CZ Scorpion And Self-Defense Ammo

The little CZ passed my 500 round test with flying colors. It never hiccuped through 500 rounds of mixed range ammo. I didn’t even clean this thing in any during the test. The next step, for me, before I am willing to bet my life on a gun (and more importantly bet the lives of those I love) is to test it with self-defense ammo. Sure, this thing eats full metal jacket ball ammo like candy but how well will it do with the (sometimes) off shaped hollow point ammunition used for personal defense?

I brought five different brands of ammunition with me:

– Hornady Critical Duty (grain weight unknown)

– Federal 147 Grain Hydrashok

– Remington 147 Grain HTP (Subsonic)

– Speer 124 Grain Gold-Dot (My standard carry ammunition)

– Another hollow point ammo that, to be honest, I don’t know what manufacturer or grain weight. It was loose in my cabinet.

The bullets in the Hornady ammunition have an odd shape to them, very angular and with a very thin wall between the hollow point and the outside of the bullet. I was expecting a malfunction with these as I have see multiple handguns have trouble feeding them. The Hydra Shocks are also very thin at the tips and I have heard that they are problematic in some pistol caliber carbines. The Speer Gold-Dots are my primary carry rounds. I was interesting the Remington subsonics to see if they were a bit quieter even without a suppressor.

Not a stuck casing…

To be honest, I was a bit paranoid about how well the CZ would do in this test. So much so that when when the bolt locked back at the end of the first mag I was sure it was a misfeed. Even though I have seen the guide rod in the open action dozens of time but I mentally saw it as a stuck casing like the Ruger would do.

It wasn’t.

Long story short, the little CZ cycled everything I fed it without a hiccup. Accuracy testing was a little tough as the battery on the Vortex red dot sight died within a few rounds of the start of the session but even with irons all the rounds were within the torso of the silhouette target I was using and most were grouped around the x-ring.

I would feel perfectly comfortable at this point in betting my life (and the lives of those I love) on this little carbine. My Speer Gold-Dots would be more than adequate for the job but I am thinking about going with the Remington 147 Grain HTP (Subsonic) rounds. There were indeed a good bit quieter but should still be plenty potent enough out of a carbine length barrel. Might save my life and some hearing damage that way.

The next step is a new red dot. The little Vortex was fine but I want one of the new red dots with 50,000+ hours of battery life. That way I can leave it on all the time and won’t have to worry about switching it on if and when the need arises. I’ll just swap the battery once a year.

Take care and God bless.


What Did You Prep This Week?

We were able to put a little money aside from my wife’s paycheck into savings.

20160319_194953273_iOSI stocked up on .38 Special ammunition. I bought a box of Hornady Critical Defense that I carry for self-defense and a box of Monarch (re-branded PPU) that I use for practice. I also picked up a pack of Winchester small pistol primers and some Hornady XTP bullets in 9mm. As soon as I get caught up on reloading .38 Special I plan to get started on some other calibers including 9mm. With these bullets and primers I’ll be set and ready to go with all the supplies once I have the time.

By the way, I don’t expect reloading 9mm to save me any money but I am able to shoot better bullets that are similar to what I use for self-defense for about the same price as cheap FMJ range ammo. Plus, I think it is an important skill and capability to have.

First full batch of reloads
First full batch of reloads

I reloaded my first full batch of fifty rounds. To be honest I started with 51 rounds (I assumed I would mess up on one) but ended up with only 49. Two of the cases crumpled as part of the reloading process. I’m not sure if I didn’t bell the case mouths enough (I don’t think I did) or if I didn’t center them properly when seating the bullet. I’ll keep a closer eye on that next time. In any case I am pretty proud of myself for learning this skill (with the help of a lot of YouTube videos). It is honestly something I never thought I would learn and I know I have a long way to go to master it.

I have another batch of 150 cases that have been cleaned and are ready to be reloaded and I have started working on the first batch of 50.

After a bit of a brickwall I have myself back on track and praying and studying my Bible every day. Other than that one incident I am feeling much closer to God and feel like I am really focused on what is most important. Those around me have noticed the change as well. I don’t take any credit for this, it is simply God at work in me through prayer and studying His word.

My efforts to improve my physical fitness are still completely off track. I will start back next week. Of course, I said that last week as well…

That’s it for me, what did you prep this week?

God bless.

What Did You Prep This Week?

The exercise program has been going well. I have worked out almost everyday. In fact, I increased the number of reps I am doing in all the exercises by 30% this week. I have been pretty good about drinking at least a liter of water per day but not the two liters that is my real goal. I have done pretty well in cutting out sodas.

My spiritual exercise program is also going pretty well. I have been really diligent about praying, studying the Bible and and reading the new devotional…every single day.

Financially, we were able to put some extra money in savings from a bonus I received.

We also finished the 30 day food supply buckets for my son and his wife. All that is left to do now is print the labels for one of the buckets and get the boy over to pick them up.

I purchased a box of 100 Hornady FTX hollow point bullets for reloading. They were actually cheaper than the copper jacketed round nose bullets I have been buying for loading practice rounds. I also picked up another pound of powder for reloading pistol rounds. It was in stock and tends to be pretty hard to find locally so…I also purchased reloading dies, case gauges and shell holders for .45 ACP and 9mm. These are the next two calibers I plan to start reloading (obviously).

Lyman Case Checker
Shell holders

That’s it for me. That’s what I prepped this week. How about you? What did you prep this week?