay” Danielson, Lee Keltner, Ashli Babbitt and others have already paid the ultimate price for daring to oppose the powers that be.

While it may be difficult, dangerous or even deadly it is still time for us to stand up and resist the overthrow of our nation by the woke mob and their puppet masters.

Be alert, get prepared, fight the good fight!

God bless and God save the Republic.

What Does Resistance Look Like?

In a previous post I was explicit that when we encourage resistance we are not calling for violence. Many folks out there seem to think that the only two options available are acceptance/compliance or violence. That is most definitely not the case. It may get to that point at some time in the future but, hopefully, by resisting now we can avoid the horrors and tragedies that will come from a violence.

So, what are we advocating? Let’s take a look.

Voting/Political Activism

Since the 2020 election it has become painfully obvious to most anyone who is actually paying attention that in certain parts of the country and certainly at a national level the fix is in. Those behind the current regime are far too adept and willing to commit fraud in order to retain and solidify their hold on power for us to be able to affect change and deliver the nation from the usurpers through the ballot box. So, why should we bother with the political process at all including voting?

As the recent results in Virginia and the Presidential election of 2016 show, every once in a while the tyrants underestimate the level of cheating required to win and we are able to elect someone who will throw monkey wrenches into their machinations. Even if we are not victorious, the more of us vote the more they have to cheat. The more they have to cheat the more obvious their actions become. The more obvious their actions become the more people will see the truth of what is happening. The more people who see the truth the more people will join The Resistance. By staying involved politically, or better yet, becoming more involved politically we expose them and what they are doing to this nation.

Don’t Submit/Don’t Comply

We are seeing more and more people standing up against the illegal and immoral orders issued by the powers behind the current regime. Whether it is airline pilots calling in sick or students walking out of schools that cover up rape accusations in the name of political correctness people are starting to make a stand. Join them!

American patriots are, for the most part, some of the most law-abiding members of our society but when those laws are immoral, unjust or illegal we need to make a stand and ignore those laws. Do not give in, Do what is right.

Will there be negative consequences for such actions?

Most likely, yes.

It will not always be easy. It may even be difficult or uncomfortable.

But…if we do not make a stand and win this fight peacefully we may be forced into a level of conflict that is even more difficult and dangerous. If we cannot win this fight now we will unleash one of two horrors. The horror that the heroes of our adversaries, like Mao and Stalin, unleashed on their own people (don’t forget Hitler was also a Socialist) or the horror of an actual civil war.

Keep Your Sense of Humor

It is very easy to let the weight of what we are dealing with drag you down. It is very easy to become so single focused on the fight that we forget about real life. Work to maintain your sense of humor. Work to ensure that we do not miss the wonderful moment life gives us. These are the things that make life worth living.

Show Your Humanity

Make sure that despite the factionalization/Balkanization of our nation we do not lose our humanity. Prove the names they are using to “other” our side to be false. Show the nation that we love others, that we are not racists, that we are not terrorists…


For now, these are my recommendations to begin our resistance. I will add to them and expand on them as time goes on. Do you have more ideas? Awesome! Share them with us and we will add them to our list.

Be alert, get prepared, fight the good fight!

God bless and God save the Republic.

Dear Virginia, Welcome to the Resistance! Love, Florida

This was a tweet from Christina Pushaw, spokesperson for Florida Governor Ron Desantis in response to the Republican sweep of the Virginia elections. At that point I decided to go ahead and release my own post Welcome To The Resistance and to retitle the blog to match. I had been toying with that title change and had the “Welcome” post written and sitting as a draft for several weeks but when I saw her tweet I knew the time had come to quit thinking about it and act.

Now, let’s take a look at what happened in Virginia.

Republican candidates swept the state-wide offices including Governor (Glenn Youngkin), Lieutenant Governor (Winsome Sears) and Attorney General (Jason Miyares).  While this is a victory for the Resistance, it is hardly the “red wave” or “crushing defeat” the propagandists on our side are claiming. The difference between winning and losing in a state of 8.6 million people was around 67,000 votes. Youngkin’s opponent received more votes (real or forged) than any other candidate in history. In any other year he would have won. Also please note, that although the race has been called and the leftist candidate has conceded, there are still votes being counted and those are in areas that lean heavily to the left.

If these results stand then it is definitely a victory for The Resistance. However, if they can not use this opportunity to pass laws to ensure the integrity of future elections it will be a short lived victory. Those who hate everything this nation stands for and was built on will not underestimate the number of fraudulent votes needed next time around. Patriots will not surprise them a second time.

We have won a minor victory in the war to take back our country from the tyrants who have stolen it from us and are determined to loot and destroy it. We have a long fight still ahead of us and, truth be told, it has only just begun. However, it does show that the tyrants in charge may not be as “in charge” as they believe and the power of the vote can still be a powerful weapon in the arsenal of The Resistance.

Be alert, get prepared, fight the good fight!

God bless and God save the Republic.

Support For Dissolving The Union Is Growing

In a recent survey 2 out of 3 southern republicans favor secession from the United States. On the other side of the aisle, almost half the demonrats (AmSoc) in the Pacific states were in favor of splitting from the Union. Overall, a surprising 37% of Americans across all regions and all political affiliations are in favor of breaking up the country.

“Experts” predicted that these numbers would decrease after the January 6th protest at the Capital. However, that has not been the case. The numbers supporting a breakup continue to increase (link).

Personally, I feel this would be the best option for the US. I understand that it will not be a perfect solution but if we do not split peacefully we are more likely to find ourselves in the middle of another civil war. The horrors and body count should that break out will make the last civil war look like a Sunday picnic. Imagine if you will, the siege of Sarajevo on a major US city such as New York or Los Angeles…

Stay alert, stay prepared and stay safe.

God bless.

Stand or Kneel…

A response to my Civil War SitRep post on 10/20/20 (link) got me thinking about something. Well, actually, it brought something I have been thinking about for a while to the forefront.

I don’t wear clothing (in public) that makes a statement about politics or current events.

For the last several years, I have been trying to keep a very low profile in a lot of ways. I don’t put any stickers on our vehicles that could draw unwanted attention. Our support of the fallen police officers fund, the 100 Club, is not displayed as it would have been in another time. No political affiliations are displayed either, no location information (subdivision parking stickers), no stickers to indicate activities like hunting or firearms are on any of our vehicles to avoid becoming targets of theft or vandalism.

After the last Senate race in Texas I made the decision that I would not put anything showing party affiliation or candidate choice in front of my home. It was during that election that I became concerned that it could make us and our home the target of vandalism or worse.

In my personal social media accounts I am careful to maintain my privacy settings but even more so I have mad sure that for the last decade or so I don’t post anything other than personal stuff. Again, no politics or opinions on current social events. I avoid the comments sections of posts that do take a side or a stand.

I no longer attend rallies or protests of any sort.

All of these choices were based on being as much of a “gray man” as possible: being family, a vehicle, a house that does not draw unwanted attention. All of it is based on minimizing risk.

It is the safe thing to do.

But, is it the right thing to do?

Have I, by hiding my views and affiliations and support, actually surrendered? Have I decided to kneel in the face of the enemy instead of standing?

When we watched a movie recently about the Warsaw Ghetto during World War II, I was nearly screaming as Jews laid down to be executed by Nazi soldiers, “run, fight, do something!” I could not understand why men who were about to die anyway chose to “kneel” instead of “standing.” Would an unarmed Jewish man stand a chance against an SS squad? No, of course not but if you are going to die anyway at least try to take one or more out with you.

Am I, by hiding my loyalties, thoughts and positions put myself into the same position as the residents of the Warsaw Ghetto?

If the Leftist insurgents have silenced my opposition, haven’t they already won?

What are your thoughts?

Take care and God bless.

Never Underestimate An Enemy – Update

Back in June I posted Never Underestimate an Enemy. Basically, I suggested it was a mistake to underestimate Antifa/BLM/etc. Most of those who would stand opposed to them seem to write them off as a bunch of snowflakes who would be pushovers as opponents. While this may describe the many of “useful idiots” intent on destroying the nation I did not believe that was necessarily true of all of them.

After incident video analysis of the Grant Park riot in Chicago shows a pretty sophisticated operation that included significant planning and preparation:

On top of this, a leaked report from the Department of Homeland (in)Security’s surveillance of individuals returning from fighting in Syria confirms that suspicion. Many of the individuals returning from training and fighting with Syrian insurgents are associated with the Antifa, BLM and other, similar, groups.

Folks, this is not just a bunch of kids letting off some steam. They are not just a bunch of snowflakes who will melt at the first sign of opposition.

Take care and God bless.

Never Underestimate An Enemy

I see a lot of posts on conservative sites belittling Antifa and other groups from “the other side” and the threat they pose in a straight up fight. In the minds of many on the right, the forces they will be facings are “snowflakes” armed with cheap Mosin-Nagant or SKS rifles and no training other than playing Call of Duty.

Most of the time I do take the threat these folks pose as serious but sometimes, to be honest, I am guilty of this type of thinking as well. A former coworker who called for arming up and going to war against capitalists and “the establishment” if Bernie loses to Biden in the primaries. I thought to myself, yeah sure, your boys probably don’t know which end of the rifle is which and I train and practice regularly, etc. and blah, blah…

There are a number of reasons to take this threat more seriously than most folks seem to.

First, it is highly unlikely the two side of the current civil war will face each other in neat lines across empty fields each wearing uniforms a banners to identify which side they are fighting for. This will not be like the Civil War battles in the east. This will be a whole lot more like the battles in the west (what in now central) in places like Missouri, Kansas and Texas. No, neat battles against opposing forces. It will be a guerilla war where your local barista or waiter and their buddies rampage against their “enemy” in general lie we see with the riots and looting of the past few weeks. It will be firebombings and violence in the night against those targeted for holding different beliefs or police (as we are also seeing right now).

A member of a well regulated and trained right wing militia may be a formidable force when operating with his team but how will he fare when he awakens in the middle of the night as gunshots rip into his home while molotov cocktails rain down? By the time he can gear up and his team arrives he will either be dead or the threat will have moved on to another target. As we have seen not only during the Civil War and in the Middle East as well as other parts of the world this will most likely be a civil war of terrorist acts and mayhem.

Second, not all the armed leftists will be weak willed “snowflakes.” As we have seen in the recent unrest “gang bangers,” members of local and national gangs, are likely to join is as well. While few of them are trained soldiers, they have lifetimes of experience with violence. Most already know what it feels like to be shot at. Many know what it feels like to be shot. They have no compunction about committing heinous acts of violence. Rape, torture, murder and intimidation are a way of life for these folks. They are truly monsters in human form. A Civil War will see them run amok as the rule of law breaks down. They will join with any side that allows them to profit from or commit violence and spread chaos.

Additionally, there are obviously some of the the armed leftists that are pretty well equipped. Look at the photo below of some of the separatists who have taken over a portion of downtown Seattle, the Capital Hill Autonomous Zone (CHAZ).

CHAZ Separatists

These guys have what appear to be decent ARs as well as sidearms. They have the gear to carry their equipment properly. At least one of them has ear and eye protection ready to be used. Both are carrying coms, that appear to be the same Baofeng radios many “right wing militias” and preppers favor. Heck, one of them is even wearing a “boogaloo Hawaiian shirt.” Other than some of the brand and slogan choices such as the FTP (F the police) and these guys could be easily mistaken for members of “right wing militia”or “white supremacists.”

We have no way of know if these two guys know how to use this gear or not. The fact that the sights on the one guy’s AR appear to be flipped down indicates that may not but they very well could.

Not everyone with military training is on one particular side of the Civil War fence. The man who ambushed and murdered several police officers in California was an active duty member of the US Air Force, for example.

The current Civil War is very serious business. It will be bloody and brutal. It will not result in a quick and easy victory for either side and those who underestimate their enemy, or don’t understand what the battlefield will look like will pay an extremely high price.

The people who will pay the highest price, though, are the people who don’t actively support one side or the other. The highest price will be paid by people like Korboi Balla who lost his entire life savings when his business was burned to the ground by looters, like former police officer David Dorn in Minneapolis, murdered for trying to prevent his friend’s business from being looted, like Deputy Sheriff Damon Gutzwiller and Federal Officer Patrick Underwood who were ambushed and murdered just because they were police officers.

Monsters will be chummed to the surface from both sides and true racists with hate in their hearts will feel emboldened (or threatened) into taking equally horrible actions of their own. Would those monsters who killed innocent worshipers in the church in Charleston or the Synagogue in Pittsburgh have been emboldened to commit those atrocities in less divisive or violent times?

There will be no clean, neat end to this thing unless we can find a way to split the nation and separate ourselves by borders (remotely possible) or we can find a way to bridge our gaps and come together in peace (probably not possible without God’s intervention).

The best we can do is pray for just that, God’s healing hand.

Take care and God bless,

Virginia 2a Protest

I honestly don’t know where to start on this one…

First off, I was totally wrong.

Based on everything I was seeing coming from both sides on the gun control debate in Virginia I was pretty sure this was going to be the modern day version of Lexington Green or Fort Sumpter. This was based on the rhetoric coming from both sides of the political coin, the listing of the groups slated to make an appearance and several other factors. I prayed that I would be wrong and I was, thank God.

It was truly amazing, as I watched the coverage, that so many Americans from so many different walks of life could come together in support of a political point of view without violence. I saw white folks, black folks, Asians, and Hispanics represented. I saw LGBTQ and straight standing together. I saw rainbow flags, US flags, confederate flags, Gadsden flags and variations on the original Texas flag (come and take it). I saw cowboy hats and combat helmets, left and right, liberal and conservative all together standing for a common principle.

Folks, this is how it should be. This is how America should work.

No one trashed police cars. No one set fires, looted liquor stores, or smashed windows to get their point across. I even saw videos of people picking up trash as the attendees left the area, leaving it as clean or cleaner that when the rally started. Well, except for the fences, barricades and checkpoints set up by the government. Those were left for later, it being a holiday and all.

One more interesting thought though. There were between 22,000 and 35,000 people in attendance at the rally. Many of those disarmed and went through the checkpoints to pass into the designated area on the capital grounds. An awful lot chose not to give up their guns though and stood outside the gates fencing off the “official” demonstration/protest area. Meaning there were several thousand armed civilians, many in full battle rattle, in attendance. The negative side of me wonders if that’s what it takes to have a peaceful protest in this country these days…

Will this rally change the direction the state government is taking in passing this gun control legislation? I doubt it. It didn’t in Colorado when Michael Bloomberg and his minions bought the state government there a few years back. It may serve to tone down the rhetoric on the left a bit. I mean, after all, the governor there did declare a state of emergency, created a gun free zone and went into hiding for the duration of the rally (and a number of hours on either side).

We passed a critical moment in our history. There was no spark and the fires of civil war were not ignited. For that I am truly thankful. But I don’t believe the threat is gone. I believe this is still a very imminent threat. Whether you will choose to actively participate on one side of the other or will just try and hunker down to try and keep your family safe be aware of this threat and make plans, as best you can, to be prepared for it.

Take care and God bless.


Update: Virginia

The Governor of Virginia has submitted next year’s budget and it includes an additional quarter of a million dollars for the department of corrections in anticipation of jailing gun owners after the new anti-gun legislation goes into effect (Link). Far from backing down, the governor is upping the rhetoric once again.

A Change In Perspective

On a recent range trip I finished what I wanted to accomplish pretty quickly and so I was just basically hanging out with a buddy. It was a good time and I got to shoot some cool guns I haven’t shot before including a Smith & Wesson target .22 from between the wars, a 1980’s era Colt 1911 and a surplus Beretta 92FS. I was also helping him dial in the red dot he had mounted on his new .44 Magnum Ruger. As I was hanging out I noticed a number of folks that needed a little assistance.

Some folks were obviously struggling with making accurate hits that some simple advice on stance, grip or technique could addressed.  Others were struggling with manipulating their firearms and could could also have benefited from a few helpful hints. Still others were having issues with their weapons; some that could have been fixed easily on the spot with something I had on hand and others for whom a recommendation on a good, honest gunsmith would have been a big help.

I see this all the time and in the past I would have been helping any of them who were willing to accept it. This time I was in no hurry to help and thinking back on it, I haven’t been overly eager to assist others at the range for a quite a while now.

I pondered this for a bit and I realized something that really disturbed me. I was subconsciously categorizing those around me at the range. Not as 1911 people or revolver people like I have all along. No, I was categorizing them as friend, foe or undetermined. To say it another way, I was weighing which would be most likely to be shooting at me or alongside of me when things turn ugly (uglier).

As the US heads further down the slope towards a violent split between the Left and Right I have already started thinking in terms of friend or foe. On the drive home I also realized I have started thinking of my neighbors in the same way. I have started to think of those who had Beto signs in their front yard as a possible source of risk to me and my family.

I doubt that many of them would attack me directly but I suspect (hopefully incorrectly) that they would be more than happy to point out the local conservatives to those might be willing to do so. I don’t know if this is founded in reality or in the propaganda spewed by partisan news media. Regardless, the fact that I have started looking at people this way is disturbing. I talked this over with a few folks and, apparently, I am not the only one thinking this way.

One buddy strongly suggested ignoring the feeling and remaining open to assist those anyone at the range. In his mind even if this was an Antifa soldier in training it would show him the better side of conservatives and gun people. I get that. I really do but I can’t help wondering how many Germans knew a Jew who had been kindly and helpful but turned on them anyway. I am sure there were some Hutus in Rwanda with positive experiences dealing with Tutsis but that didn’t stop the slaughter. I read an article by a survivor of the siege of Sarajevo who was close to people on both sides of the conflict but within days of the first minor skirmishes his friends had turned on him and he was on his own.

It is a scary time we live in and and increasingly tough time to love your neighbor as yourself…

God, I pray You would help heal the divisiveness in our nation. Help us to overcome our differences and join together as one nation, one people, under God.

Take care and God bless.