What Did You Prep This Month?

The last month has been pretty crazy for us (still/again). We are still helping to support my oldest daughter’s family. Our youngest daughter was in a a car accident. Fortunately, no one was hurt but her car was a total write off.

To top it all off Wonderful wife was down for over a week with the flu. As she began to recover we discovered a fairly significant health issue that had been causing some of her more severe symptoms. They had initially written them off as stress/flu related but there was more to it than that. For those so inclined, she could sure use your prayers for healing and for the treatment plan to be the right path moving forward. The neurologist we chose is very well regarded and in pretty high demand so we won’t be able to get in for an appointment for several months. She does have medication to address the symptoms so other than the stress of waiting and wondering she should be OK until then.

Walk With God

Completed a round of praying for my 100 closest neighbors.

I am still working though the study of Zechariah. To be honest I should have finished it already but some it has been a pretty hectic month. I need to get back to what’s most important.

We have continued teaching Sunday School and attending church.

Self Defense/Hunting

We went hunting this month and I got two feral hogs. They added quite a bit of meat to the freezer and the guys in the family also had a blast spending time together.

Glock 19 MOS (Not mine)

For my birthday I decided to treat myself and spend money that I shouldn’t be spending on yet another Glock 19 (see the finances section). I made the mistake of handling the Gen 5 MOS that is already set up for a red dot optic and really liked it. I can’t tell why it felt so much better in the hand than the Gen 4s I already have (lack of finger grooves? reprofiled grip?) but it does (for me). I feel like I have a much more secure grip on the weapon  and that could result in better recoil management. Whatever the reason, I like it and now I will be focusing on breaking it in and using it to continue my experiments with optics on a handgun.

TruGlo Tritium Pro Sights

The Gen 4 Glock 19 that I was using with the red dot has been updated. I am not a big fan of the standard plastic Glock sights. They are not exceptionally durable or effective as sights. So, I have been planning an upgrade for quite a while now with an eye towards the TruGlo Tritium Pro sights. They are almost identical to the SIG X-Ray sights on the P365 and I have always really liked those sights. I was able to get them out to the range and, yes, they are much better than the standard Glock sights. I don’t feel they are quite as good as the SIG X-Rays, though. The green ring around the SIG front sight makes it a bit easier to pick up and focus on as opposed to the white ring on the TruGlo sights. I also like the square notch on the rear sight a bit better than the “U” cut on the TruGlo sights. For me, it make the sight picture seem a bit more open and I am slightly more accurate with the SIG sights. All in all though I am very happy with the new sights and the TruGlo equipped G19 is now my “bedside gun.” I will begin replacing the sights on my other Glocks shortly.

I made several trips to the range this month to not only test new sights, optics and firearms but also to work on sharpening my basic handgun skills. Primarily, I have been focusing on increasing my accuracy and working several drills that sharpen transitions and speed.

The transition to Outside The Waistband (OWB) carry is basically 100% complete. I still pocket carry when heading to on-sites with customers because most of them prohibit the carry of a firearm and it is a bit cumbersome to remove a belt holster in the car before heading in. This transition allows me to carry a larger firearm with more capacity (Glock 43 6+1 or SIG P365 10+1) and with the VersaCarry Commander holster I even have a spare mag available (7 extra rounds for G43 or 12 extra rounds for P365). I also tend to be a little faster and more accurate with them than with the Ruger LCRs I typically carried in my pocket.

With the elections coming up and the chance of an anti-gun candidate being elected I have started stocking up on ammunition again. I don’t have any new baseline inventory goals in this area but with each paycheck we buy a little ammo, especially if it is on sale. The main focus is on our primary self defense/utility calibers that are at risk to disappear in another ammo shortage; 9mm, 5.56 and .22 Long Rifle.


I replaced my Every Day Carry (EDC) backpack. The cheap little Amazon bag I have been carrying was starting to rear out and come apart. To avoid replacing it again anytime soon I upgraded to a AMP12 from 5.11 Tactical (link). These bags are much higher quality and more durable that the Amazon bag was. The modularity might come in handy as well. This bag serves as my work backpack toting around my laptop as well as an EDC bag outside of work toting books, papers, and gear so it gets a pretty serious workout and the extra durability of this bag should mean that it will last a good long time.


No changes or activity this month.


Wow, talk about going the wrong direction on an area of focus!

We have had to dip waaaay into the well of our savings over the last few months.

We purchased vehicles for Wonderful Wife and myself. She was in actual need of a new vehicle as hers was becoming more and more unreliable. Rather than spending more money on it it made sense to just replace it with something newer. For myself, it was a matter to changing to a more practical vehicle for my current needs. A truck is a lot more useful for us right now than a subcompact car. Both of these vehicles are all-wheel drive and have a reasonable amount of ground clearance making them both better capable as bug-out vehicles than what we had before.

Just after we purchased them my youngest daughter totaled her car. As a (newly) single mom she did not have the resources to get a reliable replacement. So, we dipped into savings to be able to help her out. The insurance check covered about half of the outlay. The good thing is that this is just the sort of “rainy day” event that we want to have money in savings for.

We have also been supporting my oldest daughter’s family since she lost her job several months ago. This extra expense has limited the amount of money we are able to set aside to build/rebuild our our savings. Her husband is now working so this drain should be reduced and allow us to contribute more over the next few months.

This is a very high priority for us right now. Honestly, it is at the top of the priority list.


This is another area of almost total failure. My diet and exercise are completely out the window. On the positive side, the FSA account has been topped off and deductibles reset with the new year so I have already been to the dentist (cleaning and updated treatment plan) and the doctor (physical) this year. I have follow up appointments set with the dentist to start on the needed repairs. To be honest, I probably would not last long in a crisis situation given the condition of my teeth so the work is very needed and will help my overall health. It is tough to eat right when you are limited to soft foods much of the time because of the pain. The results of the physical reminded me how important it is to get back on the diet and exercise plan.

That’s it for me. That’s what I prepped this month. How about you? What did you Prep this month?

Take care and God Bless

What Did You Prep This Month?

Walk With God

Completed another round of praying for my 100 closest neighbors. Began a study of the book of Zechariah. Continued teaching Sunday School and attending church.

Self Defense/Hunting

Verified the zero on my hunting rifle since we head out on a hog hunting trip next weekend.

Bought some ammo; .308 hunting rounds for the trip and 5.56 just because things are a little crazy and who knows when it will become hard to find.

With some Christmas money I bought a mount that fits in the dovetail rear sight mount that allows me to mount a red dot on one of my Glock 19s. Oh, I also bought a Vortex Venom red dot to use. This is far from an optimal configuration. It sits a bit high and it is not as secure as a mount milled into the slide but this allowed me to start testing red dot equipped pistol for very little (no) cash outlay on my part.

Glock 19 with TRUGLO Sight Mount and Vortex Venom

Bought two Outside the Waistband (OWB) holsters for my Glock 43. With all that is going on in the world these days I feel less comfortable with a five shot snubbie in my pocket than I used to. The G43 provides a bit more capacity, 6+1 vs. 5, but more importantly I am a good bit faster and more accurate than I am with the snubbie. I can’t carry Inside the waistband until I either lose a good bit more weight or buy a new wardrobe. This works in the meantime and with an untucked shirt or jacket it is very well concealed.

Urban Carry Lock Leather Hybrid OWB Holster
Versacarry – 2018 Commander Holster

I deprimed and prepped some .308 and .38 Special brass.


Not much here. I need to do some restocking of the emergency pantry as we rotated food into our regular pantry but won’t happen until February.

I did stock the freezer a bit. A buddy was cleaning out some venison to make room for the deer he killed this year and I was a lucky recipient of quite a bit of it at no cost.


Nothing here.


Oh, this one is bad. Between the new vehicles, Christmas and supporting my daughter’s family we have drained the old savings down pretty low. We will start to rebuild that come February.


Gave up sodas for January but fell off the wagon and had a few recently. I will start that again after the hunting trip. I have been a little better with exercise and drinking water but have some real improvement to make in this area.

That’s it for me. That’s what I prepped this month. How about you? What did you Prep this month?

Take care and God Bless

What Did You Prep This Month?

Sorry, work and family have had me pretty busy of late so this post was not complete when originally posted.

Walk With God

I completed another two rounds of praying for my  100 closest neighbors. Still teaching Sunday school and attending church. I have been slacking in my Bible study though. I should have finished my study of 1 and 2 Samuel weeks ago. I did start a new mid-week Bible study at church covering the second half of the book of Mark. But as I type this I am missing it because I am travelling for work.

Self Defense/Hunting

I started buying ammo again. Partially to continue stocking up but mostly to replace what I have been shooting.

I spend one range session working on pistols and revolvers (since I had not done that in a while) and focused mainly on shooting the “dot torture” drill. It was pretty obvious from my times and results that I need to spend more time working these drills and practicing.

On another range trip I sighted in a new .30-30 that I plan to use as my primary daytime hunting rifle this season. I also worked on my accuracy with my Ruger American Ranch in 7.62×39.

I am hoping to spend a full day at the range next month to work with a number of my rifles.


Inventoried and restocked emergency pantry…twice. With six people in the house now what used to be a once every month or so thing is now a every couple of weeks thing. Man someone puts away a lot of groceries and its not me. We also restocked some medical supplies that we have gone through since my oldest daughter and her family moved back in. No worries. helps make sure everything gets rotated.


Nothing new in this area. My son in law is back to his “Varmint Schedule” which means he sleeps most of the day and is up at all sorts of weird hours of the night. his schedule will definitely drive any would be burglars batty trying to find a “quiet time” to break in to either the cars or the house. It also means I don’t get as much sleep as I would like because he often wakes me up in the middle of the night while he is fixing a late night (early morning) meal or going in and out. I pray he finds a job soon…for a number of reasons.


This is the one unqualified area of success in becoming more prepared. In addition to our regular contributions to our retirement accounts we have been putting quite a bit away into savings as well. Some weeks (bi-weekly actually) we have been able to put almost all of Wonderful Wife’s paycheck and all of a recent bonus into savings. That’s good because we have some serious bills coming up.


An epic failure in this area. With the problems i have been having with my teeth and other health issues I have once again become a couch potato. I really need to focus on this area. I know I do…

That’s it for me. That’s what I prepped this month. How about you? What did you Prep this month?

Take care and God Bless

What Did You Prep This Month?

Walk With God

Another couple of rounds of praying for neighbors. Continued to teach Sunday school and attend church. Almost finished with my Bible study on 1 and 2 Samuel.

Self Defense/Hunting

Set out two “pig pipes” to attract pigs at the hunting lease. They seem to be working well. They use less corn than a traditional feeder but still seem to be attracting piggies.


I decided to try a new approach to my EDC bag. Instead of a work bag and a non-work bag I decided to try and have one backpack for both and just add or pull certain items based on need. Neither of the backpacks I had would work for this (one too small and one didn’t have laptop protection) so I bought a new backpack from Amazon. So far the experiment is working well and once I get it finalized I will share a post on the new setup.

Based on some conversations with readers on my previous EDC setup I purchased a few items including some water purification tablets. Am I likely to need these anytime soon? Probably not but the don’t weigh anything (well almost nothing) and don’t really take up any extra space so…why not.


No changes here.


This is where we are really focusing right now. Despite paying for a Family vacation for the kids and grand kids we were able to put quite a bit away into savings. With that said we have some upcoming purchases that will probably eat into these fund but better to build them up now and drop them back to the target levels than go into debt for these purchases.


This is an area I should be focusing on but have failed to execute. I spent some time working outside on a big project (the fence) and long hike on another weekend and time spent working at the hunting lease but overall I am still falling behind my goals in this area.

That’s it for me. That’s what I prepped this month. How about you? What did you Prep this month?

Take care and God Bless

What Did You Prep This Month?

Walk With God

I completed two more rounds of praying for my 100 closest neighbors, continued teaching Sunday School and attending church. I finished a study of Psalm 23 “from a shepherd’s perspective” and started a new one on the books of Samuel.

Self Defense/Hunting

I bought a 4×12 scope for one of my .308 rifles. I would like to set this particular rifle for longer range shooting and hunting. For me this means 100 to 300 yard distances. I may pick up a decent bipod next time I see a good deal on one to add to this rifle as well.

We built two “pig pipes” for use at the property where we hunt. If you are not familiar with these they are pieced together from PVC pipe and a little hardware. You fill them with corn and anchor them down near a hunting position or blind. The pigs bump it and roll it and when they do it drops a bit of corn for them. The idea is that it accomplishes the same thing as a feeder without as much waste. The design we used has a “false bottom” that can be filled with pebbles to make the pigs think there is corn inside even after it runs out or scent/attractants.

We hope to get these set out shortly. One will go in a fenced in area that the cows can’t reach but that is hard to get heavy feed sacks to. The other will go in an area the the cows frequent. We will see if they can destroy these as quickly as they do our feeders…

For anyone interested, here are the links to the plans/instructions we based ours on:




I bought a Lifestraw water bottle. As part of trying to get healthier I am drinking a lot more water. Most airports and a lot of public areas have places to fill water bottle but the water can sometimes taste a little off. I am sure most of it is perfectly fine from a health perspective but just does not taste very good. The Lifestraw will not only filter out harmful impurities but it will also help the water taste better. So, I see this as doing double duty when traveling.  Helps me save money buying bottled water to avoid the funky tasting public water and it can be used to make questionable water safer should something happen while I am on the road.

I used credit card points to pay for this item so the cost (out of pocket was zero).

When my oldest daughter finally finished removing their stuff from her apartment we received a huge influx of canned and dry goods. So our pantry has benefited greatly from them moving in with us though our weekly grocery bill has tripled.


No real changes here other than we now have four adults living in the house and one of them usually awake at any given time. It is also pretty rare that the house is unoccupied anymore.


We are still helping support my oldest daughter and her family and that is a drain on our funds but that is why we work. We have still been able to put a little aside over the last month or so, just not as much as we were able to do before.

In addition to saving as much as we can we have also been trying to pay down our remaining interest bearing loans; the SBA loan for the repairs on the house, some student loans for my youngest daughter and our house. After re-analyzing the accounts we are going to focus on the house alone. The other two are “unsecured” so we can “walk away from them” if need be. I also realized (a bit late) that neither allow prepayment of the principal. Nothing I do will reduce the interest due so I’ll just pay the minimum.


I was finally able to start walking and stretching again and did pretty well for a couple of weeks. This last week was not so good. Some pain in my lower abdomen has me taking it easy again until that goes away. I don’t want to set myself back again now that I am finally past (praise God) some of the medical issues I have been dealing with.

That’s it for me. That’s what I prepped this month. How about you? What did you Prep this month?

Take care and God Bless

What Did You Prep This Month?

Walk With God

I completed another two rounds of prayers for my 100 closest neighbors. Continued teaching Sunday School and attending church. I am not attending a Wednesday Bible study this term. There is so much work and personal stuff gong on I wouldn’t be able to commit the time to it. I will start an individual study instead.

Self Defense/Hunting

Guess what?

I bought a lot of ammunition.

I want to make sure I have plenty of self-defense, practice and hunting rounds on hand I have been shooting a lot so I’m restocking those calibers and rounds as I use them. I am not looking to increase what I have on hand at this point.

Back when I first started carrying a firearm I started off with the smallest and lightest firearm I could find, the Ruger LCP. While this was not a fun gun to shoot I actually wore that little sucker out.

There have been times recently when (for various reasons) I have had a need for “deep concealment” firearm. Since my old LCP is no longer reliable I picked up an LCP II to serve in this role. I tested it out with a couple hundred rounds of various ammunition including self-defense ammunition. I didn’t encounter any issues at all so it is now in the carry rotation along with the LCR and P365.

I was also able to get Wonderful Wife out to the range for a (much needed) practice session.


I replaced the pocket knife I broke with a new Kershaw RJ Tactical 3.0 and so far I am loving it.

For the first time since the flood we have our garden going again. So far we have peppers, onions, tomatoes and some herbs growing in the raised boxes but we plan to add some peas shortly.


I really, really need to get a new security company lined up.


This is the area we have been most focused on. We are working hard to save as much money as we can and have building our savings pretty quickly. Wonderful Wife is going to need a new car soon and I want to be in a position to pay cash when that time comes. I also want to buy some property to get away from the craziness that seems to be taking over in big cities.


Withe recent medical issues and procedures I have taken (quite a few steps backwards in this area. I have gained some weight back and haven’t been able to exercise much at all. Fortunately, I am well on the way to recovery and I am starting to get back on track.

That’s it for me. That’s what I prepped this week. How about you? What did you Prep this week?

Take care and God Bless

Digital Night Vision vs. Thermal

We finally got opportunity to go hog hunting a few days ago and test out the Photon RT Digital Night Vision (DNV) scope I bought myself for my birthday (along with an AR-10). I also had the opportunity to try out a Thermal scope from ATN that belonged to a buddy of my son in law. I learned a lot and thought I would share my observations.

The first part of the evening I was sitting in a blind about 30 yards from a feeder. I didn’t see any hogs but I had a chance to play with the DNV scope “in the wild” so to speak. DNV works on the same principle as a digital camera but using a wavelength of light that is invisible to most animals including hogs and humans. You are not looking through a glass optic. Instead you are looking at a small screen built into the scope. To ensure that there is enough light, in the right wavelength these scopes use an infrared illuminator (think of it an a flashlight that emits light we can’t see). This is basically like hunting with a light except that the pigs can’t see it and it has many of the same drawbacks as a flashlight in the dark. The light reflects back off of things like brush or even grass. If there is something like that between you and the hogs you won’t see them. For example, I could see the fence and the brush growing along the fence line clearly but I was just as blind past that as I would have been without the DNV scope. So, even though the feeder was only 30 yards away I couldn’t see it. I was aware that this was a potential issue but I discounted it when making the purchase.

Later in the evening we moved out into some open fields looking for hogs (none showed up at my blind) and that is where the other challenge with DNV comes into play. I was constantly having to adjust the beam intensity and focus the optic depending on how far away the hogs were. Scanning the field for them was tough. If I knew where they were I could, eventually get everything worked out but it took a little bit. If I was just hunting over a feeder and in a clear field it would be a non-issue but in the brush or open fields where they might be anywhere is was a tough.

What finally convinced me that this was not the equipment I wanted to use long term happened in one of the first fields we hunted. I was able to scope the pig and see him very clearly. More clearly than with the thermal scope. I was just about to take a shot when Moose’s buddy stopped me. What I didn’t see was a whole herd of cows about 50-75 yards behind the pig…that could have been an expensive mistake. Landowners are OK with people getting rid of pigs that tear up their property and kill calves but to drop a cow because you didn’t see it would NOT make them happy. Worse yet, what if that was another hunter or someone else on the other end of the field?

Don’t take this the wrong way. DNV is significantly less expensive than thermal and a viable option within its limitations. It would be great on our annual hunt in North Texas for example because we can shoot from known distances over feeders from elevated blinds that provide a clear field of view. Perfect scenario for DNV.

With the thermal scope we were using we could see everything from rabbits on up to cows scattered throughout the fields. We couldn’t see them as clearly as with the DNV but we could see them well enough to distinguish between them easily and clearly enough to take accurate shots.

The other advantage of the thermal was after the shot. With the DNV a dropped pig could disappear into the grass or brush making it a chore to find. With the thermal we were still able to spot them for quite a time until they cooled to ambient temperature.

Based on my experience that night, I returned by DNV scope to the store where I bought it and got my money back. I will wait and save until I can afford a thermal…maybe.

We really don’t hunt enough to justify the $1500-2000 price tag of a good thermal scope. The ability to hunt small game like rabbits would be nice but still not enough to justify the cost. There is one other intriguing use, some folks use thermal scopes during the day as well. Game may be well camouflaged to the naked eye but not much hides their heat signature which can really help for an old hunter whose eyes are starting to go south on him.

Will I buy a thermal scope? Maybe.

For now it is back to green lights and my new buddy’s thermal.

Take care and God bless.

SRC-308 Modifications

One of the best (and worst) aspects of the AR platform is the ease of making modifications and the huge number of accessories out there. Being a “basic” model the SRC-308 comes from the factory with a very basic set of features. I think the guys at Windham figure that whoever buys the rifle is going to customize it so start with the absolute basics. I am no exception and I am not eve sure this particular rifle made it out to the range before I started making modifications to it.

Stock SRC-308

So, what have I changed and why?

Butt Stock

The basic milspec AR stock leaves a lot to be desired. It’s hard to get a good cheek weld, it rattles and there is no recoil absorption whatsoever. The lack of of a recoil pad is a non-issue in 5.56/.223 but on a .308 I would really like a bit of a rubber between me and the recoil.

(Odd side note: I don’t mind the heavy recoil of an ultralight .357 magnum or a .44 magnum but rifle recoil does bother me. Weird, I know)

Hogue Overmolded Stock

The one thing I did like about the included butt stock was that it had a built in sling loop.

I replaced it with the Hogue OverMolded Collapsible Buttstock. It offers a nice cheek weld, and a but of recoil padding at the rear. It doesn’t lock into place but there is an internal liner that keeps it from sliding around or rattling. It works well and was cheaper than an equivalent Magpul stock.

Hand Guard

The circular A2 style hand guard on the SRC had to go. The diameter is huge for those of us with little sausage fingers and there was no way to mount a rail or a

Magpul MOE Handguard

light or any other accessories to it.

I went with a standard Magpul MOE hand guard. I have them on several of my a couple of my other rifles and they work fine. They are not my favorite but it does what I need it to do at a reasonable cost.

Rail Section

One of the things I wanted in a hand guard was the ability to mount a light or a small section of rail. The MLok slot on the MOE and a small bit of MLok attached rail allowed just that. Now I have the option of mounting a light. I have several high powered white lights I can now mount, if need be. I have a green light for night hunting if the digital night vision doesn’t work as well as I hope or if there is a reason I can’t use it. I can also mount a second IR illuminator should I want a different wavelength of IR, a more powerful illuminator or just a second as a backup.

Muzzle Device

KVP Linear Compensator

In many cases I will be hunting with another person beside me. When shooting at a group of scattering hogs on the run it takes a lot of concentration and care to keep muzzles pointed in a safe direction. With a muzzle device that ejects hot gases upwards and/or to the side you can easily run into a situation where the gases can also pose a risk (at minimum a comfort risk). No one wants the blast of hot gases off a .308 in the face or to be deafened by the sound. So, I replaced the old birdcage with a linear compensator from Kaw Valley Precision. That way all hot gases head towards the hogs instead of towards a buddy or upwards into the line of sight of a scope that uses light in the infrared (heat) wavelengths.


The rifle came with a basic nylon sling but I went ahead and upgraded to the Magpul RLS sling. It has a little wider strap so it will not dig into my shoulder as badly. It also similar to a 1917 or Rhodesian sling in that there is a loop within the loop that can be used to help brace and stabilize the rifle while shooting from an unsupported position. This is a non-issue when hunting from a fixed position in blind or stand but a lot of our hunting is on foot, stalking through heavy brush and along trails. There is not always a convenient tree branch to help stabilize the shot and this style sling will really help accuracy in those situations.


The SRC-308 came with a single Magpul 20 round magazine. I have picked up another of those as well as a 10 round magazine. For whatever reason 5 and 10 rounds AR-10 magazines are hard to find at a reasonable price right now. I will keep my eye out for a couple more as they are lighter and don’t stick out of the rifle as far (to catch brush and briars). We will see how it goes but I don’t foresee many times when I will need more than 5 or 10 rounds for hunting. Even with a suppressor, the hogs start to scatter pretty quickly after the first one goes down.

That’s all I have changed so far and all I plan to change at this point.

Take care and God bless.

Range Report: Windham SRC-308/Sightmark Photon RT

I thought we were going to be able to hunt last weekend with the new hog setup I just bought, a Windham SRC-308 topped with a Sightmark Photon RT digital night vision scope. Since the matching Sightmark quick detach (QD) rings were still in transit so I scrounged a 30mm cantilever mount I had laying around and mounted it up. I was able to get the setup out to the range and (mostly) get it sighted in after forgetting to properly tighten the scope base. Well, our trip got cancelled due to weather which gave me time to do a proper job.

Outdoor Legacy Gear sent a koozie and sticker along with the order

The QD rings came in and I took my time and mounted the scope properly making sure everything was properly tightened up (sort of). The hex headed screws are an odd size and not on the bits in any of my tool kits quite fit. Fortunately, Sightmark included properly sized allen wrenches in with the rings. It worked well enough but I prefer to use a torque wrench to make sure and without the proper bits that wasn’t possible.

The mounts definitely seem sturdy and when locked onto the picatinny rail there is no play or movement in the scope. I am a lot less worried about recoil damaging the scope with these two sturdy rings anchoring the scope instead of the single cantilever mount.

I had a very short window of time to sight in the rifle after work. The rain was on the way in and I had to work fast. Fortunately I was the only idiot willing to risk the weather so I had the range to myself. I could call a ceasefire anytime I wanted one.

25 Yards zero in one shot

I started out at the 25 yard line and the one shot zero feature was once again made it super easy and I was in good shape with only the advertised one shot.

50 yard zero took a couple extra shots

Moving out to the 50 yard line it wasn’t quite as easy but the challenges were my own and had nothing to do with the scope or rifle. It took three rounds to get on on target this time.

I had just enough time to put a sticker on the 50 yard target before the rain started but I still had another quick test I wanted to do. I wanted to try another brand of ammunition out to see how it would work in the rifle. I have been using Remington CoreLokt for quite some time but I wanted to test out the Winchester Power-Point Hog Special ammunition, both in 150 grain weights.

Yes, this is a three shot group…

Based on the three rounds I got to test before the sky really opened up it looks like this will be plenty accurate but we’ll have to wait and see how it performs on the hogs.

Why didn’t I take it out any further?

Two reasons.

-Number one, the sky opened up and there was not time.

-Number two, the property we will be hunting in the near future is pretty wooded and all the shots we would be able to take are right around 45-50 yards.

When I have a little more time I would like to test the rifle and scope out past 50 yards  but I will probably keep it zeroed at fifty since that is where most of our hog hunting will take place. I would also like to zero in the scope I am thinking about using for daytime hunts as well.

All in all the rifle shoots well and seems to be pretty darned accurate (probably more accurate than I am). The scope is a little grainy during the day and nowhere near as clear as an optical scope but within the limits of what I am trying to accomplish with it the clarity and magnification are fine.

I have not been able to take it out on a decent night and spot animals with it. the weather has not been cooperative and it has been foggy or rainy most of the last few weeks. I was able to take it out one night for some testing but the fog was extremely dense. I could see out to 30 yards or so without the IR illuminator turned on but as soon as I switched it on the reflection off the fog washed out the image. Hopefully, I will get a better idea of how it works in a hunting scenario this weekend. To be honest, that will be the “make or break it” test of this scope and hopefully I will be able to post some video of that soon.

Take care and God bless.

Yep, I Did It Again…

All this talk and effort towards saving money I go and do something stupid…


I went into one of the big sporting good stores with a buddy who was looking for a heavy barreled .308 for long distance shooting and walked out with a digital night vision scope and an AR-10 to mount it on. In fact we both ended up walking out with digital night vision scopes and AR-10s.

We really shouldn’t be allowed out together unsupervised.

We have been hunting hogs with green lights for several years and if you are careful and the hogs are not too skittish it works pretty well. I am hoping to get out into the fields soon so I can test it out and see how much better the DNV works (if it does).

I went with a Sightmark Photon RT 4.5 power scope.

Sightmark Photon RT

The AR is an SRC-308 from Windham Weaponry.

Windham Weaponry SRC-308 with Scope

I have been wanting to give night vision a try for a quite a while. Actually, I tried a low end monocular some time back but it was so bad it was almost useless. I have also been wanting and AR-10 for almost as long. I ordered a quick detach mount for the scope so I can swap it out with a standard optic if I want to hunt under a green light or during the day. If the AR-10 proves reliable and accurate enough it will become my new primary hunting rifle and I will use it for both day and night hunts of both hogs and deer.

WW SRC-308 with 1×6 scope

It is a pound and a half heavier than the Ruger American Predator I have been hunting with so it will get a little heavy for a full day of stalking through the East Texas brush and briars but maybe the exercise and weight loss over the last month or so will pay off and it won’t be too bad.

I was able to do a quick range session the other day. The recoil is not bad and it is actually a pretty pleasant gun to shoot. The scope has a flexible eye piece which helps hide the glow of the digital screen. Which is cool but I just can’t shake the feeling that I am about to get punched in the eye because my eye is too close to the scope.  The scope has a feature called one shot zero feature that is awesome. Simply take a shot with the reticle centered on the target and then go into the one menu and move the reticle over the spot where the bullet hit on the target and it is zeroed.

One shot zero (until it wasn’t)

It works great but after about four rounds my shots began walking to the right. I was pretty upset until I realized that the problem was my own fault. I had been adjusting the position of the scope on the rail and had not properly tightened the scope to the rail and it had worked loose.

I am hoping to get back out to the range one evening this week and zero it with the new scope base. I should be able todial in the optical scope as well. If I can get that done and the weather cooperates we should be able to get a good field test in the following weekend hunting hogs on a property a few hours north of here.

If those things happen I’ll be sure and type up a quick post.

Take care and God bless.