John Lovell Of WPS: Silent NO LONGER

John Lovell of the Warrior Poet Society shares why we can stay silent no longer, why we need to resist and the costs of doing so. It is ten minutes well worth watching:

Shout out to the Defensive Training Group blog site for sharing this initially.

Be alert, get prepared, fight the good fight!

God bless and God save the Republic.

Resistance – The Man Blind From Birth Stands Up To The Pharisees

The ruling oligarchy of Israel did their very best to suppress Jesus’ message. They spread rumors and lies to discredit Him and His followers. Those followers who were particularly vocal or visible faced expulsion from the synagogue. During that time such expulsion would have had way more impact than not being able to attend services. Expulsion would have blocked your children from getting an education and affected your ability to do business with other Jews. The marriage prospects of your children would have disappeared. For all intents and purposes, the oligarchy would have made you a non-person within your own country.

It sounds a lot like the how The Beast that has stolen our nation treats patriots today. Anyone standing against their agenda faces lies and ridicule in the media and the big tech platforms. Criticize them publicly enough and every Federal government agency will be crawling through your personal life looking to jail or fine you. Donate to the wrong cause and you can lose your job and be barred from gainful employment. It takes great courage to stand against the The Beast’s minions in our society today just as it did in Jesus’ time.

On His way to Jerusalem for the final time Jesus healed a man who had been blind from birth. This man had nothing to lose before having his sight restored since his was an outcast and a beggar already. Once his sight was restored he would have had everything to lose. He could have rejoined society. He could have a job and a wife and even a family. He suddenly had everything to lose when the powers that be summoned him for questioning. His own parents “threw him under the bus” rather than risk the wrath of their leaders. But this man, who didn’t know much about this Jesus other than He had given him his sight, stood up to them.

He was not a learned man. Until Jesus found him on the side of the road he was only a blind beggar, a man to be pitied and shunned due to his birth defect. Nevertheless, he stood up the the religious scholars and leaders. He lectured them on what it meant to be righteous and how Jesus’ actions showed that He was righteous. By comparison and since they were actively working against Jesus that meant that these self-righteous oligarchs were wrong.

He knew full well what consequences he would face for making this stand for what was right but he did it anyway and he was expelled from the synagogue. We don’t know much of what happened to the man after that other than he received another visit form Jesus and he accepted Him as his savior. His eternal future was assured even if his earthly life would be difficult.

I pray we each have this man’s courage; that we would all stand for what is right and just regardless of the consequences.For those of us who are Christians, it is our duty to stand against injustice and stand in defense of the oppressed. If we will all make that stand we can overthrow our own tyrants and return our country to what it was meant to be…

Welcome to the Resistance!

Be alert, get prepared, fight the good fight!

God bless and God save the Republic.


Another Call To Resist – Tactical Wisdom

JD over at the Tactical Wisdom blog posted a call to action and I wanted to share parts of it with you here and share some of my thoughts on what he has to say. I encourage everyone to read the whole article, Everyone Is A Fed, over on his site.

He starts out by sharing that anytime he posts an idea on how we should take a stand he gets one of three responses:

    • You must be a Fed.
    • “Have fun hanging out with the Feds.”
    • “Don’t, the Feds will be all over the place.”

I get it. I have been one of those voices as well on occasion and to be honest there is some truth to them. Anyone who believes the events of January 6th were not set up by those who have taken over our nation hasn’t been paying attention.

As JD writes:

The FBI set up the events of January 6th, and the very public arrests to scare you into inaction.

And he’s right.

When parents began to make a stand against what leftist school boards are brainwashing our children with they rolled out power of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (The American STASI) anti-terrorism task forces and tactics to scare them back into submission. They want us to be too afraid to resist.

Some have said that “they” will use our actions to justify tighter controls and restricting and infringing on our rights more than they already are but as he points out the noose will continue to tighten whether we resist or not:

Guess what? The tighter controls are coming either way, so you MIGHT AS WELL resist them in some way. Doing nothing is not winning.

The only way to win this fight is to stand up and…well…fight. If we do not begin to resist we will fail:

Now, I don’t mean take drastic action, I mean do literally ANYTHING. Attend a school board meeting and register your opposition. Counter-Protest (and no, I don’t mean attack the left, I mean protest). Attend a march. Go meet like-minded people. Make your voice heard.

As I have mentioned as well there may be costs to joining The resistance and making your voice heard.  It will be difficult but it will only become more difficult as time goes on.

When people say, “But I can’t lose my job”, I get it; it’s a tough call. But now, they are threatening that job if you refuse to bend the knee. It’s a vaccine today, it will be your social credit score tomorrow. At some point, if we don’t resist in a unified way, you’re going to lose that job anyway, if you don’t completely bow down to their agenda.

If you want to see a good illustration of this point, watch “The Patriot”. Benjamin Martin refused to fight, because he had to provide for his family. He was able to postpone the fight, but the fight still came. And the cost to his family was MORE than if he had fought from the first day.

It’s time to make a decision. Either stand and fight (in Minecraft, FEDS), or stop complaining and accept your masters. It’s really that simple.

Pray on it, discuss it with your family and then decide whether you will stand with us to save our nation or not. To be honest, most will not. From what I have read only about 3% of the population of the colonies that would rebel and become The United States of America were willing to actively participate in resisting the king’s tyranny. For those who decide to stand…

Welcome to the Resistance!

Be alert, get prepared, fight the good fight!

God bless and God save the Republic.