Range Report: Windham SRC-308/Sightmark Photon RT

I thought we were going to be able to hunt last weekend with the new hog setup I just bought, a Windham SRC-308 topped with a Sightmark Photon RT digital night vision scope. Since the matching Sightmark quick detach (QD) rings were still in transit so I scrounged a 30mm cantilever mount I had laying around and mounted it up. I was able to get the setup out to the range and (mostly) get it sighted in after forgetting to properly tighten the scope base. Well, our trip got cancelled due to weather which gave me time to do a proper job.

Outdoor Legacy Gear sent a koozie and sticker along with the order

The QD rings came in and I took my time and mounted the scope properly making sure everything was properly tightened up (sort of). The hex headed screws are an odd size and not on the bits in any of my tool kits quite fit. Fortunately, Sightmark included properly sized allen wrenches in with the rings. It worked well enough but I prefer to use a torque wrench to make sure and without the proper bits that wasn’t possible.

The mounts definitely seem sturdy and when locked onto the picatinny rail there is no play or movement in the scope. I am a lot less worried about recoil damaging the scope with these two sturdy rings anchoring the scope instead of the single cantilever mount.

I had a very short window of time to sight in the rifle after work. The rain was on the way in and I had to work fast. Fortunately I was the only idiot willing to risk the weather so I had the range to myself. I could call a ceasefire anytime I wanted one.

25 Yards zero in one shot

I started out at the 25 yard line and the one shot zero feature was once again made it super easy and I was in good shape with only the advertised one shot.

50 yard zero took a couple extra shots

Moving out to the 50 yard line it wasn’t quite as easy but the challenges were my own and had nothing to do with the scope or rifle. It took three rounds to get on on target this time.

I had just enough time to put a sticker on the 50 yard target before the rain started but I still had another quick test I wanted to do. I wanted to try another brand of ammunition out to see how it would work in the rifle. I have been using Remington CoreLokt for quite some time but I wanted to test out the Winchester Power-Point Hog Special ammunition, both in 150 grain weights.

Yes, this is a three shot group…

Based on the three rounds I got to test before the sky really opened up it looks like this will be plenty accurate but we’ll have to wait and see how it performs on the hogs.

Why didn’t I take it out any further?

Two reasons.

-Number one, the sky opened up and there was not time.

-Number two, the property we will be hunting in the near future is pretty wooded and all the shots we would be able to take are right around 45-50 yards.

When I have a little more time I would like to test the rifle and scope out past 50 yards  but I will probably keep it zeroed at fifty since that is where most of our hog hunting will take place. I would also like to zero in the scope I am thinking about using for daytime hunts as well.

All in all the rifle shoots well and seems to be pretty darned accurate (probably more accurate than I am). The scope is a little grainy during the day and nowhere near as clear as an optical scope but within the limits of what I am trying to accomplish with it the clarity and magnification are fine.

I have not been able to take it out on a decent night and spot animals with it. the weather has not been cooperative and it has been foggy or rainy most of the last few weeks. I was able to take it out one night for some testing but the fog was extremely dense. I could see out to 30 yards or so without the IR illuminator turned on but as soon as I switched it on the reflection off the fog washed out the image. Hopefully, I will get a better idea of how it works in a hunting scenario this weekend. To be honest, that will be the “make or break it” test of this scope and hopefully I will be able to post some video of that soon.

Take care and God bless.

Range Report: P365 Five Hundred Round Update

This will be a fairly short update because there is very little to report. The little SIG P365 ran through another 200 rounds (199 actually) without only one hiccup and that was an ammunition issue. One round failed to fire. There was a good indentation on the primer and the other firearms I had with me failed to fire that round either so I am chalking that up to a defective round. I should have brought it hope and opened it up but I didn’t think about it.

That’s 500 rounds of mixed ammunition, including Hornady, Speer, CCI, Magtech, Fiocchi, my own reloads, and S&B, and both FMJ and HP with no firearm related failures or malfunctions. It went through the entire testing without being cleaned or oiled.

There were no changes to accuracy or point of impact during the testing.

One note, it does appear that there is a little striker drag happening. I don’t know what this will mean for long term reliability and I will continue to watch it. I will also check my Glock 43 and see if I see any indications of this with rounds fired from it.

At this point the little SIG will get a good cleaning, a touch of oil and then after a function test will start to work its way into my carry rotation.

I really can’t say enough good things about this little pistol. It shoots well. It has proven itself reliable so far and it offers a significant improvement in capacity over similar sized pistols including the Glock 43 that I have carried for several years now. I really like it a lot.

Take care and God bless.

Range Report: P365 The Next 200 Rounds

After another quick range session this week the round count on the little SIG P365 is now up over 350 and no issues so far. I brought five different types of ammo along this time out including some of my reloads that are pretty lightly loaded and some Speer 124 Grain Gold Dots and, as I already stated, there were no issues feeding or extracting any of the rounds. The little SIG has not been cleaned yet and I notice the slide doesn’t cycle quite as smoothly as it did a few hundred rounds ago but, again, no malfunctions so far.

I always worry about the reliability of pocket-sized semi-autos. Lint, dust sweat, heat all tend to conspire to generate failures. The Glock 42 and 43 were exceptions to this rule and, so far, so is the P365. That gives me a good bit of confidence in the gun. The Kahr seemed to want to be cleaned and oiled nightly to be 100% reliable.

I plan to put another 150 rounds through it to see if it can maintain that level of reliability. The I will give it a much needed cleaning and check for any signs of wear that would be out of the ordinary after 500 rounds. If it still proves reliable it will probably make its way into my regular carry rotation.

I picked up an additional magazine for  the P365 and it ran just fine while at the range. It did highlight one down of the SIG vs. the Glocks, $50 dollar magazines instead of sub-$20 magazines. I have been able to find them on sale so one I bought was $40 and the other one was $30.

Still very impressed…

Thanks and God bless.

Range Report: P365 The Next 50 Rounds

I spent a few hours at the range this weekend sighting in several rifles that had received new optics over the last year or so (time has been short). I added red dot optic to a Winchester 94 trapper and a Marlin 336 (the old eyes are not what they used to be). I built out a 300 Blackout pistol quite a while back and added a red dot to it too but never had a chance to sight it in. I also changed the optics on my self-defense AR quite a while back and never got around to sighting it in (stupid flood). I also hoped to spend a little more time with the SIG P365. Unfortunately, doing the things I needed to do (sighting in the rifles) took pretty much all the time I had.

I barely had time to swing over to the pistol range for just a few minutes before heading out and didn’t have time to wait for a cease fire. The only targets available were a set of six inch steel gongs at 25 yards and an IDPA sized steel target out at 50 yards. Well, I had 50 rounds to kill so I started with the gongs.

I won’t claim that I hit the gongs on every shot but to my surprise I was hitting about three out of five or so. On a lark I went for the IDPA target at 50 yards. Much to my surprise I hit it on the first shot. Again, I won’t claim that I was 100% but I was hitting pretty regularly, at least three out of five. I can’t believe how easy it is to be accurate with this little pistol. If anyone told me I would be hitting such a target at that distance with a pocket pistol just a few weeks back I would have laughed.

All fifty rounds functioned flawlessly.

Take care and God bless.

Range Report: SIG P365

Work typically conspires to keep me away from the range but the other day it did the opposite. I knew I would be working through lunch and would have about an hour or so break later in the day and my meetings were located near an indoor pistol range so just in case I grabbed my range bag and toted it across town with me (locked safely in the trunk).

I packed in all the semi-auto pocket pistols I could find including my Glock 42, Glock 43, Kahr CM9 and the new little SIG P365. I remembered all the appropriate magazines I would need but I did forget to grab as much .380 ACP as I would have liked but I did have enough for a quick comparison.

Glocks 42 and 43, SIG P365 and Kahr CM9

For a first test I shot one magazine from each of the four pistols at a target four yards downrange:

Wow, despite my complaints about the sights in my previous post they sure seem to work for me. The grip still feels a bit odd in my hands (of course, I have been shooting the Glocks for years) but, again, the results tell the tale here. This is an easy pistol (for me) to shoot well. Out of the box with now practice time and I am already shooting more accurately that with pistols I have practiced with for years. Prepper365 commented that the P365 “shoots like a laser” and now that I have shot it I couldn’t agree more.

Pushing the target back to seven yards the results were pretty similar.

SIG P365 – 7 Yards – 12 rounds
Glock 43 – 7 Yards – 12 rounds
Kahr CM9 – 7 Yards – 6 rounds

I decided to push the envelope a little and try the little SIG on a silhouette target at 25 yards:

Seven out of ten hits within the 8 ring. Not too bad at all for a pocket pistol and my old eyes.

Recoil is very manageable and very comparable to the Glock 43 while the Kahr CM is a bit snappier than both.

Glock 43 and SIG P365 with 12 rounds magazines

I had no feeding issues with either the 115 Grain Blazer Brass ammunition and the handful of Hornady Critical Defense rounds I brought with me. The little SIG was 100% reliable through a little over 100 rounds.

The magazines are NOT easy to load especially the 12 rounder. Those springs are pretty stout. They did work flawlessly, as I mentioned, but the followers seem to stick a bit. I plan on taking them apart and making sure they are properly cleaned and lubricated. However, I don’t plan on cleaning the gun for a bit. I want to run it until it starts to have issues just to see how much it can take before it starts to malfunction.

All in all, this is a fantastic little pistol and I am impressed despite myself. It may well work its way into my carry rotation as soon.

Take care and God bless.